Tim Burton's Batman  is a 2009 American superhero-comedy film directed by Tim Burton and music by John Willaims. It is also produced by Quentin Tarantino. It will have a sequel called Batman: Rise Of The Villains.


The film begins in 1996, Thomas Wayne (Kevin Conroy) and Martha Wayne (Grey DeLisle) are leaving a theatre with their 12-year-old son Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) while Bruce's best-friend Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) steals milk in order to feed her cats. When they take a shortcut, they are confronted by Jack Napier/Red Hood (Cameron Monaghan), who shoots Thomas and Martha in cold-blood, as Selina looks on in horror. He prepares to shoot Bruce but hears sirens and spares him. He first says, See you around kid, let's finish this some other time, which will be a true prediction in the future. Selina comforts Bruce over his loss.

At the G.C.P.D., the cops are held at gunpoint by the Clock King (John Glover) but James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) tricks him into taking a empty suitcase in exchange for a hostage. This works as Gordon knocks him out and Clock King is arrested. Everyone except Loeb cheer for him and promote him to detective. G.C.P.D. Commissioner James (Liam Neeson) has assigned him to Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) and orders them to investigate the Wayne murders.

At the crime scene, they question Selena and she says the suspect is wearing a red mask. Harvey identifies him as the Red Hood. They are informed that Bruce is at G.C.P.D. in the interview room.

In the interview room, Bruce meets Gordon and he tells him what he knows. They get the help of the Wayne's lawyer Harvey Dent (Nicolas D'Agosto) who meets G.C.P.D. assistant coroner Eddie Nashton (Gary Michael Smith) but people call him Enigma. He still is working on the cause of death but the rude coroner won't let him. Harvey decides to give him a warrant to receive permission and Eddie thanks him. Harvey has Selina live at Wayne manor under protection.

At Wayne manor, Bruce is traumatized by that incident and vows to stop crime and corruption. He sees a bat and it runs toward him. (opening credits says Tim Burton's Batman).

Suddenly, Bruce Wayne (Johnny Depp), now a 24-year-old teen, wakes up from a nightmare about the past at Wayne Manor. He is comforted by his faithful butler, Alfred Pennyworth (Martin Jarvis). He receives some old clothing but make it into a costume. Him and Alfred find a cave and use the money make their headquarters. When their done with the suit, they give it a bat symbol. Bruce makes an idea that this is how they can stop crime and he uses to stop thugs.

In an alleyway, he sees a young man getting attacked by four thugs but gets in the suit and fights them. A citizen sees this and films it. He warns them not to do this again because there's a new hero in Gotham. All citizens ask what is his name and he responds by saying, I'm Batman. (His alter-ego is voiced by Roger Craigsmith).

Everyone sees this on the news, James Gordon (Nicolas Cage), now captain of the G.C.P.D., and his daughter Barbara Gordon (Chloe Grace Moretz) take a liking to the vigilante while Harvey Bullock (Michael Rooker), now seargeant, also likes Batman. But Gillian Loeb (Clancy Brown), now commissioner but is corrupt, dislikes him and threatens to have Batman arrested for police interference, despite people actually thinking Batman is a hero. Corrupt SWAT leader Fannigan (Bobby Cannavale) also dislikes Batman and uses a corrupt SWAT unit to hunt him down.

At Jack's apartment, Jack (now played by Troy Baker) sees this and thinks he has an arch-enemy and is working for a crime mafia. He also has a wife named Jeanie (Tori Strong) and a son named Jerome Valeska (Jack Griffo). People all cheer for Batman.

On Christmas Eve, Julian Day (Anthony Hopkins) tries to eat Barbara but Batman knocks him out. James and Barbara thank Batman for his heroic act. Julian Day has been taken to Blackgate and is sentenced to death but must wait for his execution.

Batman is after crime lord Rupert Thorne (Alan Rickman), who is running for city council. When Selina Kyle (Helena Bonham Carter) stumbles upon his criminal dealings, he arranges for her to be murdered. Batman comes to her rescue, inspiring her to create her own secret identity; Catwoman (Voiced by Grey DeLisle). Selina knows his identity but keeps it a secret because she had a crush on Bruce.

