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The Warrens
Genre Horror Drama
Created by Ifan Barber
Starring Sam Rockwell

Patricia Arquette

Opening Theme "The Warrens Theme"
Location USA
Country Of Origin USA
Number Of Episodes 105
Running Time 42 minutes (Network Series)

60 minutes (Netflix season 6 - 7)

90 minutes (Netflix revival season 8 - 10)

Original Channel: FX (Season 1 - 5)

Netflix (Season 6 - 10)

Original Air Date October 31st 2017 - October 31st 2022 (Network Television)

October 30th 2023 - October 31st 2027 (Netflix)

Produced by 21st Century Studios (2017 - 2023)

Netflix (2023 - 2027)

Directed by Various

The Warrens is an American horror television series that aired on FX from October 31st 2017 to October 31st 2022, and then aired on Netflix from October 31st 2023 to October 31st 2027.

It stars Sam Rockwell and Patricia Arquette as Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators from Connecticut, USA. It's also loosely based on the lives of the paranormal investigators of the same name.

The series ended on Fox after 5 seasons. But, in early 2023, Netflix bought the broadcasting rights to the series. Season 6 was released in its entirety (13 episodes) on October 30th 2023, season 7 followed on October 29th 2024 and season 8 premiered its first episode on October 1st 2025 and concluded 4 weeks later. It was then renewed for a final two seasons of 4 and 6 episodes respectively. The Warrens' final episode premiered on Netflix on October 31st 2027, the show's 10th anniversary.

Background & Development

Rumours of an television spin off of The Conjuring surfaced in 2014 after the success of the film, however these plans were dismissed by producer James Wan.

After Patricia Arquette's critically acclaimed performance in Boyhood, FOX Broadcasting approached 21st Century Studios to produce a new series specifically for her. They worked closely with her to develop the idea of The Warrens, originally titled The Ghost Hunters. The show was delayed a year due to the release of The Conjuring 2, which followed a similar premise. Arquette was delighted when Lorraine Warren gave the series a blessing, the clairvoyant came on board as a producer.

Production on the first season began in August 2017, it was shot in Vancouver, BC. with some instalments filmed in Los Angeles, CA. Filming finished in November 2017, three weeks after the premiere. Season 2 filmed in both Vancouver and London. Season 3 was filmed entirely in Vancouver, while season 4 filmed on location in Pennsylvania. Season 5 moved production back to London. After the conclusion of season 5, Patricia Arquette revealed that FX had placed the show on hiatus.

After being officially cancelled by FX in November 2022, Netflix announced they had purchased the show in January 2023 and ordered two 13 episode seasons to follow the original FX series of stand alone episodes mixed with two-parters. The first season, promoted as season 6, premiered on Netflix on October 30th 2023, the seventh season premiered a year later on October 29th 2024. The show was renewed through to its tenth season by Netflix and concluded on October 31st 2027.



Patricia Arquette as Lorraine Warren - A clairvoyant, psychic medium and paranormal investigator.

Sam Rockwell as Edward 'Ed' Warren - Lorraine's husband, a demonologist and paranormal investigator.

Kyla Deaver as Judith 'Judy' Warren - Lorraine and Ed's daughter.

Levi Miller as Anthony 'Tony' Moore - Judy's boyfriend/later husband.


Michael Sheen as Patrick Schmidt - A former catholic priest, messenger for the Pope and trained exorcist/demonologist.

Meryl Streep as Carrie Waslow - A psychic medium friend of the Warrens and Hannah Lutz's mother, she assists the Warrens with the Waynefield demon and the demon in Enfield Secondary School.

Frances Conroy as Angela Jones - The Warren's Nanny and live-in Housekeeper. She believes her late husband is still with her.

Christina Ricci as Emily Summers - The Warrens' neighbour who fears what lies within their basement museum.

Claire Foy as Catherine Walters - A young mum who believes her daughter is possessed by an evil spirit.

Emma Thompson as Marie Walters - Catherine's mum who contacts the Warrens about her granddaughter.

Toby Jones as Morris Thomas - A British paranormal expert who assists the Warrens.

Greta Hanson as Melissa Walters - A 9 year-old girl who believes an evil spirit lives within her.

Audra McDonald as Mother Christine - The highest ranking nun of the St Mary's Convent for Delinquent Girls.

Zoe Kravitz as Sonia - The restless spirit Mother Christine believes is terrorising the inhabitants of the convent.

Rose Byrne as Hannah Lutz - A young mother of 3 who's house is terrorised by demonic spirits.

James Franco as Gregory Lutz^ - A young man and the step father of Hannah's 3 children, he is the first to notice their new house may be haunted.

Chloe Somerfeld as Jane Lutz - The eldest child of Hannah, she's the first to experience a presence in the house.

Nina Christian as Victoria Lutz - Hannah's second daughter, who is physically impacted by the presence.

Nora Feldman as Dora Lutz - The youngest daughter who grows attached to a spirit in the house called Tony.

Laura Linney as Caroline McDonald - The sole survivor of the massacre.

