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The Wolf Who Got Away is an American-African-Indian Movie made by Shires as a Shires Channel Original Movie.


When Tanga is chosen to leave the Dens of the Soon-to-be-Retired Queen Busara, He later ends up missing and His Five Siblings, Malkia, Caufu, Moyo, Kelele, and Hisia must find him.


  • Mel Gibson as Tanga, The Youngest of The 6 Cubs. He once doubted about being outside his home until He met Amani and her pack.
  • Irene Bedard as Malkia, The Queen-in-Training and the Oldest of the Wolf Cubs who leads a search party with her other siblings.
  • Linda Hunt as Queen Busara, The Queen and Pack Leader of the Dens and Narrator of the Story.
  • Billy Connolly as Amani, The Leader-in-Training of The Night Pack and Tanga’s Love Interest.
  • Joe Baker as Caufu, The Second Oldest of The Cubs who is Jealous of Tanga because He gets to go to the “Great Beyond”, but refuses to join the search party.
  • David Odgen Stiers as Meno, A Rogue Wolf who follows The Siblings on their mission and doesn’t like people in his territory.
  • Russell Means as Moyo, The Middle Pup who has a great sense of smell.
  • Michelle St. John as Kelele, A Noisy and Tomboyish Female Wolf.
  • Jennifer Hale as Hisia, The Second Youngest Sibling who likes chewing herself.
  • Sean Connery as Usiku, Amani’s Dad and is a bit younger than Bakara because he has a lot less grey streaks in his fur.


  1. Flushed Away - "Weird Al" Yankovic
  2. Come with Us - Malkia, Caufu, Moyo, Kelele, and Hisia
  3. Do What I Want - Moyo
  4. Beautiful - Tanga and Amani