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There's No Place Like Oz is an American fantasy comedy loosely based on L. Frank Blum's Oz Books. It is a stand alone sequel to Ever After Whatever.


In the fictional city of Braum, Kansas.


Dorothy Gale- A 15 year old teenaged girl. She is revealed to be the great granddaughter of Oscar Diggs.

Tin Man-

Cowardly Lion- The supposed courageous ruler of the forest.


Tip/ Princess Ozma-

Jack Pumpkinhead-

Billina- Dorothy's pet chicken

Toto- Dorothy's pet dog

Eureka: Dorothy's pet kitten.

Glinda- The Good Witch of the North and Margaret's girlfriend and later wife. Her real name is Tattypoo but despises the name; however she has learned to embrace the name she was born with.

The Wizard of Oz- he was from circa 1952 Kansas where he was a con artist for a county fair He was in a relationship with Dorothy Gale,, Dorothy's great grandmother, making Oscar the Great grandfather of Dorothy.

Margaret: The Wicked Witch of the West. Margaret's name is a homage to Margaret Hamilton, who portrayed The Wicked Witch of the West in the 1939 movie Wizard of Oz. She has raised The Cowardly Lion when he was a cub but wouldn't let him solve his own problems, resulting in him being cowardly.

Zebediah "Zeb" Hugson- Dorothy's 20 year old maternal distant cousin from California. Being the eldest cousin of Dorothy, he believes it is his responsibility to look after her while poking fun at her from time to time.

Secondary Characters


Aunt Em- Dorothy's maternal aunt. She struggles to understand Dorothy Her full name is revealed to be Piper Clara Merritt, which is a homage to Piper Laurie, Clara Blandick and Theresa Merritt, who portrayed Aunt Em in Return to Oz, The Wizard of Oz and The Wiz. Aunt Em grew up in an isolated farmhouse for most of her life.. Because of this, Many people have started calling her "Em".

Uncle Henry- Dorothy's uncle and Em's husband. He is more laid back than Aunt Em and has a more close relationship with Dorothy as a result. He is originally from Australia His real name is Matt Henry Grapewin. His first and last name pays homage to Matt Clark and Charley Grapewin who portrayed Uncle Henry in Return to Oz and The Wizard of Oz.

Professor Marvel- A fortune teller who predicted Dorothy's fate though Aunt Em was skeptical and calls him a fraud. His real name is Frank Morgan, which pays as a homage to the late actor Frank Morgan who played both The Wizard of Oz and Professor Marvel.

Bill Hugson: Zeb's father.

Arthur Gale: Dorothy's paternal grandfather and Oscar's son. Arthur has first arrived in Oz in 1974 He had previously visited Oz in the past He was later happily reunited with his father.

Lida Gale: Dorothy's paternal grandmother who was originally from Oz before she had left with Arthur to Kansas.

Nimble Amee: A munchkin girl who is Tim Man's love interest.

Ojo: Dorothy's cousin

Shaggy Man: A kind homeless wanderer.

Betsy Bobbin: An African American farm girl who was originally from circa 1913 Oklahoma with her pet mule, Hank.

Button Bright: An English boy from circa 1909.

Trot: A young girl from circa 1911.

Bob Down: A 7 year old boy from 1923 Philadelphia

Nottie: A circus clown who showed up in Oz along with Bob Down.

Peter Brown: A 11 year old boy from present day Philadelphia who was raised by his grandfather.

Jenny Jump: A 15 year old girl from present day New Jersey. She is bold but unpredictable.

Robin Brown: A boy from 1963 Oregon who arrives in Oz on a Merry Go Round.

Gloma: The Good Witch of the South

Princess Ozma's mother and the queen of the fairies.


Rachel: Margaret's older sister and is the Wicked Witch of the East

Mombi: The first cousin of Margaret, Jester, and Rachel.

Singra: The twin sister of Mombi. She was The Wicked Witch of the South long before Oscar arrived at Oz but was overthrown by Glinda and was put to sleep for approximately 100 years.

Jester: The cousin of Mombi, Margaret, and Rachel.


Is that Em?

If it ain't Piper Clara Merritt.

I only liked you for who you are, not for what gender you are. What matters is that you're you and nothing ain't gonna change that.

You...You honestly believed that?

Of course I believe it to be true.