This is Goodbye
Genre Dystopian Thriller




Created by Ifan Barber
Starring Various
Opening Theme N/A
Location United Kingdom
Country Of Origin United Kingdom
Number Of Episodes 13 (+ 13 in production)
Running Time 45 minutes
Original Channel: Channel 4
Original Air Date October 31st 2019 - present
Produced by Channel 4
Directed by Various

This is Goodbye is a British distopian thriller television series created by Ifan Barber that premiered on Channel 4 on October 31st 2019. It focuses on a group of university students from Surrey who, along with their landlord and one of their visiting grandparents, try and navigate survival in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-ridden world. The first series ran for 13 episodes to wide mainstream success, with Channel 4 renewing it for a second season to air in 2020.


Name Description Appearances
Daniel Morden A struggling student a video game fanatic who utilises his video game experiences to navigate an escape from his overrun university campus. 1x1 -
Celeste Willis Daniel's best friend and course mate, she stays close to him as they try to find refuge. 1x1 -
Archie Samuels The son of a wealthy businessman, Archie's family have prepared for this day, but he's trapped at university. In exchange for protection, he promises refuge for Daniel and Celeste at his family's compound. 1x1 -
Michaela Frost Daniel's lecturer who they stumble across while collecting supplies from an abandoned supermarket, she joins them on their quest to Somerset when her husband is torn apart by the undead in front of her. 1x2 -
Rob Jones Daniel and Celeste's landlord, who threaten's to kick them out of the safety of their flat if they don't help him. 1x2 -
Angela Willis Celeste's visiting grandmother, she seeks refuge in the restaurant of an overrun hotel, and she encounters Celeste by chance. 1x3 -
Christopher Willis Celeste's ill grandfather, he is trapped in the hotel room him and Angela were staying in when the hotel becomes overrun. 1x3 - 1x12


Series 1

Series 1 premiered on Channel 4 on Halloween 2019, and ran for 13 episodes, concluding on January 23rd 2020.

Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 Downfall While at university, student Daniel finds himself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, glad to be reunited with his best friend Celeste, the two utilise Daniel's video game skills to navigate their way out of the overrun campus and escape to their home on the outskirts of town, and soon find themselves with the most popular student on campus on their side, with an interesting proposition for them. October 31st 2019
2 Safety in Numbers Stopping at a desserted roadside supermarket, Daniel, Celeste and Archie gather supplies for their journey to Somerset, but a surprise encounter with Daniel's lecturer and his husband delay their plans. When a horde ravishes through the market, not everyone escapes alive. As the survivors reach Daniel's flat to plan their future, they find themselves in a compromising position. November 7th 2019
3 Hotel Hell Celeste discovers her grandparents have made a surprise visit to town, determined to save them, Daniel agrees to make a detour but what they find is a lot more than they bargained for. Successfully rescuing her grandparents, who seem to be the only survivors, Celeste is hit with devastating news from her grandfather. November 14th 2019
4 On the Road After days of planning, the group of survivors pile into Rob's truck and hit the road, and almost instantly face their first challenge as a gang of motorcyclers threaten to loot their supplies, so Archie steps up for the first time. November 21st 2019
5 Service As a radio broadcast reveals that motorways should be avoided due to mass hordes gathering on the M4, the group decides to pull off to a services for the night, they find a newly-estabished community of survivors made up of employees and long distance truckers, they discover that the disease causing the apocalypse may have originated from continental Europe. November 28th 2019
6 The Promise A horde arrives at the motorway beside the services, and some strays begin stumbling into the courtyard. After slaughtering the strays, the leader of the new community gifts the survivors with a bus that will carry them all with more comfort. Worry grows when Celeste's grandparents contemplate not joining them. December 5th 2019
7 Bus The survivors thank the service people for their hospitality and board the bus for the next part of their journey. December 12th 2019
8 Off Road December 19th 2019
9 Swindon December 26th 2019
10 On Foot January 2nd 2020
11 Patience January 9th 2020
12 Justification January 16th 2020
13 Aftermath January 23rd 2020
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