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Teater, Bio & Dans (English: Theater, Cinema & Dance) is an upcoming cinema and a subscription video-on-demand service (Theater, Cinema & Dance Play) for television and film content intended for mainly older audiences, along with one streaming hub, Unikitty! (licensed by Warner Bros. and The Lego Group); which is a streaming hub for mostly children and pre-teens. This streaming service is owned by Empire Entertainment, a division of EmpirePrince.


Main article: History of Theater, Cinema & Dance

Theater, Cinema & Dance had a quite fascinating history. In the 1950s, there were two places, Folkets Hus Limmared, a cinema, coffeehouse, school discos, and a music festival, Limmareds Kiosken is a kiosk that sells generally candy, ice cream, and drinks, and later in the '70s or the '80s, they also sell hot dogs, also selling VHS, and allows people to play keno gambling games.

It got closed in the '90s or the early '00s, either if the owners die or the economic collapse in the city. Meanwhile, from 2017 to 2019, the movie theater returns, and this time it was called Biostaden Biobyn (later Vodka Theater) but it got failed very quickly, after their run. In early 2020, the cinema returns once again under the working title Bio, and the goal is to sponsor Ardagh Group, the Swedish retailer ICA to open the cinema again and buy the People's House Limmared, with a group called Bio & Dans Grupp, and planned to have two companies and one organization that will control the cinema, Filmstaden, a Swedish equivalent to AMC Theaters, ODEON Cinemas, and UCI Cinemas, Serier på Bio i Limmared, an organization that is meant to show both original and acquired shows aimed for a youth audience, and Folkets Bio, a cinema chain that shows international movies, it is equivalent to Glasgow Film Theatre, Light House Cinema in Dublin, and a lot of movie theaters out there that are a member of Europa Cinemas.

By 2021, the cinema returned as mainly a streaming service, and it is currently in development.


Library content

Main article: Theater, Cinema & Dance/Content Library

Theater, Cinema & Dance will include content that is from TV4 and SVT. The service will also include numerous acquired series like Gangland, The Game Thrones, and CSI: Miami. Furthermore, the service will also include a lot of movies that are from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists, Miramax, Dimension Films, Castle Rock Entertainment, Spyglass Entertainment, and Focus Features. It only depends on what films and series are available in some countries because of their rights to third-party content on the streaming service.


International availability



  • The streaming service in Scandinavian countries are much different compare to other countries that have Theater, Cinema & Dance.
    • Now, Because C More and SVT own so many Swedish programs like Solsidan and Beck. Theater, Cinema & Dance does not own rights to all TV4 and SVT programs. So instead, here in Scandinavia, they will offer a new streaming bundle of Theater, Cinema & Dance (Yearly Subscription), C More (All Sport), and the free ad-supported version of Discovery+ (Total) for just 1,698 Swedish kronor. (that would mean 194 dollars in America). Wow! That's very expensive for the Scandinavian subscribers.
    • The reason why it's so expensive is that because the Yearly subscription of the Theater, Cinema & Dance costs 700 Swedish kronor (80 dollars in America) for a year, while both Discovery+ and C More would cost 499 Swedish kronor (57 dollars in America) for a month.
  • Similar to the situation about renaming a kid's section's name due to plagiarism. The name of the streaming service Teater, Bio & Dans might change their name to something unique, as well, because sometimes naming the streaming service after a former privately-owned cinema might be useless.