Three Nights of Murder is 2016 crime drama film and the film was directed by David Fincher. This films stars Saoirse Ronan,


The movie with a young teenager, Carrie Collins who was kidnapped and don,t know where she is. Collins narrates a story when the murder start that start 5 days ago when the death of a young reporter, Collins found out about the affiar with another reporter.



  • Saoirse Ronan as Carrie Collins
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA
  • Jason Statham as Stephen Shaw/The lead of the gang who kidnapped Carrie who wanted Carrie to tell the story when the murder start
  • Katie Holmes as Deborah Nightingale/A reporter who was murder by a killer


The Opening Scene

  • (Light on)
  • (Carrie wake up and groan)
  • Carrie: Where I am.
  • Voice: Carrie Collins, we kidnapped you because you know about the death of Deborah Nightingale.
  • Carrie: How you know my name.
  • Voice: We know who you are, Miss Collins.
  • Carrie: What your name.
  • Voice: Can,t tell you.
  • Carrie: Tell me or I scream for help.
  • Stephen (voice): OK, Shaw, Stephen Shaw.
  • Carrie: Why I can,t see you.
  • Stephen (voice): The black screen.
  • Stephen (voice): Tell me the story about when the murder start.
  • Carrie: Why.
  • Stephen (voice): I wanted to know what happening when the death of Deborah Nightingale start.
  • Carrie: OK.
  • Carrie: You let me go.
  • Stephen (voice): I think about it when the police is looking for you.
  • Carrie: OK, help me to protect me from the killer.
  • Carrie: Not the police.
  • Carrie: Killer not police.
  • Stephen (voice): OK, I got that, Carrie.


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