The reserve also known as Dinolandia : The reserve is an animated spinoff to Dinolandia , discussing the life

Kim , Max and Jay

The main characters Kim , Max and Jay

on the reserve , and its inhabitants. The anime has 4 seasons and it ended 1 day before the Third dinolandia movie was released.


Kim , an humanops made by Eve , she is voiced by Nancy cartwright and it is the second main character , she lives in the reserve along with he other humanops and hydras , she's 10 year old , being the youngest of the bunch.

Jay , the only teenager played by Jason Mantzoukas , he is the only teenager , being 18 years old , he is the only smartest teenager of the herd , being a kick-ass , unlike the others , he tries to find a suiting religion , while the other prefer to be atheists , he tries his best , but he fails.

Max , played by Jacob Hopkins , he is 14 years old and he is the fastest , he has curiosity , he tries to get out of the reserve , he also has a relationship with Roxy , the septuacephalus 4th head , he loves to swim and play along. Although he doesn't eats too much , he drinks too much,

Ramonavis , an deadly warning bird , she may not talk but if something starts to have a relationship , septuacephalus will find the creature and kill it , ramonavis is the fusion of the word Ramona ( from scott pilgrim vs the world ) and Rahonavis , an extinct bird from madagascar which is related to the dromaeosaurids.

Septuacephalus , an hydra which was once all the 7 evil exes from Scott pilgrim vs the world , but Eve melted all the evil exes into one single being , they still retain their human heads , they have 7 heads , 4 are sentient and talk while 3 are sterile , the 4 heads are Matthew ( T.j Miller ) , the only head which can breath fire and summon deadly Demodracos , imagine the flish from the future is wild but fused with a dragon ,Lucas lee ( Steven Blum ) ,the head which doesn't do nothing but he only talks , Roxy ( Kristen Kreuk ) , she can control her front legs to "F" their enemies faces by stepping on them , she also has a strange weapon , finally Gideon ( Tom Felton ) , the head which controls the body and makes an atomic breath like attack , the other 3 heads are the remaining 3 evil exes.

Coelo , voiced by me ( Eduardo Arantes ) , he is the second adult and he is friends to Jay , Max and Kim , he is the scientist , and makes potion.

Second characters

Burner , he is the biggest creature , he is from parasite eve 2 , he is seem by Jay , Max , Kim and Septuacephalus as a villain , while Coelo knows him and he is a friend.

Various dinosaurs , they just act like normal dinosaurs you know.

Characters from Dinolandia , like Deino , Yakumo Oomori and etc,


T-rex , the main antagonist , he lives in the outside world , and he sometimes breaks the barrier of the reserve , with that , he is the main villain , he is the biggest of all villains. He breaths fire and killed one of the Septuacephalus heads , which was Todd ingram head , thus turning the head into stone,

Scott pilgrim and Ramona , while Eve mutated Jay , Max , Kim and Septuacephalus into normal beings , Scott and Ramona turned into creatures like Eve , so when Max found Scott , he cried out : SCOTT!



  • Max the humanops vs the world : Max tries to get out of the reserve , but in the end he realises there is no way out.

Season 1

  • Liberation : Max , Kim and Jay are busy trying to know where to escape the reserve , while Septuacephalus insists there is nothing out of the barrier.
  • Everybody's stupid : Max finds Scotty , an juvenile anatotitan which tries to learn and speak , but his species cant do that , because they are frikin wild animals.
  • Am i an Neo-Mitochondrial creature? : Jay thinks that he was once an Neo-mitochondrial snake , but he evolved into what he is.
  • Battle : An simplification of brutality : Scott and Ramona are introduced , but are almost killed by T-rex , meanwhile Max yells that Scott and Ramona are coming , but no one believes in him.
  • Dinosaurs are beasts too : Septuacephalus confuses an sauropod newborn as one of the humanops , not long after her real mother an alamosaurus comes in the reserve.
  • Psychological talk : there is 16 days till school and Max is anxious , while Jay is happy , but Kim fears that she will get bad grades and repeat 5th grade , so she is send to a psychology camp.
  • Requiem for a sleep paralysis : Jay keeps having the same sleep paralysis over and over again , so he talks to an wise troodon to see if there is something he can do to not have the same sleep paralysis.
  • Push! : The fear of birth has came to an frightened parasaurolophus , but her issues are over when she lays her eggs.
  • I survived T-rex : Max is almost killed by T-rex , when he enters the reserve due to the hole that was created by the alamosaurus mom , now septuacephalus and the trio needs to keep out with him.
  • The outside world : At the outside world , Max and the trio escapes and find a new place , while septuacephalus begins to freak out when they dissapear.
  • Am i adapted : The trio thinks that they aren't adapted , but all this changes when they are face-to-face with an surviving allosaurus species which survived the jurassic and lived all way to the present.
  • What? Am i getting freaked out : Night comes , and the trio needs to find a spot or else they will be killed.
  • The wise elderly troodon : An troodon which finds the kids says that their old home is in great danger , and when February 29th comes , their home will be destroyed by T-rex.
  • Coelo : the sapient : Coelo sees that the trio is missing , so he searches for them , but with no luck.



  • All these episodes titles are from big mouth.
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