Thomas and Rita is a 2023 American romantic drama film directed by Ross O Hare produced by Grant Gustin. The film is based on Ross O Hare's imagination stars Grant Gustin, Rita Ora, Dylan O Brien, Edward Holcroft, Michelle Rodriguez, Vicky Pattison, Colin Farrell, With Daniel Craig and Kate Winslet.



  • Grant Gustin as Thomas Jones: Rita's Love Interest
  • Rita Ora as Rita Jane: Thomas's Love Interest
  • Dylan O Brien as Mike Wilson: Thomas's Best Friend
  • Edward Holcroft as Ryan Chester: Rita's ex-boyfriend who becomes jealous of Thomas
  • Michelle Rodriguez as Emma Jones: Thomas's Mom
  • Vicky Pattison as Teresa Jane: Rita's sister who befriends Thomas
  • Colin Farrell as Nick Jones: Thomas's Dad
  • Daniel Craig as James Jane: Rita's Dad
  • Kate Winslet as Miranda Jane: Rita's Mom
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