^Franco also plays the role of Sam Di Marco in the season 4 premiere, season 7 and in photographs throughout the season to contrast the real-life belief that George Lutz bared a resemblance to Ronald DeFeo, Jr. the Amityville murderer.


Season 1

Season 1 takes place between 1968 and 1970

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Wailing Walls In 1968, an elderly woman contacts Ed and Lorraine Warren about a wailing noise she's been hearing a wailing noise in the walls of her home of 40 years. She suspects its the spirits of her miscarried children, but Ed fears the worst when Lorraine passes out as a result of a terrifying vision.
2 The Fallen Church A catholic priest writes to Ed seeking help with a possessed boy in southern Connecticut, he and Lorraine head down but discover that the situation is worse than the letter initially implied.
3 The Housekeeper's Husband (Part 1) Lorraine and Ed's growing notoriety after their dealings with the church they decide to hire a housekeeper and nanny, the duo are not phased when Angela Jones arrives with her husband, but Lorraine is left mortified when Angela reveals that he's been dead for 10 years.
4 The Housekeeper's Husband (Part 2) Lorraine and Ed fear that Angela is hiding some home truths about her relationship with her late husband and his spirit isn't as kind as it appears. Their fears emerge when their daughter Judy falls into danger in their own home.
5 The Hollywood Horror (Part 1) Ed and Lorraine travel to Los Angeles to appear on a light night talk show, but the duo are left feeling uncomfortable in the presence of the eery host and his mysterious wife.
6 The Hollywood Horror (Part 2) Ed is left forced to carry out an exorcism on the highest-paid television star in the country, while Lorraine researches his wife's background.
7 The Hollywood Horror (Part 3) Ed and Lorraine believe the worst is over when the spirit leaves talk show host Bernard Wallace for good, but fears grow when it is believed the evil spirit has latched on to the star's iconic ventriloquist dummy sidekick.
8 The Hollywood Horror (Part 4) The duo seek the help of Father Patrick when the demon becomes too intense to handle, putting the entire crew of The Nighttime Show with Bernard Wallace at a terrifying supernatural risk.
9 The Doll's Call As a gift from Bernard, Lorraine and Ed fearfully add the formerly-possessed but haunting ventriloquist's dummy to their collection, but Angela fears that Judy is showing an unhealthy attraction towards it.
10 Annabelle (Part 1) Lorraine and Ed receive a phone call from a private collector of paranormal items regarding a powerful doll named Annabelle, which he believes is possessed by a dead girl of the same name.
11 Annabelle (Part 2) Ed discovers the doll's full potential, while Lorraine explores the collector's many artefacts and uncovers his horrific secret.
12 Annabelle (Part 3) Ed and Lorraine grow fearful of the collector when he reveals that he killed the 'girl' possessing Annabelle, while Ed's ability to expel spirits weakens at the intensity of the collection, Lorraine discovers their only way out.
13 The Fears Within Ed and Lorraine provide the ventriloquist's dummy with company by adding the Annabelle doll to their museum, but it causes trouble almost instantly when lonely neighbour Emily begins having night terrors, have the Warrens brought a demon into their own home?

Season 2

Season 2 of the show was commissioned on November 1st 2017 and will take place significantly after the finale. Alongside Patricia Arquette and Sam Rockwell, Frances Conroy and Christina Ricci will also return, with British actor and season 1 guest star Michael Sheen returning in a recurring capacity as Father Patrick, an exorcist. Mia Talerico was replaced with Kyla Deaver for the second season. The series takes place in 1975 for the majority of the season.

It was confirmed in March 2018 that season 2 of the show would take place in London for 8 episodes and Sam Rockwell revealed that the 8-part story would be a loose adaptation of the Enfield Haunting. Claire Foy, Emma Thompson, Toby Jones and child actress Greta Hanson would join the cast as the family haunted. It premiered on October 30th 2018.