Batman learns that Thorne is in fact a crime lord, who actually ordered Jack to murder his parents. This makes him even more determined to capture Thorne. While investigating, he meets the new warden of Arkham City; Hugo Strange (Jackie Earle Harley) and befriends him. Unbenknownst to Batman, Strange also seeks to rid Gotham of it's criminal element, but hopes to achieve this goal by transferring all of Arkham's inmates to Arkham City.

Batman eventually comes into conflict with Catwoman, who is not afraid to use lethal force. As Bruce Wayne, he meets Selina Kyle again at a charity ball and is smitten by her. The two hit it off and begin to date, but it soon becomes clear of their secret identities. 

Thorne then manages to capture Selina, forcing Batman to save her. Throne has arrange a trading deal by releasing Julian Day. After a brutal fist fight, Batman beats Thorne down and he is arrested. Batman and Catwoman become allies and Catwoman reveals herself as Selena due to knowing Batman's identity and Batman unmasks himself to her.

Later at court, Gotham's distinct attorney Harvey Dent (Thomas Haden Church) is helping Batman sue Throne but Throne's ally Sal Maroni (Timothy Spall) throws acid at Harvey's left face, Batman tried to stop him but failed. Only Sal Maroni is arrested and brought to Blackgate.

Meanwhile, Edward Enigma Nashton (Crispin Glover) is excited that Bruce Wayne is coming and wants to show his project but it's terminated and sold by corrupt businessman Daniel Mockridge (R. Lee Ermey) so Bruce rejects the project. Eddie is upset and goes insane that he has a personality called The Riddler (voiced by Wally Wingert).

At night, he tries to get it back but Mockridge stops him. Eddie decides to knock him out. He ties him to a chair and throws him out the window. He uses a fake suicide footage to cover it up.

1 year later, Bruce and Selina go to the circus to see The Flying Graysons, only two members Richard Grayson (Dylan Minnete) and his cousin Tim Drake (Jace Norman) but Harvey has escaped the hospital and has turned evil. He is now called Two-Face. He says his giant gift is a bomb and will explode in 1 minute. Batman and Catwoman tries to stop it but are out numbered. However, Tim and Richard get rid of the bomb but their family are killed by Two-Face.

Bruce and Selina adopt them and decide let them help with the crime-fighting. Enigma and Harvey meet each other and form an alliance to make a world without Batman or Bruce Wayne. They kidnap Catwoman and attempt to make a death trap.

On a blimp, Jack and the red hood gang break in and kill Luca Falcone (Christopher Lee) by throwing him out of the blimp. They confront Sal's son Mario Maroni (Danny DeVito) but find out he is Batman in disguise. Jack offers him to join but Batman refuses and escapes with Jack's DNA. The real Mario Maroni is secretly in G.C.P.D. custody.

A news report reveals that Throne has kidnapped innocent people and threatens to blow up at the pioneer bridge. Batman comes to the rescue and manages to find Loeb but the corrupt cop tries to kill him. However, Tim and Richard save Batman and grab Loeb. Loeb confesses that he works for the bad guys and they reveal that they are recording it for the police. Loeb frees himself and holds Tim hostage but is knocked out by James Gordon. James reveals he always knew Batman's secret but however he promises not to tell anyone. Tim and Richard reveal that Tim is Robin and Richard is Nightwing. But they're to late, Vicki Vale (Emma Bell), Harvey's love-interest, is killed in the explosion by Throne, who betrays Harvey. Only to be defeated by Batman, Throne finds out who Batman is and thinks Batman should kill him but he refuses and interrorgates him. Throne then reveals Nygma's location and is arrested and taken to Blackgate.

While they find Nygma, they encounter Jack and he is robbing Ace Chemicals. They fight him but regonize one of the henchman as Bruce's Uncle Philip (Harrison Ford). He decides to help stop Jack but is shot several times by him. His last words are, Goodbye Bruce. and then his corpse falls off the ledge, leaving Batman devastated. However, Batman defeats Jack but Jack claims this is the beginning and jumps into one of the toxic containers, he's presumed dead. Nygma reveals he has Catwoman hostage and they are in hidden fake sign. He also demonstrates his weapon by blowing up a sewer system and killing Fannigan along with other officers.

