• Hello, We are nearing a new year... So there must be some additions!

    I think some additions should be...

    1. Message walls

    2. New backround

    3. More Rollbacks

    4. Better navigation

    These are just some ideas THIS IS NOT A VOTING THREAD! Please post some ideas!


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    • Also More people in chat.

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      1. I don't really like message walls because they aren't fully customizable as the classic wall. But I wouldn't mind message walls, just the I prefer the old wall better.
      2. Hmmm maybe...but it's not really necessary.
      3. A few rollbacks wouldn't be bad. But there should only be 3 rollbacks at most.
      4. Yea totally agree on better navigation.
      5. And yes to more people in chat! The chat feature was barely added a few months ago to this wiki. But I bet you if this wiki had had the chat feature for two years then it'd probably be a one busy chat.
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    • Thank you!

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    • We don't have to start right on January 1st but sometime in 2015 for some stuff to start. Do you have any ideas Cakedude?

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    • A FANDOM user
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