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Stars Aligning It's 1975 and Lorraine Warren is now a television superstar after her encounter with the Annabelle doll five years previously, with her own talk show in which she contacts spirits it was only a matter of time before someone accused her of being a fake, but Lorraine and Ed find the accuser, an astrologist named Diana James, has a much deeper secret.
2 The Informant Ed is contacted by Father Patrick about an exorcism gone wrong in North Connecticut, the Warrens decide to pay him a visit but are left shocked by the identity of the possessed individual - the private collector of Annabelle.
3 The Spirits of London Calling (Part 1) A worried British grandmother contacts the Warrens and it leads them to their first international case, they recruit the assistance of Father Patrick and an English ghost-hunter named Morris Thomas.
4 The Spirits of London Calling (Part 2) Ed and Lorraine are left shellshocked when Melissa Walters allows them to speak directly with the spirit almost as soon as they arrive, but Marie and Catherine reveal the details of the girl's terrorising acts that have occurred.
5 Enfield Ghosts (Part 1) Ed and Lorraine agree to spend the night alone in the house with Melissa, but their initial fears are proven to be far worse when Melissa locks them in a room covered in upside down crosses.
6 Enfield Ghosts (Part 2) Lorraine is left terrified as countless spirits attempt to speak through her, leading her to believe that Enfield could be the most haunted place she's ever been.
7 The Walters Family Conundrum (Part 1) Father Patrick's doubts about Morris' authenticity grow when he fails to recognise the spirit of his late wife. Lorraine makes a discovery nobody was expecting. Ed is pressured by Marie to perform an exorcism.
8 The Walters Family Conundrum (Part 2) Lorraine's revelation shocks the Walters women to the core. Morris confesses his fakery to Father Patrick. Ed speaks to Melissa and the spirit alone, oblivious to the spirit's identity.
9 Family Matters (Part 1) Marie grows weary of Melissa after learning her dead abusive husband is possessing her. Catherine reveals to Lorraine and Ed that Marie killed him in self defence. Morris kidnaps Melissa and intends to kill her in order to release the spirit. Father Patrick visits a local chapel to pray.
10 Family Matters (Part 2) The Warrens and the Walters family find Melissa in the basement of Morris' agency in a condition worse than ever, Lorraine finds a shaken Morris in the bathroom, who reveals the spirit's intentions, Ed decides that an exorcism is the only answer to ridding Melissa of her grandfather's spirit.
11 New Beginnings The Warrens become an international sensation after saving Melissa from her evil grandfather's spirit and Lorraine's television show broadcasts live from London for the first time. The Walters family thank the duo for all their help. Father Patrick begins to question his faith after his encounter with the fake Morris Thomas in jail.
12 The Next Adventure (Part 1) Lorraine and Ed open their museum to the public and are surprised when Father Patrick arrives seeking a job, having left the church. Angela and Judy reveal that Emily is missing.
13 The Next Adventure (Part 2) The Warrens fear the worse when both Emily and the Annabelle doll are gone, but their fears are confirmed when the police visit with the news that both the doll and Emily are in police custody, for two very different reasons.

Season 3

The Warrens was renewed by FX on the day of it's premiere in 2018, it was confirmed it would return in Fall 2019 for a 13 episode third season with Patricia Arquette and Sam Rockwell reprising their roles once again, Michael Sheen was promoted to the main cast and Christina Ricci would leave the show after the finale, a three part story that would see a return of the Annabelle doll, a plot that had closely involved Ricci's character since season 1. The Premiere was set for October 29th 2019. It was confirmed that a six episode story involving a convent would be the main focus of the new series, making up episodes 4 through 9 and would feature Audra McDonald as The Mother Supreme and Zoe Kravitz as the restless spirit of a slave girl. It takes place predominantly in 1976.

Episode Title Synopsis
1 Birthing a Demon Part 1 Angela comes to Lorraine with an interesting story from the south of the USA, a young pregnant girl in the south of Alabama is believed to be possessed by a demon. Patrick, Ed and Lorraine decide to head down and offer their assistance, but when they arrive they learn the girl is in labour, but the baby cannot be born until the spirit is released.
2 Birthing a Demon Part 2 Lorraine is left dumbfounded after it is revealed the entire events in Alabama were a hoax, but Ed and Patrick fear that the young girl may really have supernatural origins.
3 Birthing a Demon Part 3 Ed and Lorraine save the young girl and her newborn daughter from a tormenting spirit within their home and the town comes to realise that Ed and Lorraine are not fakes. Patrick confronts Angela about the Alabama haunting.
4 The Convent of Horrors Part 1 An old friend of Patrick's contacts him with news that a spirit has begun terrorising her convent after a body was found in the gardens.
5 The Convent of Horrors Part 2 Lorraine sits down with Mother Christine to understand the full story, while Ed and Patrick hunt down the spirit of Sonia.
6 The Convent of Horrors Part 3 Mother Christine informs her order of the terrifying origins of the community they call home, Lorraine questions the apparent peacefulness of Sonia. Ed and Patrick learn that Sonia isn't the only spirit inhabiting the convent.
7 The Convent of Horrors Part 4 Mother Christine comes face to face with Sonia, Patrick carries out an emergency exorcism, Lorraine and Ed discover that Sonia isn't who she says she is.
8 The Convent of Horrors Part 5 Mother Christine's life hangs in the balance as Sonia gets stronger, but Patrick knows exactly how to destroy her demonic state. Lorraine hunts for ancient remedies for Mother Christine's heart, while Ed is locked in the basement with a whole host of demonic devices.
9 The Convent of Horrors Part 6 Ed and Lorraine are left distraught when a life is lost on their watch, Patrick unveils Sonia's true form and destroys her. The trio understand life will never be the same again.
10 Scrutiny The Warrens fade out of the public eye after the death of Mother Christine as Lorraine's television show is cancelled and Ed's book deal is retracted, but Patrick makes a startling discovery at the nun's funeral.
11 The Porcelain Revenge Part 1 Emily returns to the Warrens' neighbouring house, but it a strange coincidence occurs when the Annabelle doll is anonymously returned to their doorstep.
12 The Porcelain Revenge Part 2 Lorraine suspects an unholy spirit is seeking revenge on Emily. Ed questions Angela over Judith's strange drawings. Patrick examines the Annabelle doll with horrific circumstances.
13 The Porcelain Revenge Part 3 The Warren house becomes a vortex for demons as their museum comes to life, Emily sacrifices herself and finally drags the spirit of Annabelle to hell. Ed and Lorraine force the demons back into their hosts and mourn the loss of a friend.

