The final girls is a remake of the comedy horror film of the same name. The charecters are the same and the plot is also similar but with some twists and differences in deaths.


The film opens with the introduction of the main character: Max Cartwright and her mother Amanda Cartwright. Amanda returns from auditions for a film and Amanda tells Max that she will be known as Scream queen Nancy in the film Camp Bloodbath, which is a cult classic. Meanwhile in a different we introduced to 2 people called Donovan Briggs and Chris Briggs who are brothers. Chris is Max's boyfriend but not the best driver. On their way home they run into Amanda's car and they accidently crash, killing Amanda and apparently Donovan as well. 3 years later, Donovan is actually still alive and fully healed. Max had broken up with Chris after Amanda's death but they are back together again. Chris and Max are telling each other scary stories and Chris tells one that is acutally true. He explains that a man called the Axe killer was in town at the time of Amanda's death and called people by phone and would kill them with his axe a few seconds later. After 10 people were killed, Donovan was the final person to be attack by this killer and had killed him by pushing him out of a window, but the body was never found. Chris then tries to scare Max by telling her that it is rumored he is planning his revenge today. Max shrugs this off and Just then, a phone rings and Max answers it. The caller is revealed to be the same Axe killer who was thought to have been killed by Donovan. He then proceeds to taunt them with threats and asks where Donovan is, wanting revenge. Chris then grabs the phone and tells him to go to hell, The killer replies "wrong answer" and hangs up. The killer then comes in with an axe and attacks Max and Chris. Edventually, Max manages to stab the killer in the arm with a knife, forcing him to flee.  A few weeks later, at the 3rd anniversary of her mother's death, Max and Chris are studying with her best friend Gertie Micheals and her stepbrother Duncan. Duncan manages to convince Max to come with him and Gertie to a special screening of Camp Bloodbath 1 and 2. Max comes after some convincing from Chris and she is not happy to find Chris's ex girlfriend Vicki Summers there. Chris tries to calm Max down but as he does, the Axe killer from 3 weeks ago appears on the catwalk and waves to Max. Max notices him and he then sets the entire building on fire with gasoline he dumped earlier. Max tries to leave and punches a hole through the screen to get out, only to find the Axe killer waiting on the other side. A white flash sudendly appears and Chris, Vicky, Donovan (he claims he snuck along with Max and wanted to surprise them at the theater), Gertie, Max and Duncan suddendly find themselves in the woods. However, the Axe killer is not here and they assume gone. The group meets Characters from Camp Bloodbath such as Tina and Blake. It is then revealed that by punching the screen, Max accidently teleported them into the movie.

Max is then reuinited with her mother, Nancy who is the movie version of her. Meanwhile, Duncan tries to prove they are not in the movie by looking for the killer in the movie.Duncan runs into Billy Murphy, who is the killer in the film and he apparently kills Duncan. Meanwhile, the others meet Paula and her boyfriend Kurt and Paula is the one who killed Billy in the film. Kurt and Paula are driving in their car when Duncan is revealed to still be alive. Kurt and Paula accidently run him over and they crash into a totem pole, Killing Kurt and Duncan. Paula surivives, much to the relief of the group but is then killed when the Car explodes, much to their horror. The group have a meeting to review just what exactly is going on and they realize that characters who survived the movie can still die anyway. They then make Tina wear a life Jacket when Donovan and Chris review the Rules of horror films (they are major horror fans). They explain they have sex will immeditly attract Billy to their location as well as performing a striptease. Donovan decides that the best course of action is to have Max, the only Virgin in the group (she has never kissed Chris yet) kill Billy by getting his Machete somehow and end the film so they can go home. They booby trap the lodge with Bear traps, a bucket of gasoline and a match to light it at any time. They also have a log trap set up to hopefully knock the machete out of his hands. Donovan explains that he is going to knock himself out with a hammer outside the lodge so that Billy will ignore him in case anything goes wrong. While the group prepares lure to Billy over, Max talks to Nancy who tells her if she survives the film, they can have a life together and be however they want. Tina lures Billy over with a striptease but as Billy's approach tune appears she gets scared and tries to run away. Blake yells ar her to stop but it is too late, she trips on a wire and falls into the bear trap they set up, killing Tina. Blake sets off the log trap when Billy reaches the lodge and apparently knocks him unconsious. Blake decides to take the machete, but Billy is actually not unconsious and kills Blake by plunging the machete into his chest. Seeing everything falling apart, Donovan exits out the back door, instructs Max to come get him if she survives and he knocks himself out with the hammer. Max, Chris and Nancy try to fight him with arrows they found by to no avail. Vicki and Gertie lower the bucket of gasoline, but the bucket is now stuck and won't go down. Billy impales Gertie with a metal pole and Vicki throws a book at the gasoline bucket, thus setting off the fire. Chris, Nancy and Max get out before this happens but the fire kills Vicki and apparently Billy as well. The 3 then check on Donovan but find him dead with a knife in his chest. Chris realizes it couldn't have been Billy who killed him since Donovan was outside the house during the attack and just then a man comes out with an axe. It is revealed that the Axe Killer was sucked into the film along with the others when Max punched the screen and wanted to make his dramatic entrance later on. During the ensuing chase, Chris is stabbed by the Axe killer and is knocked out by Max who kicks his head into a tree.