When they get there, they find her threatened to be killed by Two-Face. He starts arguing about how Catwoman was stealing from Two-Face and claims that him and Nygma are making an order in their court room. Nygma claims he's now calling himself The Riddler. He also wants Batman to solve a riddle (if he gets it correct: Catwoman is saved but if he fails: then Catwoman dies and everyone will die also after knowing Bruce's secret) and they reveal that they already know who Batman and his friends are. The riddle is, I'm a dark figure, who appears behind you in the light but only leaves in the dark, what am I? and Batman says, My shadow. Nygma is shock that he is right but however, decides to let Two-Face take care of him. But Robin and Nightwing rescue Catwoman. Two-Face decides to flip a coin to choose to either spare them or kill them. But Robin throws a batarang at him but causes him to fall, Harvey's last words are, Goodbye Bruce, nice knowing you and then he dies in the bottomless pit after succeding in shooting Sal Maroni and getting revenge on him. Nygma threatens to avenge him but is quickly knocked out by Batman, who says, I choose to be both Batman and Bruce Wayne, so I can keep my loved ones safe. Nygma redeems himself by forgiving Bruce for rejecting the project and decides to help them shut down the machines. Police arrive but Nygma surrenders and is arrested. They also see a real footage of him killing Mockridge but here the truth about the victim being corrupt and causing this.

The movie ends with, Nygma being sent to Arkham Asylum, Loeb being fired and arrested for his actions, Gordon being commissioner, Bullock being captain, and Batman and Catwoman getting married with Tim and Richard laughing and Tim saying I sure love happy endings.

Later on the G.C.P.D. rooftop, Gordon meets with Batman by turning on a new device called the bat signal and they decide to work together. He informs him of a new villain who a joker card at the scene of a crime. Batman agrees to investigate and when Gordon is not looking, he disappears, much to the cop's annoyance.

After the end credits and what happened before their meeting, Jack's hand appears out of the chemicals and revealing that he survived. He comes out of the chemicals and throws his helmet away. When he sees a mirror, he has chalk white skin, green eyes, green hair, and his Glasgow smile is now red. Then he starts laughing and going insane. This insanity transforms him into a monster called "The Joker."


  • Johnny Depp as Bruce Wayne/Batman - The titular main protagonist of the film.
  • Roger Craig Smith as The voice of Batman
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Grey DeLisle as The voice of Catwoman.
  • Jace Norman as Tim Drake/Robin
  • Dylan Minnette as Richard Grayson/Nightwing
  • Martin Jarvis as Alfred Pennyworth - Bruce's legal guardian and foster father.
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Lucius Fox - The Manager of Wayne Enterprises and ally of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Just like Alfred, Lucius also knows the secret.
  • Crispin Glover as Edward Nygma Nashton - The Hidden True Main Antagonist of the film. Gory Michael Smith as 26-year-old Eddie Nashton in 1996.
  • Thomas Haden Church as Harvey Two Face Dent - The Secondary Tritagonist (Harvey's side) and Secondary Antagonist (Two-Face's side) of the film. Nicholas D'Agosto as 34-year-old Harvey Dent in 1996.
  • Jackie Earle Haley as Hugo Strange - Warden of Arkham City. B.D. Wong as 32-year-old Hugo Strange in 1996.
  • Alan Rickman as Rupert Throne - The Main Later Bigger Bad Quartery Antagonist of the film.
  • Clancy Brown as Gillain Loeb - The Quinary Antagonist of the film and corrupt commissioner of the G.C.P.D.
  • Nicholas Cage as James Gordon - One of the Protagonists and Bigger Good of the film. Ben McKenzie as 27-year-old James Gordon in 1997.
  • Anthony Hopkins as Jillain Calendar Man Day - Minor Villain of the film and first villain to be captured by Batman. He is also a doctor turned serial killer and cannibal. Wanted for: Killing 10 men and Eating a dozen women. He is now based on Hannibal Lector.
  • Troy Baker as Jack Red Hood Napier - The Tertiary and Important Antagonist of the film and the one who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. After the end credits, his laughs are voiced by Mark Hamill. Wanted for: Killing his mom and killing Bruce's parents.
  • Harrison Ford as Phillip Wayne - Thomas' older brother and Bruce's uncle.
  • Jack Griffo makes a cameo as Jerome Valeska/The Trickster - Jack's son and successor who plans to continue his father's legacy and is last seen becoming The Trickster at the end, which predicts the seconds film.


  • Nicolas Cage will have glasses and a mustache for the role of James Gordon.
  • Crispin Glover will wear a green version of Tim Burton's version of Willy Wonka's suit.
  • Thomas Haden Church will have make up on his left for the role
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