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The Worst Christmas is a 2012 comedy film based on a Christmas Story. The film is by Dreamworks Pictures (US theather and intl home video) and Columbia Pictures (Intl theather and US home video).


This film takes place in suburban Pennsylvania with a boy named Freddy who is celebrating Christmas 2005 with his family and only wants a BB Gun for Christmas.


  • Nicole Birou-Jennings as Mom
  • Adam Sandler as Dad
  • Jared Gilmore as Freddy
  • Asa Butterfield as Josh (Freddy's brother)
  • Farley Park as Eliza (Freddy's sister)
  • Leah Durrant as Orla (Freddy's other sister)
  • Macaulay Culkin as Elf 2
  • Alison Spooner as Mrs.Short
  • Daniel Craig as Mr.Short
  • Kevin James as Santa at the mall
  • Nicki Minaj as Elf 1
  • Brianna Simpson, Casey Simpson, Bruno Park, Lily Rachel, Carla Bishop, Fiona Bishop, Fiona Burch, Mia Talerico and Carsen Flowers as Kids in line and Kids in Pageant
  • Amy Poehler as Mrs.Foxworth
  • Christan Bale as Mr.Day
  • Jack Black as Mr.Watson
  • Charlie Sheen as Narrator
  • Meryl Streep as Grandma
  • Slyvester Stallone as Grandpa
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Uncle Miles (married to Mallory)
  • Brendan Fraser as Uncle Malcolm
  • Megan Fox as Aunt Mallory (married to Miles)
  • Rowan Blanchard as Cousin Selena
  • Robert Capron as Cousin Liam
  • Peyton List as Cousin Maria


  • Directed by Michael Bay
  • Produced by Kenneth Branagh,Adam Sandler,Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg
  • Co Produced by David Spade and Peter Jackson
  • Music by Mark Mothersbaugh, Danny Elfman, and Hans Zimmer


This film was a parody of a classic film, "A Christmas Story". Because of it's positive reception, Cartoon Network now has a "The Best Christmas Marathon" on Christmas Day. It has a score of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. In Box Office, it grossed over $200,000,000 dollars.


This was PG-13 for crude humor,explicit language, intense slapstick violence scenes, mayhem played for laughs and one scene of destruction, some sexuality and innuendo


  • Elf: Come on kid!
  • Elf 2: Come on up!
  • Santa:HO,HO,HO! What's your name little boy?
  • Freddy:Uh,Freddy
  • Elf 1:Hey kid! Hurry up! The store is closing!
  • Kids that are waiting:Yeah kid. Aw come on!
  • Freddy (to kids):Aw,SHUT UP!
  • Kid 1:YOU SHUT UP! LET'S GO!
  • Santa:What would you like for Christmas?
  • Santa:How about a nice football?
  • Santa:Get that kid out of here.
  • (One of the elves try to put Freddy on the slide but Freddy gets on the top of the slide)
  • Freddy:I want an official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle,a Lil Wayne CD,Happy Gilmore,South Park: Bigger,Longer,and Uncut and Call of Duty 2:Big Red One! (Freddy smiles)
  • Santa:You're too young for those presents and you'll shoot your eye out when you get the BB Gun.
  • (Santa kicks Freddy in the eye)
  • Santa:HO! HO! HO!
  • (Freddy goes down the slide)

Soundtrack and Film Score


1.Green Day-American Idiot

2.Jesse McCartney-Beautiful Soul

3.Metallica-Enter Sandman

4.2Pac-Hit em Up

5.Chamillionare-Ridin Dirty

6.Nat King Cole-The Christmas Song

7.Mariah Carey-All I want for Christmas Is You

8.Wham!-Last Christmas


10.Blur-She's So High

11.Black Sabbath-Iron Man

12.David Bowie-The Heart's Filthily Lesson

13.Joy Division-Love will Tear us Apart

14.Michael Jackson-Smooth Criminal

15.The Who-Pinball Wizard

16.Frank Sintara-Have Yourself a Merry Christmas


18.blink-182-Adam's Song

19.Busted-That's What I Go to School For

20.Click Five-Good Day

Film Score 

1.We Wish you a Merry Christmas (end credits)-Hans Zimmer

2.Jingle Bells