Third Cillian Darcy is the Third Incarnation of Cillian Darcy, He only appeared in Cillian Darcy (Film) which he is the Main Protagonist.


Cilian's third Incarnation's eyes are gray. His hair is close to a palette swap of Yuya's, with light purple in the front and a layer of black to the back. Unlike Yuya, whose hair lies flat, his sweeps up and to the side of his head.

Cillian wears a punk-style outfit, with a dull green formal shirt and dark blue tie, as well as a black cape-like garment with ripped sleeves and edges. Like Yuya, Cillian also wears a choker and wristbands, although his bands are a matching set—black with silver studs—and bear resemblance to those worn by Yugi Muto during Battle City

The Dark Duelist

the Birth of the Third Cillian Darcy


Third Cillian is Born after regenerated from his Second Incarnation who got accidental murdered by Pinkie Pie.


Cillian sacrfice all of his energy with a help from Lindsey James (from Waterloo Road) to save the TARDIS from being taken by Max Tyler. After he meet Rarity from Equestria, he decide to let her and her family to join him on a journey right before he Regenerate into his Fourth Incarnation

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