The Marvelous Magical Adventures of The Burger King is a French tv series based on the famous Burger King fast food chain and it's mascot Burger King. it will run for three seasons with 30 episodes for each seas

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Fabio di miceli as The Burger king

Roger bumpass as the duke of doubt

Scott McCord as sir shakealot

frank welker as The Burger Thing

Jack black as the beef jerky jester

lady Louise Windsor as the burger queen

tom Kenny as the wizard of fries and speedy

Joshua krasinski as Ronald McDonald

greg cipes as mac tonight

kevin michael richardson or Bill Fagerbakke as grimace

tara strong as birdie

weird al Yankovic as Drooper

mark hamill as Bingo 

jim cummings as Fleegle

danny teeson as mr six

nick Akeson as onion ring jack

john dimaggio as colonel sanders

j.k. simmons as j jonah jameson

Season 1

  1. Origins-The origins of the burger king are revealed from birth to teen years to adulthood
  2. The Splits Are Here-The Banana splits get lost in the woods and the burger king helps them get home
  3. Ronald and Mac Tonight-The burger king's friends from mcdonalds ronald mcdonald and mac tonight visit the duke of doubt tries to prove they are not the real things
  4. The anti magic machine-The duke of doubt creates an anti magic machine in order to take away the burger king's magic
  5. The Royal wedding-the burger king and the burger queen get married the banana splits are hired to make sure it goes smoothly and the duke of doubt tries to ruin meanwhile the burger thing wants to know about weddings the fry wizard teaches him about them
  6. Pineapple Pete-Pineapple Pete is having a house warming for his summer house and everyone is invited except the duke of doubt he tries to ruin the party
  7. Villain team up-The duke of doubt and the hamburglar team up and plan a scheme but the hamburglar doesn't feel it's right
  8. Duke of Doubt for president-the duke of doubt runs for president using his latest invention the vote for me machine can the burger king and his friends stop him?
  9. little six and the fry guys-mr.six introduces little six while Ronald introduces the fry guys and they seem to bee unsure of each other though so the duke of doubt tries to hire the fry guys as his minions
  10. The McDonald's guys-the happy meal gang,grimace,and early the early bird make they're way to the burger kingdom the duke of doubt tries to get them on his side
  11. where are the mcnugget pals-the mcnugget pals go missing the banana splits have to find them
  12. The professor's time machine-the burger king tells the story how he and his friends went back in time in the professor's time machine and met Phineas t flagg and captain crook
  13. The story of onion ring jack-After being laughed at by the others fleegle sets out to prove onion jack is real the burger king follows him to make sure he's alright
  14. a helping hand- j jonah jameson helps the duke of doubt write false stories depecting munch's make believe band doing murders but the burger king later proves the stories are fake
  15. The Haunted House-the gang goes to a supposed haunted house the duke of doubt tries to prove there are no such things as ghost
  16. Knight and Jester's quest-Sir Shakealot And The Beef Jerkey Jester set out on a scavenger hunt to find a legendary golden egg
  17. Meet The Munch's-The gang goes off with munch to meet his family and turns out they all have a lot in common
  18. Happy The Happy Meal Box-Ronald introduces happy a living happy meal box to everyone the duke of doubt tries to get him to be his minion with hilarious results
  19. Duke's new minion-The duke of doubt hies Robbie rotten as his new minion who teaches him how to be a villain with the song we are number one
  20. Kfc friend-the colonel comes to visit and he brings his friend chicky along
  21. Sportacus and stephanie of Lazytown-Fleegle Meets up with Sportacus and stephanie and helps him loose some weight little do they know the duke of doubt and robbie rotten plan to make them leave town forever
  22. Meet Bean-A girl named Bean comes to the burger kingdom and must find the missing burger king
  23. The Magical Scavenger Hunt-the burger arranges a scavenger hunt the duke of doubt is determine to win it
  24. Hamburglar's lie-when the hamburglar lies about seeing aliens he realizes that a lie can become huger and huger and only the truth will set you free
  25. birdy learns to fly-the burger king tells of the story of how birdy learned to fly
  26. Magic No More-the duko of doubt and robbie rotten plan to steal all the magic from burgerkingland with a magic sucker machine
  27. Old friends return-some old friends of Ronald the burger king and Stephanie and sportacus come to burgerkingland the duke of doubt and robbie rotten try to make sure that they're stay is short lived
  28. St,Patrick's day-uncle mcgrimacey celebrated st.patty's day the duke of doubt tries to ruin it
  29. The Kingdom games-the burgerkingdom holds a olympics the duke of doubt tries to cheat
  30. The Missing Ring-The King's ring is missing little do they know stingy is keeping it due to his stinginess

