• 9/19/17 UPDATE: User Mustafar29 has suggested I add a wiki feature which displays a rating system on every page, noticeable on the side panel (if not, just update your cache). It allows anyone to rate any article from one star to five stars, and it also displays the average rating for that article. This is an outstanding feature that will not replace reviews (see below), but further instate them, and for that I'm proud. Wiki Reviews are still a thing, people, so you can do that too. Just see everything below in case you missed it.

    I'm proud to announce the next innovative Fanon Wiki Feature: reviews! As of today, August 6, 2017, the Reviews feature is here! Users (currently limited to users, contributors/anons cannot make reviews at the moment) can create a new page with the exact name of the article they want to review, plus "/Review" after it. For example, if I wanted to make a review for Suspicion, I would create a new page entitled "Suspicion/Review" and write a review about the original article, as well as rate it.

    But keep in mind, there are of course, rules. Yeah, you were waiting for that one. But there has to be rules to keep everything in order. All users MUST follow ALL rules below. So:

    • As mentioned, currently anonymous users cannot write reviews.
    • You cannot write a review for your own article that you made. That's not fair.
    • At the end of each review, the user who wrote it MUST sign their name using ~~~~, as you would on a talk page. They must also create a name for their review (using sections such as ==Chris6d's Review==, as you would on a regular article) and write their review under that section.
    • "What if someone else already made a review for an article I wanted to review", you ask? Well, you can write a new review underneath the existing one, while following the rules above. Similar to a talk page, where you leave new messages under existing ones.
    • When making the review page, you MUST add the "Reviews" category to your page, no exceptions.

    Failure to follow any of these rules will result in the deletion of your review and a block warning. Second offense will result in the termination of your review rights and possible blocks/bans. Again, as I always have to say, I'm not being mean, I'm just enforcing the policies of this fine wiki, as a fine admin should. Follow the rules above, and you'll be fine. Relax! Don't do it! Actually, do it. I was just tryin' to make a reference.

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