Season 4

The Warrens was renewed for a fourth and fifth run, each consisting of 13 episodes. The fourth season will be loosely based on the Amityville Horror, changing the focus to the fictional Pennsylvanian town of Waynefield, and the first two episodes would not feature the Warrens, but would be the first instalments of the series' first full season story. Rose Byrne and James Franco joined the series as Hannah and Gregory Lutz, a couple loosely based on Kathy and George Lutz. It was then revealed that Meryl Streep would join the cast as Carrie Waslow, Hannah's mother and a psychic medium while Laura Linney would recur as Caroline McDonald, the sister of Sam Di Marco and the massacre's sole survivor. It was confirmed that Frances Conroy, Kyla Reaver and Michael Sheen would not be featuring in Season 4 or 5 but would potentially return for a future season. Season 4 was the first season to be given a subtitle, being promoted on social media and on broadcast as The Warrens: The Waynefield Horror. It is set in 1978 with episodes set in 1962 and 1977.

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Waynefield Hauntings: Origins Sam Di Marco (James Franco) returns to his family home in Waynefield, Pennsylvania in 1962 after escaping from an asylum in New York State. Believed to be insane, Sam is in fact possessed by a demon. Seeking the help of his family, he returns home and begs for help, but once the demon gains control of Sam's mind once again, he brutally murders Sam's entire family. Sam fights the demon, trapping the souls of his family and the demon in the house forever.
2 The Waynefield Hauntings: New Beginnings Newly weds Hannah and Gregory Lutz, along with Hannah's 3 daughters, move into the old Di Marco home in December 1977, oblivious to its origins the family begins to experience odd occurrences of the first 21 days of living there.
  • Gregory would wake up around 4:19 every morning and would go out to check the boathouse. Later he would learn that this was the estimated time of the Di Marco killings.
  • The house was plagued by swarms of flies despite the winter weather.
  • Hannah's oldest daughter Jane had vivid nightmares about the murders and discovered the order in which they occurred and the rooms where they took place. Jane also began sleeping on her stomach, in the same way that the dead bodies in the Di Marco murders had been found.
  • Hannah's second daughter Victoria would feel a sensation as if "being embraced" in a loving manner, by an unseen force.
  • Gregory discovered a small hidden room (around four feet by five feet) behind shelving in the basement. The walls were painted black and the room did not appear in the blueprints of the house. This room had a profound effect on their dog Wolfy, who refused to go near it and cowered as if sensing something ominous.
  • While tending to the fire, Gregory and Hannah saw the image of a screaming woman with half her head blown out. It was burned into the soot in the back of the fireplace.
  • The Hannah's 5-year-old daughter, Dora, developed an imaginary friend named "Tony," a demonic pig-like creature with glowing red eyes.
  • In the early morning hours of Christmas Day 1977, Gregoy looked up at the house after checking on the boathouse and saw the pig standing behind Dora at her bedroom window. When he ran up to her room he found her fast asleep with her small rocking chair slowly rocking back and forth.
  • Gregory would hear what was described as a "marching band tuning up" or what sounded like a clock radio playing not quite on frequency. When he went downstairs the noise would cease.
  • Gregory realized that he bore a strong resemblance to Sam Di Marco, and began drinking at The Sleepy Willow, the bar where Di Marco was believed to drink his final drink.
  • When closing Dora's window, which Dora said Tony climbed out of, Hannah saw red eyes glowing at her.
  • While in bed, Hannah received red welts on her chest caused by an unseen force and was levitated two feet in the air.
  • Cloven hoofprints attributed to an enormous pig appeared in the snow outside the house on January 1.
  • A 12-inch crucifix, hung in the living room by Hannah, revolved until it was upside down and gave off a sour smell.
  • Gregory tripped over a 4-foot-high China lion ornament in the living room and found bite marks on one of his ankles. Later this lion would reappear in the living room after Gregory had moved it back upstairs into the sewing room.
  • Gregory saw Hannah transform into an old woman of 90, "the hair wild, a shocking white, the face a mass of wrinkles and ugly lines, and saliva dripping from the toothless mouth."
  • Jane would sing constantly while in her room. Whenever she left the room, she would stop singing, and upon returning, she would resume singing where she left off.

These occurrences terrify the Lutzes and lead them to seek salvage with Hannah's mother in Connecticut. While there Gregory uncovers the truth about the house and its origins, he tells Carrie, Hannah's mother, who advises them to contact the Warrens.

