The Totally non-dysfunctional family is an animated dysfunctional family sitcom. It is owned by Seth Macfarlane, Mike Scully, and Matt Groening (formerly). It focuses on an extremely dysfunctional family. Matt left when he discovered the depth of what Adam's evilness would become, so he disconnected himself from the TTNDF franchise.


Adam Ziegler Senior

Adam Ziegler is the sadistic, abusive, and homicidal father of the Ziegler family and the main antagonist of the show. 

Zoe Ziegler 

Zoe Ziegler is the caring but somewhat unintelligent mother of the Ziegler family and the main protagonist of the show. 

Adam Ziegler Junior 

Adam Ziegler Jr is the rebellious and anti-social teenager of the Ziegler family. He carried many of the negative traits of Adam even when he was a baby, so the parents named him Adam Jr. 

Sandra Ziegler 

Sandra Ziegler is the spoiled pre-teen of the Ziegler family. 

Clyde Ziegler 

Clyde Ziegler is the 5 year old germ hating child of he Ziegler family. His fear of germs is exaggerated to the point he hides from his family to avoid germs.

ENDING: == Adam finally goes too far when Zoe tells him he is a "little mean" and tries to kill the family. Fortunately, the whole town finally stands up to Adam and hangs him. Zoe falls in love with her old college teacher and they marry, finally solving the dysfunction of the family. 


There are 7 seasons.

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