There Gone Boos Today is a Maggie the Little Ghost animated short film that was released in 1958.


The cartoon opens with Maggie sitting beside his grave which is decorated with the Bible segment 'love thy neighbor', reading a book on animal friends. Around midnight, while the ghosts at the cemetery, where Maggie is buried, are getting ready to go off and "boo" people, Maggie is trying to make friends with animals instead of humans. The ghosts leave the cemetery, as does Maggie, who wanders off looking for friends in a couple animals. However, when Maggie tries to make friends with a baby calf, it runs away, calling for its "mama"; when the calf's mother goes up to Maggie, she runs away from the farm and jumped over the moon.

Later, Maggie comes across a skunk and asks it to be friends, but it sprays him and runs away in terror. Maggie sits on a log and ultimately cries because none of the animals want to be his friend. While Maggie is sitting on the log, he catches the attention of a small kitten who feels sorry for him. Maggie and the kitten quickly bond and he names the kitten "Fievel" and considers him to be his best friend. However, Maggie and Fievel's relationship is put in tremendous jeopardy, while they are playing a game of Hide and Seek. While Fievel is hiding, a hunter and two of his hunting dogs come and try to kill Fievel. They pursue him until he is exhausted and out of breath.

While the hunter is firing gunshots towards Fievel, Maggie flies in the hunter's direction, and demands that they leave Fievel alone. When the dogs and the hunter see Maggie, they flee in terror. Maggie looks for Fievel to tell him that everything is fine, but doesn't realize until too late that they shot Fievel because the bullets went through him and hit Fievel. Maggie breaks down in tears because he lost "the only friend he ever had in his whole life." Maggie returns to the cemetery where he buries Fievel next to his own gravestone. Maggie begins mourning but soon discovers that Fievel has returned as a ghost himself. Reunited, Maggie and Fievel live "happily ever after."


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