The Forest Doom 2 is a Horror Thriller Film Starring Selena Gomez,Ashley Greene,Sara Paxton,Jessica Stroup,Chris Zylka,Matt Bush,Thommas Dekker,Julianna Guill,Chelan Simmons and Derek Mears


britt and elena after run of persecution by lockie after 3 days of running endless it come to a camp where a group of young campers together now they will have to escape before the lockie kills


Selena Gomez As Elena

Ashley Greene As Britt

Sara Paxton As Bella

Jessica Stroup As Joanne

Chris Zylka As Dean

Matt Bush As Tyler

Thomas Dekker As Zack

Julianna Guill As Bree

Chelan Simmons As Jacqueline

Derek Mears As Lockie Dremmer


Jacqueline-ax through his head when he does not believe what they say britt and elena

Tyler-has made ​​the throat sliced

Bree-she was bitten in the neck and the chest machete

Zack-arrow in mouth

Dean-multiple arrows on the body

Joanne-has broken neck

Lockie Dremmer- covered in gasoline britt and bella and shot a flare by elena at that burns and is beheaded by britt


Britt,Elena and Bella

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