Those In Cars is a 2003 American Slasher Horror film written and directed by Kevin Williamson


To those of Blackmont High, Colorado death lies just around the corner. A maniacal killer sets his sights on a group of cool car bearing youths whom all share a past obscenity. It begins with the murder of a young couple whom were two members of the particular friendship circle and continues on in a pattern of brutal slayings until the shocking truth surfaces.

The leader of the group is not all he seems and is actually rather a closet homosexual engaged in a homosexual relationship with another member despite the fact they already currently possess girlfriends within the friendship circle. They are out to eliminate all their friends and committ the perfect killing spree by framing it upon another and getting away with each other and their love. However they do not count on another killer amongst their slayings.


  • Jordana Brewster as Telia Campbell
  • Chad Michael Murray as Lan Klekamp/ Raymond
  • Eric Bana as Markus Fillting/ Bobbi
  • Marissa Janet Winokur as Overweight Jennifer Samdock
  • Holly Marie Combs as Heather Tissel
  • Penelope Cruz as Sarah Planktoff
  • Topher Grace as Petey Winston
  • Jim Sturgess as Madalldine Falcon/ Bestfriend of Petey Winston
  • David Carradine as Principal Leetos
  • Natalie Portman as Beginning Victim Nancy Everton
  • Sean Patrick Thomas as Beginning Victim Davey Daubont
  • Zoe Saldana as Tania Gilmore
  • Michelle Rodriquez as Brenda Armstrong
  • Trevor Donovan as Greg Libdell
  • Ray Liotta as Reece Campbell
  • Lorraine Bracco as Tabitha Samdock
  • James BeLushi as Bentley Street Crossing Guard Tiger Brenton/ The Third Killer
  • Tyler Labine as Heather's 4WD Driver Boyfriend Allen Deab

