Tigerman is a anime television series, thy story follows young Terry Draven potrayed by Robert McCollum, who fights crime as a vigilante. The series will premiere on May 8, 2015.

Season 1 will have 10 episodes.


  • O1. Birth of a Hero

After the death of his mother, Terry Draven grows a personal vendetta to find his mother's killer and stop crime from spreading around the city. Terry gains the help of his closest friends and classmates from college, his tech genius best friend Alex Takeda, his science classmate and friend, Charles Randall. Having been trained in many new skills by his former mentor, Shane Ryder in his teenage days, Terry manages to secretly create the persona of a vigilante that takes resemblance of tiger and is nicknamed the Tigerman by the people and police of New York trying to chase him. As Tigerman, will cleanse the streets of New York City from the corruption of crime and seek revenge on the one responible of his mother's death.

  • 02. Unhinged

As Terry starts his career as vigilante, he quickly realises that it is a lot harder than he thought and decides to train more. Later Alex works on a outfit design and crafts customisable weapons. Ashley Sunset, one of Terry's closest friends, invites him to have dinner with her family. Meanwhile a another masked vigilante roams the street by night, that goes by name, Owl Knight.

  • 03. Hunter's Prey
  • O4. Vengeance Can Change a Man
  • 05. Old Ghosts
  • 06. Vigilante
  • 07. Nightmares of the Past
  • 08. A Promise Made From Water
  • 09. The Enemy Within
  • 10. No Return

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