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The Teacher
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Unknown
 Current Alias The Teacher
 Aliases Mavis Vermilion
 Editorial Names First, First Guild Master
 Relatives Zeref (Blue), August (Blue)
 Affiliation Fairy Tail
 Base of Operation Type-60 TARDIS, Tenrou Island (Formally), Fairy Tail Guild Hall (Formally)
 Identity Secret
 Citizenship Gallifreyan
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation First Fairy Tail Guild Master (Formally, Mage (Formally)
 Gender Female
 Height 4') (exact height unknown)
 Eye Color Green (no pupils)
 Fur Color
 Hair Color Yellow-Blonde
 Unusual Features Possess two wing-like decors around her ears
 Origin Time Lord Regeneration: After crashing through a hole within Reality, the Third Teacher, now a small child, finds herself on a island where a guild lies. Using her Memory Manipulation, she made all the members have memories of 2 parents and herself, but for unknown circumstances, the parents died, and due to her TARDIS being destroyed, foorced to stay, and then was abused by the members for some time.
 Universe Earth-8000
 Place of Birth Tenrou Island (Post-Regeneration)
 Creators Atlas
First Appearance
The Teacher #3 1
Incarnations of White
Accepted Incarnations
More Ambiguous

The Third Teacher was the third incarnation of the Teacher, a renegade Time Lord of Gallifrey. After the Second Teacher was mortally wounded by a Fallen Angel, the TARDIS rammed into a hole in reality, and entered into another universe. Crashing, the Second regenerates into the Third, of a small blonde girl.




Tenrou Island

Illusion of the Family

Red Lizard Guild

Island under Attack

Library & the Man

Search for the Tenrou Jade


Hargeon Town

Magnolia Town

Learning Magic

Battle for Magnolia


Second Trade Guild War

Personality & Appearance

Powers & Abilities


Magic: The Third Teacher is a highly skillful sorceress, being able to cast spells with efficiency, and also effectively. Along with her intellect, she knows what magics and spells to use.

Memory Manipulation

Transcendent Mage: The Third Teacher is a highly powerful mage, where she transcendent almost every other wizards of the Realm, making possess immense amounts of magic power, and with many spells and magics at her disposal. When she regenerates into the Fourth Teacher, she lost her transcendent skill, but kept the knowledge, magics and spells.

Ethereal Physiology: When her body was sealed inside a lacrima, she had the capability to leave her physical body, and join the Astral Realm as a spiritual being. True Immortality: Being inflicted with the Curse of Ankhseram, she become a truly immortal being, never to die, age, starve, dehydrate, suffocate. drown, etc. She wont be able to gain any permanent wounds at all. However, the curse was contracted when she and Zeref shared a kiss.




  • Magic Negation: Will nullify/negate her magic.
  • Regenerating: While regenerating, it leaves her highly vulnerable, as if she is killed during regeneration, she is permanently killed.
  • Even through she can freely exist as a spiritual being, only those bearing the Fairy Tail guild mark can see her.
  • Those who are able to inflict damage on spiritual beings can harm her.
  • Her physical body must exist and alive in order for her to be a spirit.
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