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Tim, Larry and Donald

1080i (HDTV)

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22 minutes




David Feiss


Scott McCord
Eric Bauza
Jeff Bennett
Keith Ferguson
Tom Kenny

First aired

November 2, 2015

"Tim, Larry and Donald" is an American slapstick animated television series produced by Nickelodeon. It officially premiered on November 2, 2015 after a sneak peek on October 5, 2015. The show is known for dark humor, Mild adult references, adult humour, profanity and adult-oriented jokes.

Series overview

In Cat-Mouse-Dog land, The mouse duo Larry and Donald (Scott McCord, Eric Bauza) want to have an everyday life but the sneak cat Tim (Jeff Bennett) ruined their lifes, chases them and tries to eat them. The animal trio are fighting with knifes, anvils, mouse traps, pans, boxing gloves, mice-swatters and dynamites. The show is similar to Tom and Jerry and Oggy and the Cockroaches.


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Main characters

  • Tim - A mischievous orange cat who tries to catch and eat mice and loves fish sandwiches, yarn balls and dating girls the same. He is egg-shaped. His catchphrases are "Oh, tunas!" and "In your noses!"(voiced by Jeff Bennett)
  • Larry - An intelligent purple mouse who loves video games, chemistry and inventing stuff such as cat traps. He is cuboid-shaped. His catchphrase is "What the furs?" (voiced by Scott McCord)
  • Donald - A dim-witted and carefree but rather nervous blue mouse who loves dating girls, cheese-covered marshmallows, cheese-dogs and thinking. He is cuboid-shaped. His catchphrase is "Oh, my whiskers!" In the episode "Fur Rippers", he is interested in wrestling. He is named after Donald Trump. (voiced by Eric Bauza)
  • Dan - A grumpy yellow dog who hates cats especially Tim and likes reading and doing some chores. He is egg-shaped. He harms Tim, Larry and Donald when he gets interrupted. His catchphrase is "Get the bark out of here!" (voiced by S. Scott Bullock)

Recurring characters

  • James - A green cat who tries to catch and eat mice with Tim. He has a blue tongue. He is Tim's younger brother and best friend and speaks in third person. He is bossy, selfish, mischievous, greedy, frustrated and immature much like him. He first appeared in "Big Dude, Little Dude". He loves stealing and eating food such as fishes, chickens, hams, sausages, pork chops, fries, hot dogs, cheese and more. He also loves yarn balls, video games and skateboarding. He goes to Cat-Mouse-Dog Elementary School. (voiced by Devon Starr)
  • Davidson - A fat and intelligent blue cat who tries to catch mice. He loves inventing stuff such as mouse traps. Salmon pizza, salmon burgers, potatoes are his favourite foods. (voiced by Charlie Adler)
  • Bill - Larry and Donald's pet bee who stings Tim. His favourite foods are honey-covered marshmallows and cheese. (vocal effects by Jim Cummings)
  • Chris - A dark green crocodile and Tim's pet who likes to bite mice or cats. His favourite snack is mint. He first appeared in "Cat's Best Friend". (voiced by Jim Cummings).

Minor characters

  • Terry - A cheeky and sly red fox who attacks cats. He contributes plans and ideas and is the leader of the foxes. He has a purple tongue. (voiced by Jim Cummings)
  • The Sly Foxes - Terry's assistants (Additional Voices)
  • Captain Wonderrat - A rat superhero who saves the world. He is Larry and Donald's fan and despited as cool and powerful. (voiced by guest star Tom Hanks)
  • Ronald - A mischievous, cruel, frustrated and abusive brown rat who beats up mice. He is the leader of the brown rat duo. He has yellow eyes, red tongue and a plaster on his hip. His partner is Robert. (voiced by Devon Starr)
  • Robert - A selfish and immature but rather happy-go-lucky and abusive brown rat who beats up mice. He has yellow eyes, red tongue, red nose and a unibrow. He loves stealing and repeating everything Ronald says. He is the dimwit of the brown rat duo. He and Ronald are Larry and Donald's enemies. (voiced by Charlie Adler)
  • Gemma - A cute and fashionable white female cat with blonde hair, blue eyes, green tongue, blue shirt, black leggings and blue ballet flats who hangs out with boys. She is Tim's girlfriend. She is always scared of mice and she loves gardening. (voiced by Hynden Walch)
  • Emma - A pink female mouse with brown hair, white T-shirt, jeans and blue ballet flats. She is Donald's girlfriend. Much like Donald, she is scatterbrained, bubbly and somewhat timid. Like Gemma, she hangs out with boys especially Donald. She is always scared of mouse traps and swatters and she loves dancing, beating up cats and tennis. (voiced by Jennifer Hale)
  • Caroline - A white female tailless cat with blonde hair, blue eyes, blue shirt, blue jeggings and blue shoes with white soles. She is naive and dumb. She is Tim's girlfriend and dumb blonde. Her torso looks similar to Dee Dee's in Dexter's Laboratory. When she takes her shirt off, she can be topless which can be very embarrassing. She could be braless when she wears her glamorous dress without a bra. (voiced by Kathryn Cressida)


In 2014, Nickelodeon announced that the show could consist 26-episode order. The short uploaded on Vimeo in November 2014 before it aired in December. It began in late 2014. Nickelodeon confirmed that it will premiere on November 2, 2015. Sara Paxton, Devon Starr, Erin Fitzgerald, Charlotte Fitzgerald, Hynden Walch, Jennifer Hale, Nicole Dove, Charlie Alder, Kathryn Cressida and Jim Cummings are confirmed as the minor cast members.


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Video games

The video game based on the television series was announced for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS and it was released on October 13, 2017.

Broadcast history

The show premiered on YTV in Canada on January 5, 2016. In the UK, it premiered on Nicktoons on August 1, 2016 at 2pm.[1]


The episode "Tim and Donald's First Dates" was banned in UK when Tim and Gemma were having sex. When the episode "F**ked Up Felines" premiered on Nickelodeon, Tim, Larry, Donald and Dan were fighting and swearing and in July 2017, the episode was banned due to bad language.



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