3 The Waynefield Hauntings: Hunting a Haunt Ed and Lorraine arrive back in Waynefield with Carrie Waslow and the Lutz family to investigate the house that the Lutzes believe is being tormented by the spirit of the previous occupants, the Di Marco family. Lorraine gets Dora to introduce her to Tony, while Jane begins to sing again, much to the interest of Ed. Carrie begins to chant ancient spiritual messages and gets a shocking response, much to the fear of Gregory and Hannah.
4 Little Tony's Tea Party Ed and Lorraine decide its best if they spend their first night in the house alone, but Dora Lutz insists on staying with them, despite the Warrens initial reluctance, the Lutzes and the Warrens agree for Dora to remain. Dora decides they must have a tea party with Tony to celebrate their return to the house, but an unexpected return from Carrie reveals Tony's true identity, as she realises that Sam Di Marco's sister Caroline had a 5-year old son named Anthony who was also massacred.
5 The Connection As Lorraine begins to be convinced that Sam Di Marco was possessed by an unidentified spirit, she thinks she has solved the existence of the basement's 'Black Room'. Ed sits down with Hannah and Gregory regarding Victoria's strange connection to the demon. Carrie's catholic tendencies anger the spirits in the house. Jane's singing stops and Dora loses contact with Tony.
6 The Calling Lorraine and Ed decide that not only is the house haunted, but the family are too. The aftermath of the fire at The Sleepy Willow, the bar and lodgings where the family were staying while the Warrens investigated the house leads to Lorriane concluding that one of the spirits terrorising the house is Frank Di Marco, Sam's father and a man who served time in prison for arson in the early 1960s. Ed believes that Tony has latched onto Victoria, not Dora, and he is the one giving her the unwanted hugs.
7 The Exorcism of Victoria Lutz Tony begins communicating with Dora through Victoria, leading Ed to decide that an exorcism is finally necessary. A long night of terror and taunting leads to the freedom of Tony, but a decline in health for Victoria.
8 The Demon & The Psychic With the Lutzes at Victoria's side at Waynefield County Infirmary, Carrie and the Warrens return to the house, and Carrie confronts Frank - who recounts the night of the Di Marco family murders to her, revealing that the Demon occupied the house before the Di Marcos. The Warrens return to the Black Room to release Sam Di Marco from the grip of the demon once and for all.
9 Unstoppable The Warrens anger the demon after finally freeing Sam and Frank and things go from bad to worse when Victoria slips into an unexplainable coma. Carrie sets out to find the only survivor of the Waynefield massacre, Caroline McDonald, the last Di Marco daughter, while Ed and Lorraine attempt the contact the spirit of Marlene Di Marco, Frank's wife.
10 Birth of a Serial Killer Carrie finds Caroline in an old farmhouse just outside Waynefield and learns she is terminally ill. Caroline reveals that when they moved into the home after their father's incarceration in 1960, she learnt of the house's origins. She reveals that she believes the demon who possessed her brother was the spirit of Arthur Spritz, Waynefied's first serial killer who hanged himself in a self-built room in the basement. Caroline and Carrie return to the home to confront the demon, and Caroline thanks the Warrens for saving Tony, while Lorraine has an idea as how to save Victoria.
11 Final Release The Warrens accompany Carrie and Caroline to Victoria's bedside in the hospital and Caroline embraces Victoria, causing a release from the demon's curse over her and Victoria wakes up. Caroline soon collapses and succumbs to her illness, leaving Carrie upset at the loss of her new friend. With the attachment to Victoria broken, the demon weakens and the spirit of Marlene appears, ready to be freed.
12 Alone With the demonic presence of Arthur Spritz alone in the house after the release of Marlene's spirit, the Warrens lure him to the black room and save the Lutzes from a lifetime of hauntings by carrying out one last exorcism, sending Spritz straight to hell in doing so.
13 Fresh Start Gregory decides its in the family's best interests to demolish the house and rebuild it. The Warrens take the door handle to the black room with them to add to their collection in their museum and as soon as they're home, they find a letter from Catherine Walters regarding a haunting presence in their attic - has the Enfield poltergeist returned?

Season 5

It was confirmed during the finale of season 4 that season 5 would be set almost entirely in Enfield, England. Claire Foy, Emma Thompson and Greta Hanson were all confirmed to be returning alongside Patricia Arquette, Sam Rockwell and Meryl Streep. New additions to the cast include Dominic Cooper as Claire Foy's love interest Carl Evans and Alexandra Roach as Rhiannon, a satanic worshipper. Season 5 was subtitled The Warrens: Rise of the Enfield Poltergeist and was filmed both on location in London and at Elstree Studios in London, it was set in 1979. It was later confirmed that season 5 would be The Warrens' last on FX.