Season 2 

  1. The Pot Of Gold-Uncle McGrimacey comes to town to find his lost pot of gold The Burger King and his friends help him find it
  2. Search For the arches-after the McDonald's arches are missing the burger king and his friends go on a search to find them
  3. Wilinkins and wontkins-wilkins and wontkins cause mayhem with they're shenanigans but need to stop fighting
  4. Pepsiman returns-pepsiman returns after an absence and decided to help the burger king defeat the duke of doubt
  5. cocoa cola woman-pepsiman's rival/lover cocoa cola woman comes to the burgerkingdom pepsiman must prove he is worthy of her when she needs help defeating the duke of doubt and his minions
  6. We are number one-robbie rotten teaches the duke of doubt and the other villains how to be villains
  7. Meet The M&M's-after the M&M's get lost in the burgerkingdom the burger king and his friends help them find they're way around the place
  8. The Legend of Freddy Fazbear's pizza-After fido dido tell the legend of scary things that happened at freddy fazbear's pizza the burger king somehow finds it and they are all locked in but they must solve riddles as a spirit of the noid gives them clues
  9. Lover For red-red falls in love with the cadbury caramel bunny and decided to woo her his friends help him
  10. Evil Grimace strikes-grimace's evil twin evil grimace busts out of prison and kidnaps the taco bell dog jack in the box and little cesear the burger king and his friends must stop him and return him to prison
  11. Dognapped-spuds mackenzie is dognapped by the duke of doubt and his gang so it's up to the burger king the jollibee gang tony the tiger and toucan sam to save her
  12. Lost in space-cosmc is lost in space the burger king and his friend go to space to save him
  13. the ice cream trio save sonny the cuckoo bird-super mcflurry mcflurry kid and ice cream girl must save sonny the cuckoo bird when the duke of doubt tried to get him to lay eggs for his breakfast
  14. Hamburglar meets hamburger helper-the hamburger meets hamburger helper and instantly becomes friends with him after he teaches him many things hamburger can make
  15. Castle Chocula-the gang meets the cereal monsters but think they are evil
  16. The Return of the rock A fire explosion-the rock a fire explosion is trying to make a comeback the burger king and his friends try to help them with the help of the coca cola polar bears
  17. Crusty the cat returns-crusty the cat comes to the burgerkingdom and gains a crush on mitzi the rockafire explosion helps him woo her
  18. The date-crusty and mitzi go on they're first date crusty tries to make go right
  19. The PIzza Players-several characters are introduced in the form of a band called the pizza players chester cheetah,adult hamburglar,madame oink,harmony howlette,foxy colleen,poppin fresh,perth p pelican,rooty the orange bird,the chiquita banana ladies,bb bubbles,sally sashay,the warblettes,and artie antlers form it
  20. Grimace's aunt's-grimace's aunt's millie and tillie visit but evil grimace wants to be the only son
  21. The hamburger patch mystery-the hamburger patch is missing some hamburgers luckilly the burger king and his new friends are here to solve the case
  22. The Applepie Tree-the applepie tree has vanished the burger king and his friends race to find it before the duke of doubt does
  23. The new supers-the ice cream trio teaches jack and drooper how to be superheros
  24. the first jack-jack in the box the first visits his son jack in the box
  25. the in the box family-jack in the box's family visits cousin jim also reveals why he went to prison
  26. Top cat-top cat and his crew come to burgerkingland and cause mayhem
  27. Munch's nephews-munch's nephew's munch jr and marshal munch come to visit all heck breaks loose
  28. The Kind of fast food-mackenzie and burger prince burger king and ronald's kids are introduced they go on an adventure to find the magic box but realize they had magic all along

Season 3 (Final Season) 

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