Thy Kingdom Come is a 2012 American Supernatural Horror Thriller film written by Luc Besson and directed by Quentin Tarantino

Thy Kingdom Come
Directed by Duncan Jones
Produced by

Mark Gordon

Jordan Wynn
Philippe Rousselet

Luc Besson

Screenplay by Luc Besson
Story by Luc Besson

Leonardo DiCaprio

Samuel L. Jackson

Christian Bale

Bryce Dallas Howard

Caitlin Stasey

Larry Miller

Christopher Lloyd

Daryl Mitchell

Anika Noni Rose

Callan McAuliffe

Jamie Campbell Bower

Charlie Hunnam

Skyler Samuels

Mimi Kennedy

Alan Cumming

Ricardo Chavira

Music by Chris P. Bacon
Cinematography Don Burgess
Editing by Paul Hirsch

Universal Pictures

Release date(s) March 28th, 2012 (200
Running time 99 minutes
Country Canada
United States
Language English
Budget $26 million
Box office $112,880,287

starring Leonardo Di Caprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Christian Bale, Bryce Dallas Howard, Caitlin Stasey, Larry Miller, Daryl Mitchell, Anika Noni Rose, Callan McAuliffe, Jamie Campbell Bower, Charlie Hunnam, Skyler Samuels, Mimi Kennedy, Alan Cumming and Ricardo Chavira

The film concerns six of gods angels dispatched to take the lives of six individuals situated in London, England during the 6th week of the 6 month days 1-6.


Five American Youths and an American Businessman situated in London, England find themselves targeted by six of God's Holy Angels dispatched to dispatch the individuals as they will somehow by the 6th day of the 6th week of the 6th Month cause a tragic disaster.

The group team together to stop their almighty opponents from eliminating them but find themselves to be no match for the force of the gods and they begin to be killed one by one.


The film begins in the bedrooms of businessman Julian Scott and Whitney Timer.

They both possess crucifixes on their walls which proceed to drop and the main title appears with one hitting the floor and protruding upwards.

We then see all the Central six characters wake up and characters Julian Scott and Whitney Timer get ready.

Julian changes into his business suit and applies his tie, Whitney fixes on casual clothing and then seizes a large Leikon Camera.

The story then follows on as Julian comes to a place called Catillac Law Firm where he serves as a supporting businessman for along with bestfriends Able and Clara Stearwell.

The three are called to the Boss Man's office who claims they have to be deployed to London on the first flight tonight as an important business transaction must be made with two Islamic Clients.

We then come to the girl Whitney Timer who rocks up at her high school Wakton and is called immediatley to the principal's office.

She is first congratulated by the Principal Valerie Anderson for her great work on the 2012 Wakton High Yearbook but is then asked for one more important thing to be done to complete the 2012 Wakton High Yearbook.

Whitney asks as to what it is and Principal Anderson informs an overseas experience trip for the June Holidays with a group of at least four other people.

Whitney then exits the Principal's Office and sits on a seat outside with her hands on her head as the scene comes between Julian as well who is sitting outside his boss' office on an almost identical seat holding a suitcase.

Whitney then springs up and the scene stays on her as she marches forward out of the school and begins to snatch aside four people handing out a pamphlet each.

As Whitney then heads for her car pulling out her camera the four people she pulled aside and approach her and state they will come.

Whitney partially smiles and then gives the time to be at the airport before getting into her car.

The scene then comes back to Julian who begins to walk out of the Catillac building with businessman Able and businesswoman Clara who tell him that closing the deal with the Islamic citizens could spiral him to the exact position he desires.

We then come to the Miami International Airport where Whitney and the four come too.

The four are revealed as her ex-boyfriend Walter Foreman, ex-bestfriend Gina Truman, Life-long across the street neighbour Jennifer Morianis (the regarded sexiest girl of Wakton High) and life-long direct neighbour and bullied boy Daniel Bishop.

The five head onto their plane as the scene comes to Julian with Able and Clara who are escorted onto a private jet and then flown off.

