The Way to LA: A Mia Stories Series Finale is an American hand puppetry shock comedy TV movie and series finale of the show, Mia Stories, from which it was based upon. It premiered on The CC (Cartoon Comedy) on July 29, 2017. It's also the second film based on the webseries. Unlike its predecessor, it garnered only 321,899 views, the lowest viewership for the show ever.


The movie opens during Mia and Edben's visit to the College Station Town Prison, where they are saying their farewells to Mrs. Villarreal before leaving with the rest of Mia's family. The farewell between mother and daughter proves emotional and saddening. Then we go back to the Villarreal household, where the family is packing up. Mia decides to say her goodbyes to everyone that she knew at school, and then comes back to her house, finishing packing. The instant our couple leaves, Mrs. Villarreal goes back to her cell she shares with Mila, where she reveals her crying was a phony to hide her prison break plans. They get the plan on action, with Mila telling Mrs. Villarreal to sneak into the prison section which the male inmates are incarcerated in, so she can retrieve a hoe from them and use it to dig herself out of the prison. Mrs. Villarreal fucks Mila one last time before kissing her and leaving her in their cell. She gets cat-called by the male inmates, but gets straight to her point and gets her hands on the hoe. She digs herself out and successfully finds herself with a new sense of liberty and freedom. She then leaves to go to the College Station Airport, where she knows her family will take flight there.

Meanwhile, Mia and her family have arrived to the airport 10 minutes before their plane is set to take flight. Those minutes pass by as their luggage is checked by security, who finds Mia's lesbian memorabilia and paraphernalia but do not question the sexual nature of it all. Our family is seen in second class all awkwardly squishing each other in their seats. Then we see Mrs. Villarreal boarding their flight with a disguise. She is seen in second class as well, unsure of how to reveal herself to her family. On her first attempt, she tries to tell them and is interrupted with a false alarm about a possible plane crash. Then her second attempt is ruined as she gets run over by a kid who is trying to quickly arrive to the bathroom. Eventually, she tells them after much stuttering and forcing, and Mia is shocked since she is supposed to be in prison, serving her sentence. Mrs. Villarreal does not care, but is quickly identified and about to be booted off the plane. She gives a heartfelt speech about being a good person despite her convict status, and gets to reunite with her family. They enjoy a moment of being together before an unexpected plane crash takes place, and everything blacks out.

The family wakes up to find themselves hospitalized and not dead, only being barely alive. They talk about being glad that they managed to survive, and their doctor (Dipper) comes in to check on them. He lets them get beverages, though it only apples to Mia and Edben, who also wants coffee, will get his coffee provided by the doctor. Mia stands up and goes to get coffee with the doctor, while everyone else sleeps in. With everyone sleeping, no one immediately notices Mrs. Villarreal dying, until the doctor and Mia arrive and find out about it first. The whole family wakes up and mourn at the news. A flash forwards shows the whole family attending Mrs. Villarreal's funeral, during an eulogy read by an unknown person (Dipper; he is credited as "Minister"). They take a peek at her body laid in her coffin, during which Mia leaves her diary and some cookies for her to, supposedly, have in the afterlife.

Mrs. Villarreal wakes up to find herself face-to-face with the Grim Reaper (3D83N), who shows her Hell, though she'll stay in Heaven. However, the Grim Reaper gives her a chance at resurrection, which she refuses as she has accepted her fate. She is forced to be resurrected, however, and reunites with the family for the second time,after mouth-explaining her resurrection in a montage, in a hotel they're temporarily staying in. They tell her that they'll be moving in their new house, which is a colorful mix of yellow and indigo. The last scene shows them admiring their new house, and their new future, as well.

Voice cast

  • Dipper as Mia, Mrs. Villarreal, Mila, Mr. Villarreal, Ruby, Maleni, Eileen, John, Rosie, Mrs. Forsyth, Ghetto Lunch Lady, The Principal, The (Vice) Principal, Esmeralda, Prison Guard, Security, Minister, Flight Stewardess, Doctor, Male Prisoners
  • 3D83N as Edben, Grim Reaper


This TV movie garnered only 321,899 viewers, the seventeenth lowest-viewed show on Saturday. This might have been due to its relatively early airing, having premiered at 6:30 AM.


The movie got mixed to positive reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie got an approval rating of 80% and an average rating of 7.5/10. The site's critic consensus reads, "A wonderful, heartfelt, and deliciously satisfying conclusion to an otherwise controversial, sexually over-the-top, and downright mean webseries."

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