Tim Burtno's Ultimate Wedding is a Clay Stop Motion Movie Just Like the Corpse Bride, FrankienWeenie & The Nightmare Before Christmas. It's Will Release in 2017 May 1st.


After leaving the 31st century, Cillian (in his new female aka the Eighth body) is in her tardis drinking a cup of tea, but then She have been selected by the Mayor from Beano town for marrying Dennis the Menace.


After she left the 31st Century and Before she first meet Ed Edd n Eddy, The Eighth Cillian Darcy is in her TARDIS drinking cup of tea while sitting in her comfy chair. Handles (Cillian's upgraded reformed Cybermen) and Rusty (a Reformed Dalek) (who are welcome her back from the hospital) told her that She's been selected by Beano Town to get married after she's a girl.

On the arrival to beano town, Cillian walked out of her tardis and meet Dennis the Menace, The Mayor greets and welcomes her to his wonderful town of Beano and offers her a tour. Dennis meets Cillian for the first time in her Eighth Incarnation as a girl. 


  • TBA as The Eighth Cillian Darcy/Newborn Eight Incarnation and the Main Character before her first meets Ed edd n Eddy.
  • TBA as Walter the Softy/ From Beano, He is the main villain.

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