On the teenager's flight shared with hundreds of other people Whitney sitting with the other four in first class explains to them that the trip will consist of them coming to some of London's most famous landmarks, she has the London Hotel Montgomery booked out and she will have to get as many vital pictures of them in vital places as she can.

She receives a call from Principal Anderson who asks her how the flight is going so far to which she answers with fine.

The scene the comes to Julian on the private jet with Able and Clara who are discussing with him the seperate booked apartments they will have in London and a large Hotel Lobby party occuring which will feature all the major international businesses he will have to inform of about the Islamic deal.

The planes then come to land and all the characters step off.

Whitney pops out her Leika Camera and takes her first picture of the other four stepping out.

In fast motion we see all the characters fast forward to Julian settling into his nice London Rented apartment and the teen characters coming to a large London Square fountain where they proceed to sit waiting for their vehicles to be dropped off for them.

After a strenous wait the cars are delivered and the bored teenagers take off with a positive attitude.

The scene fast forwards to night and the teens along with Julian, Able and Clara Stearwell arrive at the Hotel Montgomery for the large first night party in the hotel's lobby.

The party commences and Whitney and Daniel find themselves standing at the bar watching Jennifer, Walter and Gina partying out on the dancefloor.

Daniel asks Whitney in regards to what happened with her Walter and Gina but Whitney says that she's over that now and that there will be no drama what so ever as they are here to have a good time and make a spectacular impression in the Wakton High Yearbook.

Walter gets grabby with Gina and Gina breaks free from him staring out at a watching Whitney.

She then calls Daniel to the dancefloor and the two proceed to dance.

Jennifer jumps forward out of the group of men she was dancing with and seizes Whitney as well as a couple of shots of tequila.

The group begin to dance and Gina who is sensually dancing with Daniel whilest watching an upset Walter grabs Daniel and engages in a kiss with him.

Walter walks off and Whitney becomes angry as she has a drunken flash of Gina instead kissing Walter and then storms out through the crowd until she sees Julian Scott who is standing with Able, Clara and a group of Japanese Businessman.

The two lock eyes and Jennifer comes up behind Whitney and tells her to forget Gina to have fun with her.

Jennifer brings her back to their dancing spot and witnesses Gina stepping forward looking for Walter with Daniel following her.

Daniel grabs hold of her and asks her to dance with him.

Gina then apologizes and says the kiss was to make Walter jealous and nothing more.

She states it was a simple test of appreciation as Walter then comes forward and takes hold of Gina kissing her.

Whitney sees and becomes upset, Jennifer and Daniel become angry and as Daniel heads to exit the dancefloor Jennifer seizes him and says you'll be my dance partner.

Whitney storms backwards and locks eyes with the businessman Julian again and then steps forward and seizes him pulling him to the dancefloor and back to her friends.

The group then begin to dance frenetically and the scene comes to six figures watching them from a balcony.

We cannot completely see the figures however only their backs and hear them speaking of the teenagers and the businessman.

A hammer then stretches forwards and wings protrude before the scene comes back to the dancing main characters.

Gina then steps forward and approaches Whitney and apologizes but states that she's in love with Walter and what she came to see at Melanie Arbott's party was not meant for her to see and be hurt by.

Whitney then yells at her and what your passionate kissing and playing with Daniel was meant for me.

Walter steps forward and tries to talk to Whitney but is shut off by Julain who steps forward.

The two get into a fight on the dancefloor.

Jennifer sees the fight and steps out as does Daniel.

Gina seizes hold of Walter and Whitney grabs Julian.

Security comes to the four and asks for Julian to be removed.

Whitney steps out with Julian and Walter heads for his hotel room to which Gina follows.

From there we see Julian take Whitney back to his rented London Apartment.

A drunken Whitney attacks him with his King-Sized Bed Pillows ripping them apart before the two engage in a passionate kiss.

Daniel comes to an intersection and is nearly hit by a large truck.

He then turns around and Julian awakens Whitney from his bed telling her he best take her back to her hotel room.