When things seem to have calmed down, Nancy is kidnapped by the still alive and completely unburnt Billy Murphy. Max tries to stop Billy but he runs too fast and she loses him.Max goes back to Chris and finds the Axe killer gone and she takes the wounded Chris to the abandoned Chapel in the woods. When Max tells Chris she is going to rescue Nancy, he tries to convince her that Nancy can't be saved. Max replies by revealing to Chris that her mother playied Nancy in the film and that it's a second chance to get her mother back although Chris insists against it. Max arrives at Billy's barn, finds Nancy tied up and frees her. Just as she finishes, Billy goes back to the Barn and finds Nancy and Max and the two women fight him. No matter what moves they try, Billy manages to overwhelm both of them and they escape in a different section of the barn. Edventually, Billy cannot find them and he stays in the barn, knowing they cannot hide forever. Nancy then realizes they can't defeat Billy because there is no final girl yet. She tells Max she is going to sacrifice herself to Billy so Max can be the final girl and have the power to kill Billy. Max begs her not to do it and finally confesses to Nancy that her real life counterpart is her mother and Max wanted her to survive to finally have her mother back. Nancy insists she must sacrifice herself but Max grabs her leg and refuses to let her, even shedding a tear. Nancy then tells Max she loves her as a daughter and elbows her face so she can go. She comes out of hiding and lures Billy to her with a striptease. Billy slowly walks toward Nancy and stabs her to death upon reaching her. Max recovers just in time to see her mother die again and collapses in horror and sorrow. Meanwhile, Chris manages to stand and decides to go help Max with Billy and then remembers the Axe killer is still out there. Chris turns around and sees the axe killer standing right behind him. He runs, knowing he cannot possibly defeat him, when he is wounded. The Axe Killer toys with Chris and pursues him slowly, knowing this is futile Chris gives up and asks if he going to kill him. He then replies that he will keep him alive for now and knocks Chris out. Max awakens at the barn with the power to kill Billy, takes a machete and goes to look for him. She edventually finds him with the awakening Chris and he yells at Billy to leave him alone and just then the Axe killer shows up. Both Billy and the Axe killer unmask and reveal themselves, reaching the plot twist. The Axe Killer is revealed to be a still alive DONOVAN Briggs much to shocking Chris even more than Max. It also revealed that Billy Murphy has actually always been a myth, it has always been David Cartwright, Max's FATHER behind the mask the entire time (he also repeated darth vader's famous "i am your father" quote while unmasking). Chris and Max are speechless and horrified at the reveal of their family members.

