The World Is Not Enough is a 2012 action thriller spy film. It is a James Bond film starring Daniel Craig as Bond and a remake of the 1999 film of the same name.


MI6 agent James Bond 007 (Daniel Craig) meets with a Swiss banker in London to retrieve some money on gehalf of oil tycoon and friend of M, Sir Robert King. King's daughter Elektra (Berenice Marlohe) has been kidnapped by a terrorist known only as Renard and Bond is trying to extract the ransom. Suddenly, the banker is killed by his assistant after Bond retrieves the money. Inside MI6 headquarters, the money turns out to be booby trapped and kills King. Bond chases the banker's assistant and she tries to escape in a hot air balloon. Bond climbs up via the ropes, so the girl instead blows herself up.

M (Judi Dench) explains about Renard; his face and true identity are unknown. Unexpectedly, Elektra is released, alive and in good condition. MI6 relocates to Scotland after the attack and M falls under scrutiny. She is pressured by chairman Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) to retire. Bond is sent to Azerbajin to protect Elektra after MI6 receives intel that Renard may be targeting her again.

Bond learns that Elektra is building a new oil pipeline and that her chief of security, Davidov, is in league with Renard. Bond confronts and kills Davidox and gets on a plane to a missile silo in Kazakhstan which is being decommissioned. Bond meets American nuclear physicist Dr. Christmas Jones (Reese Witherspoon) and then enters the silo where he encounters Renard's men. They steal a bomb before blowing up the silo, leaving most of the workers to die. Bond and Christmas manage to escape and Christmas agrees to help Bond in order to avenge her co-workers.

Bond returns to Azerbaijan with Christmas and they go to the oil terminal to investigate an alarm. An explosion destroys some of the pipeline and Bond and Christmas are presumed dead. However, they actually survive and Bond discovers a connection between the henchmen and Valentin Zukovsky (Alec Newman), a Russian gangster who Bond had worked with on a previous mission. At the MI6 command center, M is abducted by Elektra. 

Bond confronts Zukovsky at his caviar factory in the Caspian sea. They are attacked by Elektra's helicopters but Bond evades them. He interrogates Zukovsky, demanding to know what he knows about Renard. Zukovsky confesses that Renard is in fact his son, Nikolai Zukovsky, who has taken a submarine to Istanbul. The group follows. 

Elektra reveals to M that she is Renard's lover and that she orchestrated the entire plot to take control of her fatther's oil company. She will now use the plutonium from the stolen bomb to overload the reactor in the surbmarine and destroy Istanbul, allowing her to monopolize the oil market. She also reveals that she knows that M tried to convince her father not to pay the ransom, and she will now take revenge.

Bond and his gang are intercepted. Bond is taken to the tower where M is held to be tortued by Elektra while Christmas is escorted to the submarine. However, Zukovsky and his men storm the tower and kill Elektra's henchman, but at the cost of many of their own lives, including Zukovsky, who is shot by Elektra. M is also wounded by Elektra being hitting her, causing her to fall from the tower to her death. Bond dives to the submarine and infiltrates it. A fire fight breaks out, which culminates in the hull being ruptured. With the craft quickly flooding, Renard tries to overload the reactor but Christmas has already sabotaged it. Bond fights Renard and breaks his back before he and Christmas escape. The reactor is flooded and disabled, allowing the submarine to explode safely underwater without destroying Istanbul, although it does claim Renard's life. Bond returns to the tower, where M dies of her wounds in his arms. Mallory is then instated as the new M.

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