The scene then comes to Gina who comes to Walter's Apartment and witnesses him be killed by the angel Raphael who then follows her out into the hallway as she enters the elevator and seperates off the downward buttons allowing her only to send the elevator up.

She does so and heads to the Hotel roof and upon getting up is force willed by the angel Annabelle to step off the roof to her death.

Gina falls and smashes upon a parked car below in front of hundreds of exiting partygoers and a returning Daniel Bishop, Whitney Timer and Julian Scott.

The three are then interviewed by the police at the scene but flee as a distraction sounds with the car Gina was crushed upon exploding.

The three flee in Daniel's truck and head for Jennifer's Liverpool rented cottage.

We see the police arrive at the cottage and awaken Jennifer and upon her coming to the doorstep inform of the deaths of Gina Truman and Walter Foreman.

The scene comes back to Daniel, Julian and Whitney.

Daniel informs he was almost killed by a truck driven by what appeared to be a blonde haired young with wings on his back.

A drunken almost passing out Whitney then states the exploding car's flames showed a winged man carrying a spike and Julian tells at the dancefloor he swear he saw six winged figures staring out, one carrying a hammer.

He then states it's angels, angels killed their friends Gina and Walter and angels are after them.

Daniel argues saying angels are supposed to be good, messengers of god or whatever and are supposed to be completely not real.

Julian states that after his wife passed away in a terrible car accident with him there he turned to religion at a certain Homestead, Florida Church The Pastor told of God's Holy Disciples also being purifiers who carried weapons of complete power and destruction.

One carrying a hammer (Michael), One carrying the Piercing Spike (Zachariah), One The Protruding Light Beams (Raphael), One the Eyes of Force Will (Annabelle) and One The Razor Circle (Uriel).

Julian states it's like one each has been assigned to the each of us for some reason.

Daniel asks as to what that reason is and then is almost hit by a swerving gasoline truck in which him and Julian see a reflection of Jennifer along with razor circle which then slit the gasoline truck and pour out the contents.

A drunken Whitney sprouts up and calls out cheerfully Jennifer as Daniel swerves away from the truck and around it as it catches with a match and ignites.

The scene then comes to Jennifer standing up beside her cottage bedroom window looking down at the perimeter patrolling police.

As she goes to walk away her bedside radio turns on and the song Angel by Shaggy plays.

She attempts to turn it off and struggles as the room becomes black.

She rushes out and the scene comes back to Daniel, Julian and Whitney in Daniel's truck who passes the Liverpool Entry Sign and the song comes onto the truck radio.

Daniel and Julian attempt to turn it off and the scene reverts back to Jennifer.

We then see outside the cottage the angel Uriel approach as the angel Gabriel interrupts and appears stating he is on cop clean up duty.

Uriel then swerves into the cottage into the entrance right in front of Jennifer who screams.

The police run forward for the front door and Gabriel materiliazes in front of them.

He claps his hands together and the cops disappear in a blaze as we then see on the inside Uriel taunt Jennifer before she attempts run forward and then is swung forwards back into a wall by Uriel's razor circles.

Her bottom half of the body is seperated and she dies just as Daniel swerves into her drive way and Uriel flies straight out of the house and it explodes with Gabriel flying away.

Whitney, Julian and Daniel rush forward.

A screaming Whitney runs forward into the cottage wreckage and finds an alive police officer severley injured in the legs.

Julian and Daniel drag him back to the truck and place him inside.

As Daniel puts the truck in gear Gabriel flies at them and the truck swerves back onto the road.

They take off at high speed as police and fire truck sirens sound behind them.

They drive onto a deserted highway and are eventually tipped over onto the side of the road by Gabriel which ultimatley kills the injured office and injures Daniel, Whitney and Julian.

Daniel points out a large rock formation and the three run forward and begin to climb it.

They reach the top and all the angels appear before them.

The three attempt to jump and attack them but are knocked tirelessly back by the angels.

Michael steps forth and as Daniel jumps before Zachariah lunging towards Whitney with his spike weapon he is decapitated by Michael's hammer which is swung at him.

