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Thomas the Tank Engine: The Big Adventure is a cancelled upcoming American-British-Australian adventure film, It's based on the Railway Series by Rev W Awdry and Thomas & Friends by Britt Allcroft. It was directed, produced, announced, screenplayed and made by Eli Kelly Bodhi Hall set to release on YouTube at an unknown date.

It was produced by Castle Rock Entertainment & Shangri-La Entertainment & Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. This movie might gonna be released online on YouTube. This film might get made, we'll see.


On June 8th, 2020 (With covid-19 easing on Sodor), Thomas works on his branch-line, then he has an idea for a big adventure on Sodor with Percy & James as one day off, he asked Sir Topham Hatt in the morning if he could, then he allows it and says "Yes". Thomas, Percy & James go around the countryside and then the mainland, then he meets 3 engines, Tillie, Casey Jr & Timothy The Ghost Engine.


  1. Thomas
  2. Percy
  3. James
  4. Edward
  5. Henry
  6. Gordon
  7. Toby
  8. Emily
  9. Nia
  10. Rebecca
  11. Oliver
  12. Tillie (Little Engine That Could)
  13. Casey Jr (Dumbo)
  14. Timothy The Ghost Engine
  15. Lady
  16. Mavis
  17. Jack
  18. Byron
  19. Annie
  20. Clarabel
  21. Bertie
  22. Harold
  23. Caroline
  24. Trevor
  25. Macie
  26. Liam
  27. Lee
  28. Omar
  29. Joe
  30. Smokey Joe (Inanimate locomotive)
  31. Toad
  32. Rosie
  33. Duck
  34. Rocky
  35. Hiro
  36. Eagle The Red Engine (Planned to be mentioned)
  37. Diesel 
  38. Troublesome Trucks
  39. Henrietta
  40. Terence 
  41. Hector
  42. Freddie
  43. Skarloey
  44. Duncan
  45. Mighty Mac
  46. Sir Topham Hatt


The idea came from BrendenReis10's Thomas The Movie, Eli loved BrendenReis10's models since they looked so movie-worth and Eli wanted to be more like him for inspiration, and when he had the idea of this film. Filming production has officially begun in December 19th, 2019. (Production was gonna begin in January 2020, but Eli decided to do the production a bit earlier) ( As of June 13th, 2020, the movie was cancelled and production was left unfinishded (


The film is planned to be on YouTube at an unknown release, possibly somewhere in 2021.


  1. Soundtrack will be worked on in October 2019, The Polar Express, Chicken Little and Postman Pat: The Movie soundtracks will be used as the soundtrack of the movie. Alan Silvestri, John Debney and Rupert Gregson Williams.
  2. Timothy is best friends with Tillie and Casey Jr and they work together on the mainland. Thomas missed his brother, Timothy so much for many years.
  3. The movie will be created for older, mature fans and adults that grew up with Thomas the Tank Engine and The Railway Series books.
  4. A cancelled artist human character who lives in Australia and draws Thomas around the train stations in Queensland. The character is known as "The Artist", because drawing is his hobby AKA enthusiasm. (Artist means creator and the artist creates drawings)
  5. Macie is named after RosieFan37 MH, one of Eli's friends. (
  6. This film will have some parodies and references. 
  7. In the movie, the reason why Timothy is called "Timothy The Ghost Engine" is because his white/grey colors make him look a bit like one and Timothy thought it was a pretty fun name too.
  8. Timothy was rebuilt into a Jinty (Which technically makes Macie the sister of Timothy since she is also a Jinty) and Thomas is the only E2 that isn't extinct. Timothy is also a good guy in this movie. 
  9. The opening of the film references the opening of "Chicken Little" (2005).
  10. The film's title words "The Tank Engine" shown in shiny glitter letters is a reference to the logo of "My Little Pony: The Movie" (2017). 
  11. This film is a passion project to show Eli's enthusiasm on his inner child, model railways and other things too. (Some bonus features will have some family media for the little ones too, but the actual movie is for mature audiences and as long as the people who are watching it are mature enough too.) 
  12. Links for some pictures for the film: and
  13. This will be a collab film.
  14. Marie's design is to parody Underground Ernie, Omar's design is to parody Chuggington 
    and Joe's is to parody Roary The Racing Car
  15. Tillie and Casey Jr were built in 1881, Lee, Marie, Omar and Joe were built at possibly between the 1970s and 1990s, Macie was built in 1925, Smokey Joe was built in 1895, Ted was built in 2015 and Liam was built in 1955. They all live at London. 
  16. Macie's number is 1915, which is a reference to the year when Thomas was built and came to Sodor.
  17. There was an original version for the opening of the film with scenes with The Artist and cuss words, but they won't be in the final version which will be more like a collab film. A book video of the story is shown now.


The Soundtrack is Composed By Alan Silvestri (Polar Express music), Rupert Gregson Williams (Postman Pat: The Movie music) (Though Eli doesn't really like the Postman Pat film, he does love the soundtrack) and John Debney (Chicken Little music). Some bits of these soundtracks sound a bit like Thomas & Friends music to Eli (Which is an unpopular feeling) and he names some of the music some of the Thomas music themes for the film, but he won't mean actually the real themes, he means custom fan-made ones made from film music. Some little bits of music for the film will be scored by other composers too.