Donovan explains that he had faked the Axe killer's death when he "attacked" him. He also reveals that he had caused Chris's car to crash and kill Max's mother and that Chris's memory was damaged during the crash, so he didn't remember what exactly happened. He further reveals that he is actually not the mastermind but is actually a psychopath and had been hiding his psychopathy from Max the entire time. Max's father explains his own motive, Max was never actually wanted by his father and had wanted a son. He also reveals he had been wearing Flame retartant gel when the house exploded and had worn a bulletproof vest so the arrows wouldn't work on himHe further reveals that he had broken up with Amanda after she refused to simply pretend she had never been born. He had hired Donovan to kill Max in whatever way he liked which resulted in Donovan causing the Car accident that killed Max's mother. After hearing about this, David went as psychotic as Donovan is now and they had actually taken turns being the Axe killer in real life (Donovan was always the Axe killer in the film through). Donovan then reveals a paper in his hand and explains how he altered the events of the film.  David reveals a paper in his hand and explains that it's the script for the film that Donovan had stolen when he set the building on fire. Donovan and David had altered the script to make sure that they would be the killers and alter several other things, including Max being the final girl which caused Paula's death and they also erased Billy being the killer leading to them being the killers. Max continues to be speechless and shocked as they go on talking until Donovan mentions they chose this Movie so Max could see her mother die again. Enraged, Max punches Donovan in the face, breaking his nose. David stabs his daughter in the shoulder in retaliation. Just then, Chris steals a knife from David's pocket and stabs Donovan repeatingly in the back, preventing him from attacking Max. David turns around to see thisand while he is distracted Max tackles and fights her father. Donovan manages to grab the knife and stab Chris with it, although it's not fatal it prevents him from joining the fight. After a long fight to the death, Max decapitates her father, finally killing him while Donovan crawls away unnoticed she and goes to Chris. The two reunite at last and kiss romantically but then notice the end credits are not appearing and they remember Donovan. They find him fleeing to the burnt lodge with the script, knowing he is planning to change the ending, they race after him. Despite being severly wounded, he gets back to the burnt lodge and manages to write something after the ending. Chris and Max burst in the lodge and Max knocks down Donovan. Max then grabs a metal pole and with her voice chocked with anger, tells him "this is for my mom you bastard, both moms" and impales him with it, finally killing Donovan. After the closing credits end, Chris and Max suddenly end up in the hospial and see the alive Vicki, Gerdie, Duncan and Nancy. Max is overjoyed and hugs Nancy and they do not let go of each other.

They begin to celebrate until they hear Billy Murphy's approach tone and Max tells them the truth about Billy and Donovan. She finishes just as a still alive Donovan and David appear (whose head is still on his body). David reveals that he has the script for the sequel, "Camp Bloodbath 2: Cruel Summer" and they are now in that very same movie. He explains that he made sure all the real life characters dead or not, appear in the sequel and has brought Nancy back for fun. Just then the real Billy Murphy appears and David reveals that he had told Donovan to make Billy Murphy real in the sequel should anything go wrong. Donovan also managed to make sure that in order for the film to end, all 3 of the killers (him, David and Billy) would have to die. Max then grabs the metal pole, says "on it" and lunges at the real Billy with it. Nancy then remembers that she is not the final girl anymore and therefore cannot kill Billy yet. Duncan yells at her to stop as the film ends, leaving their fates unknown.


1.(1st) Nancy/Amanda Catwright/Max's Mother: Killed in a car accident (revealed to have been caused by Donovan)

2/3/4. Duncan, Kurt and Paula: Duncan was revealed to alive after being attacked by Billy but was accidently run over by Kurt and Paula who then crashed into a totem pole. This killed Kurt and Duncan but Paula survives only for her car to explode, insuring her death.

5.Tina: She lured Billy to the cabin with a striptease but got afraid and tried to run away. Blake yelled at her to stop but she triped over a wire and fell into a bear trap, killing Tina.

6/7. Gertie Micheals and Vicki Summers: Gertie was Impaled with a metal pole and Vicki sacrified herself to spill the bucket of gasoline, blowing up the lodge with her and Billy inside (Billy survives due to flame retardent gel).

8. (2nd) Nancy/Amanda Cartwright/Max's Mother: She let herself be stabbed to death by Billy so Max could be the final girl and save herself

9. David/Max's Father/ Billy Murphy: Max engaged in a long fight to the death with her father and it edventually ended in him being decapitated.

10. Donovan/ The Axe Killer: stabbed repeatingly in the back by Chris, lived long enough to alter the script for the sequel to take effect before being knocked down by Max who tells Donovan while her voice is chocked with anger, "this is for my mom you bastard, both moms" and impales him with a metal pole, finally killing him.

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