Zachariah then seizes Whitney and they levitate upwards as Castiel seizes Julian and holds him back.

As Zachariah goes to impale Whitney however Julian breaks free of Castiel and grabs Zachariah's foot pulling him down to him and causing himself to be impaled by the spike instead.

In doing so God then comes and revives the dying Julian.

Whitney asks as to why they are doing this and why they have killed her friends,

God claims to the point that not nearly all of them were even close to being what she considered friends but they were all to cause one of the biggest repercussion disasters in history.

That the business deal with the Islamic Clients Julian was to oversee would lead to them blowing up the Big Ben Clocktower and that Whitney and her so called friends would uintentionally cause the London Bridge's five lanes large traffic jams resulting in a bodycount of hundreds to millions.

That disaster would begin a worldwide terrorist attack and the balance and order of the world would be disrupted.

Whitney shouts to God however that it is over they now know what they will do and won't do it.

They will leave the country and there is no chance of the disaster ever occuring.

God tells her he will be leaving and taking the angels with him who are in a substantial amount of trouble.

He also states he is impressed with the sacrifice her friend Julian made.

He then sweeps up sucking the other angels into him and shoots towards the sky.

The film ends with shots of Julian and Whitney's bedrooms back in Homestead and their fallen wall crucifixes which by invisible force are pulled back onto the wall as the end credits appear.


  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Julian Scott
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Raphael
  • Christian Bale as Castiel
  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Annabelle
  • Caitlin Stasey as Whitney Timer
  • Larry Miller as Zachariah
  • Daryl Mitchell as Uriel
  • Jamie Campbell Bower as Michael
  • Anika Noni Rose as Gina Truman
  • Callan McAuliffe as Daniel Bishop
  • Charlie Hunnam as Walter Foreman
  • Skyler Samuels as Jennifer Forianis
  • Mimi Kennedy as Samantha Timer
  • Ricardo Chavira as George Timer
  • Richard Grieco as Officer Anthony Andrews
  • Alan Cumming as Gabriel
  • Sarah Paulson as Principal Valerie Anderson
  • Alexander Gould as Lucas Manderbeld
  • Morgan Saylor as Judith Kingsley
  • Sierra Aylina McClain as Tori Bruton
  • Jansen Panettiere as Jumba Brookton
  • Liliana Mumy as Nancy Brookton
  • Mark Indelicato as Businessman Clark
  • Luke Bilyk as Bully 1/ Bully of Daniel and Fergus
  • Connor Price as Fergus Howards/ Daniel's Bestfriend
  • Lotte Flack as Hippie Girl Terena Morbas
  • Aislinn Paul as Tamara Ruebens
  • Mandala Van Peebles as Christoff Lewis/ Walter's Bestfriend
  • Tate Donovan as Businessman Able
  • Gail O'Grady as Businesswoman Clara Stearwell
  • Musetta Vander as Traffic Woman 1
  • Lisa Ann Walter as Traffic Woman 2
  • Tyler Mane as Security Guard 1
  • Ashley Benson as Security Guard 2
  • Andrew Bryniarski as Security Guard 3
  • Derek Mears as Security Guard 4
  • Cliff Curtis as Bartender James
  • Ken Watanabe as Japanese Businessman 1
  • Masato Harada as Japanese Businessman 2
  • Togo Igawa as Japanese Businessman 3
  • Aziz Ansari as Islamic Terrrorist 1
  • Michael Pena as Islamic Terrorist 2
  • Tomas Alfredson as Liverpool Officer 1
  • Courtney Gains as Liverpool Officer 2
  • Melissa Suzanne McBride as Liverpool Police Officer 3
  • Jonathen Breck as Liverpool Police Officer 4
  • Rhoda Griffis as Liverpool Police Officer 5
  • Paul Ben-Victor as Liverpool Police Officer 6
  • Sadie Frost as London Police Officer
  • Bill Oberst Jr. as London Paramedic
  • Mo Collins as London Reporter
  • Ryan Murphy as London Paramedic
  • Rob Brydon as London Police Officer
  • Bill Bailey as London Police Officer
  • Andrew Tiernan as Liverpool Highway Patrol
  • Gavin Rossdale as Liverpool Fireman
  • Charles Esten as Liverpool Fireman
  • Pamela Gidley as Liverpool Firewoman
  • Gwen Stefani as Herself

