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Thomas And Friends: The Movie is a 2020 American/British 3D-2D CGI Live action animated family comedy Science Fiction adventure fantasy Coming of age Crossover film directed by Crazy Nate based on The Railway Series by Rev. W. Awdry, on the television series of the character from the same name. It Was Distributed By Disney,pixar and Paramount Pictures and Produced by Nickelodeon Movies,20th century stuidos,Mattel Creations and HiT Entertainment.Relased on blu ray and digital on July 14th 2020 and theaters in The UK on November 15th 2020.


On July 1, 2000, it was reported that Destination Films began development on a sequel, but it was quietly cancelled.

In 2003, 3 years after the original film became a box-office failure, Britt Allcroft, creator of Thomas & Friends, has been resigned from her original company which was now known as "Gullane Entertainment". After HiT Entertainment took control on Thomas & Friends, HiT revealed that its theatrical division would be piloted by a "Thomas" film. Originally targeted for late-2010 release, in September 2009 this was revised to "Spring 2011".

As of January 2011, the release date had been pushed back further to 2012 and the name of the production had still not been announced. The initial draft of the script was written by Josh Klausner who has also said that the film will be set around the times of World War II, Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi also helped write the script. On 8 June 2011, Deadline announced that 9 director Shane Acker will direct the live-action adaptation of Thomas the Tank Engine, with Weta Digital designing the film's visual effects.but it got cancelled.

But all hope wasn't lost 4 years Later,jumping forward to 2015 Crazy Nate would discover The Thomas and Friends Show When he discovered it He wanted to make A flim based of it so he asked Mattel who owned HiT Entertainment at the time then Mattel Made a Deal with Disney and Viacom to help them distribute the film then in 2016 and 2017 Mattel got some people who didnt work with the show Like Dan Povenmire,Jeff swampy marsh,Rob Hoegee,Rebecca sugar and Alex Hirsch. the flim was done in November 2019.then it got Schedule to be released on July 14th 2020 but due to The COVID-19 Pandemic it was relased on blu ray and digital and its scheduled to be released on Disney+ on August 29

Casting was held in 2018 Joseph May was chosen to be the voice of Thomas but Disney said it made him sound like he was 18 Years ago so they Picked Roger Craig Smith who gave Thomas a voice of a 7 Year Old.

Then Ashleigh Ball Was Chosen to Voice Abby Hatcher because Macy Drouin Had other projects She Need to do.

James Marsden Had Been Chosen to voice James Because on His Twitter He said that he wanted to voice him because he had his name.

Then Mattel bought the OC Timothy into Real media then Martin Sherman announced he would voice Timothy Becasue he said the E2 Tank engine Had His Face.

The Film was done on February 14th 2020 but due to the COVID‑19 pandemic,it was relased on Blu ray and digital.


Take me Home Back to Sodor-Weird Al" Yankovic(2nd Part of end credits).

Closer-The Chainsmokers

Stay-Zedd, Alessia Cara 

Island Song(end of the credits)

Long Train Running-The Doobie Brothers

Shining Time-Hummie Mann(tv spots)

Roll Call-Sia (Disney networks and Nickelodeon) TV Broadcasting version Ending.

Thomas and Friends:The Movie Soundtrack


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References/Easter Eggs 

Thomas and Friends 

  • Thomas and Gordon: Thomas Mentions that He Got Pulled By Gordon's express.
  • The Chinese Dragon Makes a Cameo Appearance
  • Boco, Hector, Murdoch,Stepney,Lady,Gator,Scruffy and Green Arrow return
  • Thomas mentions That Flying Scotsman is like Gordon when he got teased By Him. (which Is a reference to The Other Big Engine)


  • Lighting McQueen mentions it has been 3 years which means is a reference to Cars 3.
  • Mater mentions that McQueen and Jackson Storm became Friends which is reference to a fan-made cars series called cars Rust-Eze adventures.


  • When Thomas and the Gang have a meeting of the mystery on what Tornado has to do with Dieselisation is a reference to the meeting in Scoob!

BTS Boyband 

  • in Abby's room there is a poster-of the BTS boyband in her room

Inside Out 

  • When Thomas Finishes His Branch Line, The Screen (Screen for the Movie) Camera Goes into Thomas' Mind and Has a Happy Emoji Face (Thomas Happy Face Colored Yellow)
  • In the Ending, The Camera (Screen for the Movie) Goes into Thomas Mind and Shows the Words "The End" In the "Thomas and Friends" Logo Cloud and Font
  • in the Vicarstown Station Clip After Thomas is Teased The screen goes into his mind and shows a Surprised Face (Thomas surprised face colored yellow)

DC Comics 

at the Knapford Station Scene James And Percy Talk about if Batman or superman are stronger.

Disney's Teacher's Pet 

  • After Abby says it's inside that counts her beauty speech is based off of Spot/Scott's speech about Beauty which is... instead of people and engines focusing on important things like Health and education and How long those it a Really take to bake a 3 Minute pizza? Their heads are all clogged up with superficial silliness why is Awdry critical of Henry's forest? is this A Good color for an engine? What am i'm wearing

I ask you what kinda world this has become of, where appearances are more important,then who we are?


  • Moral/Life Lesson:Its inside that counts and Don't judge people by the way they look and don't obsess with how you look.