The Killings

  1. Davey Daubont: Stabbed 11 times with butcher's knife by Killer Markus outside him and Nancy's car to which they were cruising in and had brought to Blackmont's Make-out point.
  2. Nancy Everton: Sliced across chest and back by killer Lan's combat knife and then brought back to where Davey's body is to be stabbed in the chest by both killer a total of seven times each.
  3. Gred Libdell: Throat slit by killer Markus at the Blackmont Lake during the Nancy and Davey Memoriam festivities at the other side of the lake to the festivities. His murder is seen by Heather Tissel who rushes into the water trying to get to him as she witnesses his attack and killing.
  4. Allen Deab: Killed as Petey and Heather go out to the spot where Nancy and Davey were killed at Make-Out Point, Blackmont. He is killed by third killer Tiger Brenton as he was one whom had made advances on Telia his object of obsession. Allen is killed via being stabbed within the 4WD with a large bowie knife which is twisted around whilest impaled in him and then further impaled by being pushed completely through him. The 4WD is then driven off down a hill which the killer abandons before the vehicle heads down the hill.
  5. Heather Tissel: Heather and Petey return from the spot of Davey and Nancy's killing to see the Tiger Brenton killer watching the 4WD rushing down the hill slope. They however see from behind them the rushing towards them Markus killer. Petey rushes forwards at him telling Heather to run off in the opposite direction and not stop until she reaches road and a car. Petey attempts to fight the Markus killer but is instantly stabbed and then stabbed again. Markus attempts to head for Heather who runs off but his leg grabbed by the bleeding on the ground Petey. Petey is then kicked a brutal amount of times to the face until he is rendered unconsious but not dead. Markus then heads off in pursuit of Heather oblivious that the Tiger Brenton killer is running off in the distance. Heather runs her away across the woods past the 4WD vehicle all the way to the road. There a strange truck stops for her as she reaches a small hill and is ushered to get in by a man. His arm has it hangs out the side of the car is wearing the same jacket as the killers and Heather rushes away which then leads the man to drive off. As he takes off Heather reaches the top of the hill and the scene comes between her and Petey crawling to the hillslope and then tumbling down it. Heather is killed as the Lan Killer appears at the top of the hill and slices her across the chest with a sword. From there Petey is hospitlized at Blackmont General but his involvment in the Heather Tissel and Allen Deab murders is excluded out of the press on request of his parents. So for the majority of the film he is believed missing by his friends until comes time when he kills the third killer Tiger Brenton and saves Telia Campbell. Ultimatley however Principal Leetos pays the press to not announce the Allen or Heather killings either and they are believed to have taken off together.
  6. Tania Gilmore: Chased through girls locker rooms and then decapitated with meat cleaver by killer Lan
  7. Madalldine Falcon: Killed along with two stoner friends in Telia's Basement during the Car Circle Gathering Party Commeration to Nancy and Davey. Killed by killer Lan via sword stab to back and through chest whilest he pushed against tiled floor after attempting to flee back upstairs.
  8. Principal Leetos: Killed following sneaking into Telia's house to monitor the kids in disguise. He is busted by Jennifer whom he stalks to Telia's being renovated party out of bounds laundry room. He is killed via impalement in the back from killer Lan's sword right before Jennifer whom is killed directly afterwards.
  9. Jennifer Samdock: Killed following Principal Leetos in Telia's being renovated Laundry Room via being kicked into the unstable wall which gives way and smashes up the entire in construction laundry room. The falling debris and whatnot believably crushes her though not much is seen on the effect of her killing. The collapse which subsequently kills her echoes the collapse made in the Manor Born attic in the hit WB series Charmed to which Holly Marie Combs whom portrayed Heather Tissel in this film starred in as a main character.
  10. Sarah Planktoff: Sarah whom is drunk and with the rest of the party on the first floor near the end of hallway window is listening to the Righteous Brothers Unchained Melody and drunkinly singing it is pushed by killer Lan who instead drops the killer attire and pretends to accidentally shove amongst the crowd to conceal identity Sarah out the hall window to her death. Sarah dies hitting her parked cadillac below.
  11. Brenda Armstrong: Brenda is killed as her and Telia take off prior to Sarah's killing on a drive to Make-out point so Telia and Brenda can drop off a remembrance to each to their gone friends. They notice the police tape surrounding a tree at the end of a certain hill and find buried beneath the dirt Petey's lucky penny as well as Heather's hair brace. A car then plows at them and leaves them immobile. Brenda breaks Telia out of the car and then herself is pulled by her hair by killer Markus out of the car who then proceeds to after knocking Telia to the ground stab Brenda to death. Her killing however flashes back out to the party as the police arrive to keep an eye but not alert the teenagers present to their presence. Following Brenda's killing Telia is taken into the killer's car and Markus holds her at gunpoint in his car whilest driving back to the party. The scene then shows the police pursuing dozens and dozens of teens running from the party whom are fleeing following Sarah falling out the window. The police drive off after the plenty of cars all heading the same direction to which they all get to stop at a certain point miles away from the house. Markus then brings Telia back to the party following this and reveals himself as the killer as well as Lan as his homosexual lover to whom he's cheating on her with and are killing to start a new life for them.
  12. Lan Klekamp: Lan is killed as the third killer Tiger Brenton enters and stabs him through from behind with pruning shears to which he then stabs into Markus' left hand
  13. Markus Fillting: Killed following the hand impalement via the pruning shears coming down and stabbing him multiple times. In the midst of him being stabbed Markus in his final moments directs his butcher's knife into the trying to flee Telia which then enrages Tiger to stab more violently and completely and almost instantly finish Markus.
  14. Tiger Brenton: Killed by Petey who shows up and saves Telia as Tiger attempts to kill her upon her refusing to go with him. He is shot multiple times and Telia and Petey are left the survivours. The police then come back to the party and discover Sarah's body above her cadillac parked at the back of the house. They find Madalldine's body in the basement along with two of his friends and Telia tells the police with Tiger whilest she is being taken into an ambulance with him what had transpired and that there is another victim a girl named Brenda Armstrong dead up at Make-out point.


  1. Too Close- Next
  2. The Boy Is Mine- Brandy and Monica
  3. You're Still The One- Shania Twain
  4. Truly, Madly, Deeply- Savage Garden
  5. Together Again- Janet
  6. My Way- Usher
  7. Nice & Slow- Usher
  8. Crush- Jennifer Paige
  9. I Don't Want To Ever See You Again- Uncle Sam
  10. I Will Come To You- Hanson
  11. Say It- Voices Of Theory
  12. Come With Me- Puff Daddy
  13. When the Lights Go Out- Five
  14. Are You Jimmy Ray?- Jimmy Ray
  15. Cruel Summer- Ace of Base
  16. All Cried Out- Allure feat. 112
  17. Foolish Games/ You Were Meant For Me- Jewel
  18. 4 Seasons of Loneliness- Boyz II Men
  19. Touch It- Monifah
  20. Blue Tango- Leroy Anderson
  21. Autumn Leaves- Roger Williams
  22. Tear's On My Pillow- Little Anthony & The Imperials (End Credits Song)
  23. Unchained Melody- The Righteous Brothers (Played during the killing of Sarah Planktoff and featured as an End Credits Song.)
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