Cameo appearence by

  • Chad Michael Murray as Hotel Montgomery Bible Basher Forewarner

The Angels

The following Holy Disciples of the Lord dispatched to claim the six accursed souls:

  1. Castiel: Set leader of the dispatched angels much to Michael's dismay. Castiel is charged with collecting the soul of Julian Scott
  2. Michael: Second in charge of the dispatched angels. Michael is charged with collecting the soul of Daniel Bishop
  3. Raphael: Brute force angel of the dispatched angels. Raphael is charged with the collection of Walter Foreman's soul
  4. Zachariah: Zealous angel of the dispatched angels. Zachariah is charged with the collection of Whitney Timer's soul
  5. Annabelle: Graceful remorseful angel and only female angel of the dispatched angels. Charged with the colllection of Gina Truman's soul
  6. Uriel: Demanding angel of the dispatched angels. Charged with the collection of Jennifer Forianis' soul.
  7. Gabriel: Trickster angel of the dispatched angels. He is charged with following the marked six souls however is acting against the lord's and other angels wishes by dropping signs as to how the group will unwittingly meet their end in order to get them to prevent themselves from dying.

The Accursed Six

  1. Julian Scott: American Businessman from Florida who along with the other accursed five situated in London, England will unwittingly be the cause of the Big Ben Clocktower collapsing and claiming the lives of many people as it smashes upon the London Bridge. He will unknowingly cause this by signing a contract with Islamic Terrorists who will cause the Big Ben collapse. He however will not know they are Islamic Terrorists nor what the contract pertains to just will sign it out of impulse.
  2. Whitney Timer: American High School Senior and photographer from Florida who along with the others situated in London, England will be the cause of the Big Ben and London Bridge Collapse. She will aid to the disaster by having her car cause a traffic jam on the London Bridge.
  3. Daniel Bishop: Bullied American High School senior who along with the others situated in London will cause the Big Ben and London Bridge Collapse via causing a traffic jam on the London Bridge.
  4. Gina Truman: Bestfriend of Whitney Timer and American High School student who along with the others will cause the eponymous foretold disaster of the film by causing a traffic jam
  5. Walter Foreman: Bully Varsity Jock American High School senior and ex-boyfriend of Whitney Timer and in love with Gina Truman who along with the other Accursed ones will cause the forecoming disaster via being part of the traffic jam
  6. Jennifer Forianis: American High School pretty girl who along with the others in London will cause the coming disaster via being part of the traffic jam.


  1. Just A Girl- No Doubt
  2. Pictures- Sneaky Sound System
  3. Want You Bad- Offspring
  4. Fatlip- Sum 41
  5. From Paris To Berlin- Infernal
  6. Mr. Saxobeat- Alexandra Stan
  7. Angel- Shaggy
  8. Don't Let Me Miss Heaven- Bryan Wilson
  9. Why Do Fools Fall In Love- Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
  10. Little Bitty Pretty One- Thurston Harris
  11. International Love- Pitbull featuring Chris Brown
  12. Don't Want To Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem)- Good Charlotte
  13. You Found Me- The Fray
  14. Push Up- Freestylers
  15. Angels- Robbie Williams
  16. Starships- Nicki Minaj
  17. London Lond- Caetano Veloso
  18. London Beckoned- Panic! At The Disco
  19. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel- Tavares
  20. Just Call Me Angel Of The Morning- The Pretenders
  21. Fashion Beats- Black Eyed Peas
  22. Don't Stop The Party- Black Eyed Peas
  23. Hollaback Girl- Gwen Stefani (Performed Live by singer at Hotel Mongtomery Lobby Party)
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