Tiffany the Turtle
Tiffany the Turtle uses her super powers including Laser Fingers, Magic Hands and all sorts of abilities. She will make her debut in Sonic Super Action Speed, and later appear in Sonic X season 3 as well.
Tiffany the Turtle
Vital Statistics
Gender female
Family turtle tribe
Status deceased, but brought back to life
Eye Color light blue
Hair Color none
Height 3 pounds
Affiliation good action hero
Weapons laser gun and rust chopper
Species light green female turtle
Home Metropolis/Station Square
Appearances Sonic Super Action Speed, Sonic X season 3, Mario and Sonic at the Autumn Olympics and Super Smash Bros. Clashers
Quests Finding the missing parts of the body switcher 200
Performer None
Voiced by Alyson Stoner (Phineas and Ferb: Isabella Garcia-Shapiro)
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