Episode Title Synopsis
1 To Enfield Intrigued by the letter from Catherine Walters regarding the return of spirits to Enfield, this time to the school. Ed, Lorraine and Carrie head to London to pay the family a visit. Upon arrival, the Warrens notice how much the Walters' family dynamic has changed, Catherine has a new boyfriend, Carl, and he's now living with her in the house and 11 year old Melissa expresses her fears of him to Lorraine. Carrie becomes fast friends with Marie, but the pair are shocked when they uncover something that could be key in learning the truth.
2 Behind Closed Doors Carrie and Marie investigate Melissa's teacher Rhiannon, who is displaying satanic tendencies, has she drawn back the spirit from the depths of hell? Ed and Lorraine sit down with Carl, who Melissa believes has triggered the arrival.
3 Caught Carrie and Marie are caught by a suspicious Rhiannon, Lorraine delves into Carl's past, while Ed has a terrifying encounter in a classroom with a particularly familiar presence.
4 Youth Ed confirms that there is a demonic presence, but its not Marie's ex-husband/Catherine's father who has manifested itself in the classroom, but none other than Satan himself. Rhiannon reveals her origins as a satanic host to Marie and Carrie and knowing that the school was once a hub for demons and spirits, it was the perfect place to manifest Satan.
5 Calling Ed and Lorraine face their most terrifying battle to date, the devil himself. Lorraine remains unconvinced that Carl has nothing to do with Satan's arrival. Carrie and Marie escape Rhiannon's grasp, but not before she can carry out a satanic ritual that plummets the school and its students into a dark abyss.
6 No More With the classroom empty and nothing existing outside the school, Ed realises that they've somehow been transported to Hell. Matters are made worse when it's revealed that Carl and Rhiannon know one another.
7 Likely Stories Catherine and Melissa fear for their lives as Rhiannon and Carl plan to sacrifice them in order to make Satan stronger in the mortal world, while Ed and Lorraine share their idea of exorcising the house with Carrie and Marie.
8 Betrayal Ed and Lorraine exorcise the school and manage to return it back to the mortal world, but their disappearance doesn't go unnoticed and the school and the family is hounded by the media. Having broken the chain and caused he sacrifice to go wrong, a mortally wounded Rhiannon reveals that Prince of Darkness and Ruler of Hell, the demon Lucifer has taken human form and is pursuing domination in the mortal world, her final words are "hour glass" and she points at a timer with the sand almost emptied into the bottom.
9 Hell on Earth As the timer trickles, Ed and Lorraine pick up on a pattern of unexplained murders across London and believe they were committed by the devil. Carrie believes Melissa is harbouring a spirit, but Catherine and Marie refuse to believe her.
10 Intrigue Ed and Lorraine's trail goes cold when the murder suspect is found and shows no trace of possession, Carrie makes a horrifying discovery at Marie and Catherine's expense.
11 Reveal Carl reveals that he allowed Lucifer to manifest himself inside Melissa due to her prior experience with spirit hosting, but Lucifer doesn't spare him and takes his soul for his own. Ed is prepared to carry out an exorcism on Melissa, but Lorraine is reluctant as it's Melissa's second. Carrie is contacted from beyond by Marie's ex-husband.
12 Home Truths Ed goes against Lorraine's wishes and ties a suffering Melissa down and exorcises her. Carrie is horrified by the revelations spirits have revealed about Marie and Catherine's actions since their last encounter with the Warrens, including the multiple summonings of spirits and demons that have caused Lucifer to become so powerful.
13 Endings Ed's intense exorcism is a success just as the timer ends and Lucifer is sent back to Hell, but not before he engulfs the house in flames and traps Marie and Catherine. The Warrens and Carrie flee after a failed attempt at rescuing the disgraced pair, but fail and the house collapses, leaving Melissa orphaned. The Warrens and Carrie return to Connecticut with a heavy heart and Lorraine places the hourglass in the museum upon their return.

Season 6

Season 6 will be set in 1981 and will be made up of 10 stories.

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Werewolf Demon Part 1 Lorraine and Ed pay their daughter Judy a visit at Yale University, but Lorraine faces her toughest challenge yet as a demon from her deep past returns with a threatening attitude.
2 The Werewolf Demon Part 2 Lorraine learns more about the Werewolf Demon on campus, but Ed witnesses the demon for himself - putting Judy in more danger than ever. Without the permission of the Dean of Yale or the Catholic Church, Ed puts the school, the church's and his own reputations all on the line to save his family and every student from a demonic wolf.
3 Home is Where the Heart is Lorraine and Ed are left baffled when they arrive at a New York apartment and meet a young actress convinced she is carrying the child of the spirit of it's former occupant.
4 The White Woman Lorraine's visions of Ed's pending doom worsen, but she can't bring herself to confide in him. She finds peace in a spirit that resides in the local library, but the spirit too holds secrets of her own.
5 Hell Bent Judy returns home from Yale for the holidays with her new boyfriend Tony, and Ed is more than pleased when he expresses and interest in his work. Lorraine has another vision, but ends up trapped in her own mind.
6 The Entity Lorraine, still trapped in the grasp of an unknown entity, explores the darkest corners of what she believes is her mind but she soon learns that her explorations may be occurring elsewhere, much to her greatest fears.
7 Back Part 1 Ed, Judy and Tony try to wake Lorraine from her deepest slumber, but the trio soon start receiving messages from a threat beyond any of their capabilities - Lucifer has returned for revenge.
8 Back Part 2 Lucifer promises to return Lorraine back to the human realm on one condition, all the evil spirits in their museum must be returned to him. But Judy and Tony have other plans for the demon while Ed pretends to negotiate.
9 No Tell Motel A frail Lorraine is convinced the prophecy of her husband's death has not yet been overcome. Judy and Tony attempt to return to Yale but in a heavy snow storm, they stop at an old hotel and what Judy has learnt from her parents come to good use when she witnesses an uneasy spirit tormenting the residents.
10 The Killer Within Lorraine begins to recover and starts writing down in detail every vision she has, and unknowingly has already learnt the true identity of her torturer since childhood - Valak, the great president of Hell and a renowned torturer of the human realm. Lorraine is now determined to find Valak's weakness and defeat him once and for all. Ed, meanwhile, discovers that a key to Valak lies deep in their museum.

