This is Family is an upcoming 2014 dark comedy drama film that's directed by Cameron Crowe. The film centers around a dysfunctional family trying to get along after the death of the one of the youngest brother. ==Plot== Set in 1970s San Francisco, A college professor attempts to get along with his siblings after his younger brother dies. ==Cast== *Jason Bateman as Robert Baker *TBA as Donna Baker *Nick Robinson as David Baker *Lily-Rose Depp as Katie Baker, Robert and Donna's oldest daughter and second child *Dylan Schmid as Max Baker, Robert and Donna's middle son *Ivy George as Morgan Baker, Robert and Donna's second youngest daughter *Kate Hudson as Becky Baker,Robert's sister *TBA as Jamie Baker, Becky's troubled 14-year-old daughter *TBA as Mason Baker, Robert's brother * TBA as Harry, Robert's deceased brother *TBA as Shelby Baker, Robert's mother *TBA as Nick Baker, Robert's father ==Quotes== ===Opening Scene=== *(Fox Searchlight Pictures logo) *(Imagination Entertainment logo) *(Screen goes black) *(Door creaking open and footsteps are heard) *Fox Searchlight Pictures presents *A Ron Howard film *Morgan(voice heard):(whispers) Daddy *This is Family *(Screen cuts from black) *(Camera pans Morgan from Robert's view. Morgan stands in front of Robert who is in bed) *Morgan:(whispers) Daddy! *Robert: (pulls himself to sit up and rubs his eyes) Morgan, what is it? *Morgan: The monsters are back *Robert: They are, aren't they? (Morgan nods) Ok (Robert picks up Morgan and carries her on his hip and walks into the hallway) and where are these monsters this time? *Morgan: Hiding in my closet *Robert(peeks in the closet) I don't see them *Morgan: That's because they're hiding. You scared them off because you're too handsome ==Release== The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and received generally positive reviews. ==Trivia== *Pitch: The Ice Storm meets Death at a Funeral *The film's main song and also used in trailer: *Ryan Reynolds, Mark Wahlberg, and Ben Stiller were considered for the role of Robert * The film is rated R *The working title was Let 'Em In ==Soundtrack== #Let 'Em In by Paul McCartney and the Wings #Going Up the Country by Canned Heat #Doo Wah Diddy by Manfred Mann #Mother by John Lennon

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