The Werewolf Terror is a 2018 horror film, starring Jensen Ackles and Jennifer Lawrence, with


A werewolf is killing some people, a man hunts it down so it won't kill any one again.


The movie opens with


  • Jensen Ackles as Daniel Winstead/A man who hunts down werewolves
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Molly Winstead/Daniel's sister
  • Tom Welling as Ronald "Ron" Richmond/Daniel's best friend
  • Emma Bell as Amy Everheart/Daniel's love interest
  • Griffin Kane as Tommy Kensmith/Daniel and Molly's cousin and Sam's nephew.
  • Beau Bridges as Samuel "Sam" Winstead/Daniel and Molly's father
  • Mouna Traore as Jessica Garner/Molly's best friend
  • Texas Battle as Steve Watterson/Amy's ex-boyfriend
  • Diane Lane as Alice Winstead/Daniel and Molly's mother who was killed by werewolf in opening of the movie
  • Freddie Prinze Jr as Alex TBA/A journalist trying to catch a werewolf on film
  • Gianna Jun as Elisa TBA/Alex's camera-woman
  • Nate Parker as Perez TBA/Alex's best friend
  • Reshma Shetty as Leila TBA/Perez's girlfriend
  • Andrew Garfield as Logan/The werewolf killing people


Daniel, Molly, Jessica, Amy, Ron, Tommy, and Sam


Alice Winstead - slashed by Logan

Steve Watterson - chest is ripped open and insides eaten by Logan

Leila - Arm is ripped off and is chased and mauled by Logan

Alex - Dragged and slashed by Logan

Elisa - Face eaten by Logan

Perez - Mauled and eaten by Logan

Logan - Shot in the heart by Molly and Daniel


The Opening Scene

  • (Alice run)
  • Alice: Somebody help me!
  • (The werewolf run)
  • (Alice fall)
  • Alice: Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! (scream)
  • (Alice groan)
  • Alice: Shit!
  • (Alice run)
  • Alice: Hello?! I'm trapped! A werewolf is after me!
  • Alice: No! Don't! Listen to me!
  • Alice: Help me! No, no, no, no!
  • Alice: Shit!
  • (The werewolf roar)
  • (Alice run)
  • (The werewolf bite Alice's arm)
  • Alice: Shit! My arm!
  • Alice: Get off! Get the fuck off!
  • (Alice fall)
  • (Alice groan)
  • Alice: No, no, no!
  • (Alice scream)

Daniel show Molly a guns to kill a werewolves and Daniel and Molly are run away from Steve and Jessica after Molly attack Jessica.

  • Molly: Daniel, don't. What are you going doing?
  • Daniel: I'm going to kill all the werewolves, Molly.
  • Molly: That is bullshit to kill a werewolf. Why?
  • Daniel: Mum died, that fucking werewolf killed her.
  • Daniel: Let me show you a gun for kill werewolves.
  • (Daniel give the Heckler & Koch HK21 gun to Hailey)
  • Daniel: Heckler & Koch HK21.
  • Daniel: Heckler & Koch HK21 is a German 7.62mm general-purpose machine gun.
  • Molly: Got more.
  • Daniel: Bren, light machine gun was...
  • Molly: The Bren, usually called the Bren Gun, was a series of light machine guns adopted by Britain in the 1930s and used in various roles until 1991.
  • Daniel: How did you know, Molly.
  • Molly: I was 12, I was in year 8, we found out which gun was in the Netherlands in 1944.
  • Daniel: History.
  • Molly: Yes.
  • Molly: I know some.
  • Daniel: Really.
  • Molly: Yes.
  • (Molly hold the gun)
  • Molly: That is The Auto Assault-12 was originally designed and known as the Atchisson Assault Shotgun, is a shotgun developed in 1972 by Maxwell Atchisson
  • Molly: This is The High Standard Model 10 is a gas operated, semi-automatic shotgun that was manufactured by the High Standard Manufacturing Company of Hamden.
  • Molly: That I don,t know.
  • Daniel: Which one.
  • Molly: This.
  • (Molly show a gun to Daniel)
  • Daniel: Winchester Model 1912.
  • Molly: We can,t take all.
  • Daniel: What we can do.
  • Molly: I take Heckler & Koch HK21, The Auto Assault-12, Winchester Model 1912, The High Standard Model 10, Remington Model 1100...
  • (Jessica knock the door)
  • Molly: Oh shit.
  • Jessica: Hey, little bitch, I am ready what you did to me.
  • Steve: Winstead, OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR.
  • Amy: Molly, are you alone.
  • Daniel: I am here with her.
  • Steve: We got two little fucking Winsted.
  • Jessica: Steve, break the fucking door and get two motherfucker.
  • Molly: Daniel, I think put the guns to the bag, hurry.
  • (Daniel put the guns to the bag)
  • Daniel: Come on.
  • (Daniel and Molly run)
  • (Molly lock the door)
  • (Steve kick the door 4 time then break the door)
  • (Molly get 6 boxs of 8 chicken wing, 2 box of burger, bread, juice, 2 box of chicken box, cheese and strawberry to the bag)
  • Daniel: What you do.
  • Molly: Need food and drink.
  • Daniel: We don,t had time.
  • (Molly take apples, oranges, 4 box of chicken noodle, 6 box of BBQ noodle, pot, tomato, lettuce and carrot to the bag)
  • (Daniel open the door)
  • Daniel: Be quiet, hurry.
  • (Molly run, get the bag and Daniel lock the door)
  • Daniel: Shhhh.
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