Thomas the Tank Engine: The Big Adventure is an upcoming american/british/adventure comedy film, It's Based on the Railway Series By "Wilbert Awdry" And "Thomas & Friends", It Was Directed, Produced, Announced, Screenplayed and Made By "PixarYesDoraNo Productions" AKA "Mr Kelly" set to release January 21st 2021 in USA and March 20th 2021 in UK, Australia and New Zealand. The film stars Eli Kelly Bodhi Hall, ThomasNumber1Fan2003, Taylor Z, Luca Dollar and TheSudrian A0.

It Was Produced By Castle Rock Entertainment & Shangri-La Entertainment & Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. In USA, This Movie is Straight to DVD, In UK, Australia and New Zealand, It's Released In Theaters in IMAX/3D.


On March 19th, 2021, Thomas works on his branch-line, then Bertie tells him that Diesel's causing trouble on Sodor once again, Thomas is annoyed by that, then he has an idea for a big adventure on Sodor with Percy & James, he asked Sir Topham Hatt in the morning if he could, then he allows it, Thomas lets Emily do the work on his branch-line. Thomas, Percy & James go around the countryside, then he meets 3 engines, Tillie, Casey Jr & Timothy The Ghost Engine


  1. Thomas
  2. Percy
  3. James
  4. Edward
  5. Henry
  6. Gordon
  7. Toby
  8. Emily
  9. Nia
  10. Rebecca
  11. Oliver
  12. Tillie (Little Engine That Could)
  13. Casey Jr (Dumbo)
  14. Timothy The Ghost Engine
  15. Lady
  16. Mavis
  17. Jack
  18. Byron
  19. Annie
  20. Clarabel
  21. Bertie
  22. Harold
  23. Caroline
  24. Trevor
  25. Buster the Steam Roller
  26. Toad
  27. Rosie
  28. Duck
  29. Rocky
  30. Old Slow Coach
  31. Diesel (Main antagonist that might poke fun at cliched antagonists )
  32. Troublesome Trucks
  33. Henrietta
  34. Terrance 
  35. Hector
  36. Freddie
  37. Skarloey
  38. Duncan
  39. Mighty Mac
  40. Sir Topham Hatt


  1. This Movie will Be Filmed in 2020.
  2. The "Wilhelm Scream" Will Appear in this Movie.
  3. Rated PG-13 for bad languange, adult themes and scary scenes.
  4. Timothy the Ghost Engine will Be a Nice Character in The Movie.
  5. Reason Why It's a Crossover Film is Because Tillie (Little Engine That Could) and Casey Jr (Dumbo) Will Appear.
  6. It'll be released in 3 parts on Google Drive or "PixarYesDoraNo Productions 2", Part 1 & 2 will run 30 minutes, But Part 3 (Ending) will run 20 minutes.
  7. There will most likely be 4th wall breaks to poke fun at cliches.
  8. Universal Pictures really wanted to be part of the project, but the creator of the film, Eli said "No", since they have enough companies and Universal released the TTTE stuff on video, so they don't need to be part of a Thomas film. 


The Soundtrack is Composed By Alan Silvestri, Rupert Gregson Williams and John Debney.


(Coming in 2021)

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