• Hi friends, this is Logan A.K.A TheOneFootTallBrickWall and I have an idea that will get more editors for this wiki! Editor Of the month! We have a talk page and every month one person gets 1st place editor, 2nd place editor, and 3rd place editor. Here are the rules and I must accept the request.

    Anyone can nominate a user and vote. IPs can not be nominated. You must be a registered user to enter. You must accept and acknowledge your nomination if others nominate you. ANY spam or 'throw-away' edits will result in disqualification -this means you cannot edit for the sake of building your edit count. QUALITY is the primary award criteria. You may do the mostedits, but someone else may win the award. An edit count will NOT win the award for you. Any attempts to spam for the award will results in consequences. Only content will be considered. Admins editing site functionality will not help in their criteria to win - it would be unfair for admins to win for edits others cannot make. The person you nominate can only be nominated 3 times in one year to be accepted. Golden Editor Award - Best overall service to the Wiki. Silver Editor Award - Second best overall service to the Wiki. Bronze Editor Award - Third best overall service to the Wiki.

    When you win on your profile page will be a script that says

    This person won editor of the month for October 2000

    I will make a fourm board for the Editor of the month

    Good luck!

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