• Well, hey everyone. I'm working on a brand new Marvel Cinematic Universe and it seems like a reboot and well, the usual stuff. It will include original ideas for films based on any Marvel hero you want. Of course, there will be Phases with Phase One ending with The Avengers. I really hope that people can join this project, it will truly be an exquisite expirience. Just reply with your idea, and I'll respond. The page for this MCU will include the rules, so just read those, and have luck.

    Now note, bringing back MCU actors to this universe is an okay idea as long as it is not overused. I decided that I helm the first Avengers, and decided that I return Downey, Hemsworth, and Ruffalo in their renowned roles (so you'll use them if you're working on their solo outings).

    Peace out, Ironmonger7.

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