The Watchers
is a horror flim starring Joe Margelleo, Gwenth Patrow, Christian Hall, Kathryn Newton, Stearling Knight, Chole Grace Mortez, Abigail Berslin, Zackary Levi, Nicole Peltz, Matthew Macontahey and Steraling Beau


On the night of Many 29th a family of four here there dorebell ring at ten thirty at night. When they look outside they find eight strangers in creeepy masks outside thus beginning the horror of the night.


Jeffrey,Karen,Sara and Alan are a normol family. Alan who is seventeen can't wait to leave his house along with his sixteen year old sister Sara. Jeffrey and Karen get in there bed and go to sleep and Sara sits in her room listinintg to her iPod when Alan is aboout to go to sleep on the couch in the living room the doorbell rings and everyone in the house can here it. Alan walks to the door with Jeffrey, Karen and Sara and they look out the doorhole and see eight strangers with creepy masks on watching them from the porch.

Jeffrey yells at them to go away and they leave and disaper into the night. Alan looks at the security cameras and see's the two girl strangers from earlier swining on the swings. Alan shows the others and Jeffrey makes sure all the windows and doors are locked. Jeffrey hides when Sad Face peers in through the sliding glass door but he goes away.

Jeffrey tries to call the police but the main stranger cuts the phone line. Jeffrey grabs his hsotgun and goes outside and the main stranger throws a recorder at him and runs away and Jeffrey runs back inside the house. Jeffrey then plays the recorder and a creepy voice says They'll leave if they if they get three dead bodies by sunset but intill then they;ll stalk and try to kill them. Jeffrey tells them that there not killing anybody and he tells them to stay in the house. Sara says's she's going downstairrs to get her baseball bat.

Sara goes downstairs and retrives her baseball bat but here's giggling noises behind her. She turns and see's Doll Face and Baby Face skipping down the hallway at her. Sara screams and runs into the grauge and locks the door with the keys she has. Jeffrey runs down stairs and finds Sara missing. He checks the grauge and finds Sara and before they leave the grauge opens up and Happy Face is standing there with a grauge opener and Jeffrey and Sara run back inside.

Jeffrey, Karen, Alan and Sara look out the window and see Happy Face, Doll Face, Baby Face, Sad Face, Rage Face, Silly Face and Nasty Face watching them. Happy Face opens the grauge again and they all enter the grauge. Jeffrey, Karen, Alan and Sara lock themselves in the laundry room and they start beating on the door. Jeffrey and Karen make Alan and Sara go into the attic and they tell them to stay there in till one of them comes back and they ask what are they doing? and Jeffrey says he's killing them.

Jeffrey and Karen climb out the laundry window room. Alan and Sara here the laundry door open and they hide. Sara under the bed and Alan behind boxes. Rage Face and Silly Face come into the attic and they pull Sara out from under the bed. Sara grabs a pickaxe and she fights with Silly Face and Rage Face leaves the attic. Sara manges to kill Silly Face by haking him to death. Alan comes up behind her and Sara gives him another pick axe and they leave the attic.

While Jeffrey and Karen are in the barn looking for weapons they don't see Doll Face and Baby Face peering into the window. Doll Face pulls out her machete and Baby Face pulls out a hachet. Alana and Sara leave the laundry room and leave the cabin and they see Nasty Face go into the woods and they follow. Jeffrey and Karen leave the barn and get attacked by Doll Face and Baby Face. Karen runs off into the woods with Doll Face behind her. Jeffrey stabs Baby Face to death with her machete in the face. Jeffrey then runs into the woods.

Alan and Sara here running behind them and see's Karen and Doll Face. Doll Face see's them and runs off into the woods and Jeffrey meets up with them. They walk back to the house but they see Happy Face, Doll Face, Sad Face, Rage Face and Nasty Face standing there and they run in seprete directions. Sara gets into the pond and hides under one of the rafts. She over here's them talking and there talking about Sara and they are looking for her so they an kill her for killing Silly Face.

Sara here's them jump into the pond and she ducks all the way into the pond and she swims to the brige. Above her Nasty Face is walking above her. When Nasty Face jumps down on the bridge Sara gasps and Nasty Face here's her and grabs her and trie to drown her and Sara throws him into the pond. She climbs out of the pond and Nasty Face drags her by her hair and drags her to the barn. He ties her to a chair and shines a bright light on her. Nasty Face takes his clothes off and tries to touch Sara but Happy Face comes in and stops him and he beats him to death with a hammer.

Happy Face leaves Sara in the barn. She screams for help and Alan can here her. Alan comes to the barn and unties Sara and Rage Face is standing in the doorway with a machete. Alan and Sara grab weapons and they all fight but Alan and Sara stab Rage Face to death. Alan and Sara go down to the house where they find Happy Face and Doll Face. Alan and Sara start fighting them but they get to tiered and they give up and Happy Face and Doll Face laughs at them. Jeffrey and Karen come to the house and Karen hits Doll Face in the face with a machete killing her and Jeffrey bashes Happy Face's head in with Sara's baseball bat.

The family then collects the bodies and puts them in the pond. Sara and Alan keep the masks and the movie ends with Sara sharpening up a machete and then putting Doll Face mask on her face.


Jeffrey-Joe Managanielleo

Karen-Grewnth Patrow

Alan-Christian Hall

Sara-Kathryn Newton

Happy Face-Stearling Knight

Doll Face-Chole Grace Mortez

Baby Face-Abigail Berseln

Sad Face-Zachary Levi

Rage Face-Nicole Peltz

Silly Face-Matthew Maconathey

Nasty Face-Stearling Beau


Silly Face-hacked to death by Sara

Baby Face-stabbed in the face by Jeffrey

Nasty Face-face bashed in by Happy Face

Rage Face-throat slit by Alan

Doll Face-hit in the face with a machete by Karen

Happy Face-face bashed in by Jeffrey






Rated R for breif nundity, language, gorey volience and disturbing images

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