Season 7

Netflix commissioned season 7 not long after the premiere of season 6, Patricia Arquette and Sam Rockwell will return alongside Kyla Reaver and Levi Miller. It was also confirmed that Ed and Lorraine would return to Waynefield this season for the first time since season 4, it was then confirmed that Rose Byrne and Meryl Streep would return in their roles. James Franco confirmed he was returning, but for a more brief arc than Byrne and Streep. Patricia Arquette also confirmed that the Enfield case would be heavily referenced to in this season, potentially due to the previous recurrence of Lucifer. It was later confirmed that Franco would be instead reprising his role as Sam Di Marco, not that of Gregory Lutz.

Episode Title Synopsis
1 Arise, President of Hell Lorraine destroys Valak once and for all, Judy and Tony expose the truth. Lucifer lurks in the shadows.
2 The Visit Lorraine is left shocked by a message on their answer machine left by none other than Sam Di Marco, the notorious serial killer of Waynefield. Elsewhere, Judy and Tony examine a mysterious noise circulating the occult museum.
3 Imprisoned Part 1 Lorraine agrees to visit Sam in prison alone and he confides in her both the truth of the night in Waynefield and the spirits tormenting him in Prison - but will Lorraine agree to save him from his sins?
4 Imprisoned Part 2 Lorraine discovers that the prison isn't haunted - Di Marco is. While she and Ed decide they must return to Waynefield to uncover the truth, Sam is found strangled to death in his cell with no trace of a culprit. Ed and Lorraine decide they must find the demon that they believed killed him.
5 Reunion Lorraine and Ed contact Carrie Waslow and learn that Gregory and Hannah have divorced and Gregory now lives in England. She agrees to accompany the duo to the currently unoccupied Waynefield house alongside Hannah and a hidden spirit shows himself to Lorraine, much to Ed's horror.
6 The Demon Inside The hidden spirit promises Lorraine that he poses no threat, but Ed is suspicious. Carrie uses her psychic powers with Hannah's help, convinced that more than one spirit still resides in the unoccupied home.
7 Goodbyes Lorraine uses her abilities to help the spirit pass over, revealing it told the truth - it posed no threat. Carrie suffers as she battles the demonic spirit who openly screams in delight as taking responsibility for Sam's death, Ed saves Carrie with a recital of a Latin curse and normality is restored to the Waynefield house. Unconvinced, Hannah takes no chances and decides the house must be demolished, Lorraine and Ed make no response and say their farewells before heading back to Connecticut for a much needed break from the world of the supernatural.
8 Infamy Lorraine and Ed decide to vacation in New Orleans, but Lorraine is left startled when the spirit of the infamous Axeman contacts her, prepared to finally confess his crimes.
9 Ulterior Motive Lorraine and Ed return from vacation to find Melissa Walters waiting for them with news of her pending marriage, but Ed suspects her visit has an ulterior motive when her suitcase begins to shake at the mention of her deceased mother.
10 The Devil You Know The dreams return for Lorraine and she suspects Satan himself is near. Judy and Tony return for Spring break and suspect that Lucifer may be behind their mother's fears. Ed is away on a business meeting on the west coast with the catholic church.
11 The Pilgrimage of Lucifer Lucifer is a force to be reckoned with as his demonic tendencies erupt on his travels. (First episode since season 4 to not directly feature neither Ed or Lorraine).
12 Survival Part 1 With Valak's body failing, the demon needs a new host. He arrives in Connecticut with the intention of taking Ed and Lorraine Warren as his new victims, however he gets more than they bargained for when he learns that Ed and Lorraine are prepared for their arrival with an army of their own, unexpectedly headed up by Lucifer himself.
13 Survival Part 2 Lorraine begins to doubt her morals after teaming up with Lucifer, but as the battle commences she embodies herself in Valak's mind and learns the truth about what led him to feeding a demon. Lucifer drags Valak to hell, but Lorraine knows there is much more to Valak's death that it seems.

