This is the 3rd movie of the hit television show spongebob squarepants and is a crossover between spongebob and splatoon.


Plankton has tried so many times to steal the formula that he finds out that it's not worth it any more and demolishes his restaurant, plankton then teams up with a villain team named the octarians and works with them to destroy the krusty krab, then they go through a portal to destroy inkplosia and steal the zapfish, luckily, with the help of Sandy, she builds a portal to inkplosia, and spongebob and co. Teams up with new friends as they stop plankton and the octarians plan.


  • Unlike the last 2 movies there aren't any live action sequences.


Scene shows the surface of a ocean

Narrator: ahhh the sea......... many interesting creatures live here

Scene goes down underwater and shows a pineapple

Narrator: but some creatures.... 

Scene goes closer to the door

Narrator:are more rare....

Spongebob comes out of the door and yells "IIIIIIIII'MMMMMMM RRRRREEEAAAAADDDDYYYYY!!!!!!!!"

Scene shows the top of a radio tower

Narrator: and lots more

Scene shows urchin underpass with orange and blue inkling

Narrator: and lots lots more

Scene shows a pink portal in spongebob's sky over. The chum bucket with Ontarians coming out 

Plankton:WHAT THE SCALLLOP!?!?!?!?

Narrator: So when two universe collide...

Scene shows spongebob in front of a pink portal saying "come on team! Let's get back bikini bottom!"

Narrator:things will get spongier

Scene shows the sky of the splatoon with a pink portal the spongebob gang falls out of it the gang except spongebob fall on a billboard, while spongebob falls on the ground.

Narrator:and inky

Scene shows inkling gathering around to see spongebob on. The ground

Blue inkling: what is that?

Pink inkling: is it nice?

Yellow inkling: is it a inkling like us?

Spongebob picks him self up and looks around seeing inkling spongebob gasps



TV series

A TV series might appear but it's unlikely

video game

A video game is being made, much is known about the game but in a interview with IGN they said that the game will be by the same creators of splatoon and battle for bikini bottom,the movie game, and truth or square, so it's very different then robotic revenge and heropants.

easter eggs and references

  • In. The scene wear the spongebob gang are walking in inkplosia you can see a movie poster which is the exact Sam one from the second movie.
  • Tba
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