Season 8

Netflix confirmed an eighth season of The Warrens shortly after the seventh premiered. It was confirmed that the season would consist of 4 feature length episodes rather than the traditional 13 hour long instalments.

Episode Title Synopsis
1 Revival A year on from their battle with demons, a theatre producer requests Lorraine and Ed's assistance with an unkind spirit haunting the theatre of his new production. After a successful exorcism, the producer offers them a chance to tell their side of the stories that have become infamous in the history books, soon enough the pair are booked for An Audience with The Warrens, but they get more than they bargained for when enemies show up in the audience as well as friends, both dead and alive.
2 Occult After the fiasco in the theatre, The Warrens are once again at the height of fame and Ed isn't surprised when a senile elderly lady arrives with the intentions of providing a 'gift' for their Occult Museum. Initially dismissive, Lorraine is left dumbfounded when the woman confesses to harbouring the spirit of Lorraine's long since dead mother.
3 Revisited Lorraine and Ed are hurt when they witness Melissa Walters 'exposing' them as fakes on British television, but Tony and Judy suspect there is more to her behaviour than spite. They travel to London and learn that Melissa is somewhat a local celebrity after dismissing the existence of the Enfield poltergeist, but a sudden supernatural attack on the town leads them back to the only person who could possibly help them - con artist Morris Thomas.
4 Familiar Lorraine's dreams become troubled with a blurred face and familiar voice begging to be brought over to deal with some unfinished business. Lorraine fights to help the voice through and is left shocked when their old friend and neighbour Emily stands at the foot of their bed. Emily reveals she's back to destroy Annabelle once and for all, despite Annabelle being dormant for nearly 10 years. Lorraine and Ed soon realise that Lorraine has made a grave mistake bringing Emily back from the beyond and they must send her back before she tears the world to shreds.

Season 9

Netflix confirmed that season 9 would be the penultimate season of The Warrens and would consist of 4 episodes. It would take place in the late 80s/early 90s.

Episode Title Synopsis
1 The Bell Ringers Ed gets a painful diagnosis on the eve of Judy and Tony's wedding, Lorraine finally meets Tony's mother and is left shocked by her paranormal experiences. The wedding goes off without a hitch, but the reception looks set to be doomed.
2 Shock Horror Documentarians offer the Warrens a substantial payment in order to make a documentary about Annabelle, but the pair are reluctant when one of the camera crew shows an unhealthy interest in demonology.
3 Deterioration Ed is forced into a wheelchair as his health declines, Lorraine gets an unexpected call from her father in Maine. Judy and Tony unexpectedly release an ancient Egyptian demon back into the living realm.
4 Lessons Learnt Ed is left to deal with the Egyptian demon on his own after Lorraine flees to Maine to assist her father. Judy and Tony attempt to stop it due to Ed's poor health, but it looks like an old friend must be called upon to deal with it - but with Ed's condition can he really afford to bargain with Lucifer?

Season 10

Netflix confirmed that season 10 would consist of 5 ninety minute episodes and would be set in the early 2000s.

Episode Title Synopsis
1 Talk to Me Lorraine is approached by a television producer to revive her talk show in New York, but Ed's illness restrains her. Ed feels his guardian angel guiding him closer to the light, but he questions her legitimacy. Judy revisits her parents records, dating back over 40 years and finds a terrifying prediction made by her mother from 1969, shortly before she hired their housekeeper Angela.
2 Ashes to Ashes Lorraine returns from taping her talk show in New York to find Ed unconscious at the bottom of the stairs and a glowing light around him. The Occult Museum becomes difficult for them to maintain, but Tony offers his services. Judy attends the funeral of their old housekeeper Angela.
3 Back to Black Lorraine encounters the Angel of Death for the first time in a tearful farewell to her husband, accompanied by Judy and Tony. Ed's nephew arrives from Wisconsin with some terrible news too.
4 Underlying Demons Old friends gather to say farewell to Ed at his funeral, but Lorraine prepares for one last fight when Ed contacts her from beyond with some horrifying truths.
5 The End Lorraine is left drained emotionally after demons and spirits return from the depths of hell now that Ed isn't powerful enough from beyond to stop them. But using guidance from the spirit of her dead husband, she saves everyone for a final time. Elsewhere, Judy is approached by a television producer about potentially adapting her parents' experiences into a television show.

Potential Crossovers and Future

With the death of Ed Warren at the end of season 10, it looks set to be the end of The Warrens, although Netflix had revealed it was always possible to revisit the series potentially in one-off movies or a spin-off for Tony and Judy at some point in the future.

Patricia Arquette said that the prosthetics used in later seasons to age her according to the timeline were enough to put her off ever playing Lorraine again, although she would happily return to the series in a heartbeat.

Sam Rockwell revealed that now that the character of Ed has died, he would feel uneasy revisiting the character knowing his ultimate fate.

Initially, Alexandra Daddario was in talks to take on the role of Judy in a Netflix spin-off, but her commitments to Dahlia prevented the idea being pursued.