The Walking Dead is an American horror drama that premiered on FX on October 28th 2020. It is a remake of the 2010 television series of the same name  and in turn the comic book that inspired the series. It was announced shortly after the original series concluded in 2019 after FX acquired the international rights to the franchise from AMC. The series gained notable attention for it's alternative and gender-swapped casting. Rather than Rick Grimes appearing as the protagonist, Rachel Grimes appears instead. While some cast members are gender-swapped, some remain faithful to the comic book. The series has also gained acclaim for it's much more faithful take of the series to the comic books.


The Walking Dead takes place after the onset of a worldwide zombie apocalypse. The zombies, colloquially referred to as "walkers", shamble towards living humans and other creatures to eat them; they are attracted to noise, such as gunshots, and to different scents, e.g. humans. Humans that they bite or scratch become infected and slowly turn into walkers as well. It is revealed early in the series that all living humans carry this pathogen, so that if they die from any other cause, they will also turn into walkers. The only way to permanently kill a walker is to damage its brain or otherwise fully destroy the body, such as by cremating it.

The series centres on sheriff's deputy Rachel Grimes, who wakes up from a coma to discover this apocalypse. She becomes the leader of a group of survivors from the Atlanta, Georgia region as they attempt to sustain themselves and protect themselves not only against attacks by walkers but by other groups of survivors willing to assure their longevity by any means necessary.


  • Rachel Grimes (Season 1 - )
  • Charlotte Grimes (Season 1 - )
  • Lawrence Grimes (Season 1 - 3, deceased)
  • Shay Walsh (Season 1, 2, undead, deceased)
  • Glenn Rhee (Season 1 - )
  • Andrew Harris (Season 1 - )
  • Alex Harris (Season 1, deceased)
  • Dana Horvarth (Season 1 - )
  • Carol Anderson (Season 1 - 2, undead, deceased)
  • Ed Anderson (Season 1, undead, deceased)
  • Samuel Anderson (Season 1 - )
  • Allen Jackson (Season 1, deceased)
  • Donna Jackson (Season 1 - 2, deceased)
  • Billy Jackson (Season 1 - )
  • Ben Jackson (Season 1 - )
  • Jim Bates (Season 1, undead)
  • Tyreese Williams (Season 1 - 3, undead, deceased)
  • Julie Williams (Season 1 - 2, undead, deceased)
  • Chris Williams (Season 1 - 2, deceased)
  • Otis Marlowe (Season 1 - 2, deceased)
  • Patricia Marlowe (Season 1 - 2, deceased)
  • Hermione Greene (Season 1 - 3, deceased)
  • Maggie Greene (Season 1 - )
  • Betty Greene (Season 1 - 2, deceased)
  • Robert Greene (Season 1, undead, deceased)
  • Stephen Greene (Season 1, undead, deceased)
  • Arnold Greene (Season 1, undead, deceased)
  • Lacey Greene (Season 1, deceased)
  • Dexter Matthews (Season 1 - 2, deceased)
  • Andrew Wench (Season 1 - 2, undead, deceased)
  • Axel Turner (Season 1 - 2, deceased)
  • Thomas Richards (Season 1 - 2, deceased)
  • Michonne (Season 1 - )
  • Morgan Jones (Season 1, absent)
  • Duane Jones (Season 1, absent)
  • Brian 'The Governor' Blake (Season 2 - 3, deceased)
  • Caesar Martinez (Season 2, deceased)

More Characters will be added as the series progresses.


Season 1

Season 1 premiered on FX on October 28th 2020, airing on Wednesday nights alongside American Horror Story. Like it's predecessor, the season consists of 16 episodes split into two 8-part runs. The series was announced by FX in March 2020, shortly after it was confirmed they'd acquired the rights to the franchise after AMC ended the original series after season 9 in 2019.

Episode Title Synopsis Airdate
1 The Dead Among Us Awaking from a coma caused by a gunshot wound while on the job of a Sheriff's deputy, Rachel Grimes finds herself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Determined to find her husband and daughter, believing them to be in Atlanta with her husband's family, she finds help in the form of Morgan Jones and his son Duane. After parting ways with the duo, she heads into Atlanta, unaware she's heading directly into a large horde of zombies. October 28th 2020
2 The Future of this World Trapped in her car after driving straight into a horde, Rachel is miraculously saved by a young man named Glenn driving a pizza delivery car. They drive until they find themselves trapped in a dead-ended back alley. Jumping out of the car, the pair hurry up a ladder to the top of a building, and find themselves overlooking overrun Atlanta. Glenn reveals he's part of a campsite community just outside the city that can provide Rachel with refuge. Fighting their way through Atlanta, they reach the edge of the city and find themselves in a wooded area, now that they are alone, Glenn tells Rachel what happened in Atlanta and Rachel fears the worst regarding her daughter and husband. When they reach a clearing, Rachel is welcomed into a camp site, and her first sight as she approaches the camp is that of her daughter in the arms of her husband along with her best friend, Shay. November 4th 2020
3 The Camp That Came to Be With Rachel in hospital and an apocalypse consuming the world, Lawrence is conflicted to leave her and head for Atlanta with Charlotte and Shay. Hoping for the best, he flees the town and heads for the city. Along the way, they meet Carol and Ed Anderson, and their son Sammy. However, as they head into Atlanta, they find it desolate and overrun, realising they're too late to be saved by the army. As a group of walkers attempt to attack them, they are run down by an RV driven by a middle-aged woman who introduces herself as Dana, accompanying her are two young boys she had rescued previously, Andrew and Alex. She reveals they were scavenging for supplies and they have set up a small community in a clearing not far from Atlanta. On their first night there, Shay attempts to comfort Lawrence over Rachel, and they have sex. It soon becomes clear that Shay is pushing herself as leader of the community, but little does she know that as she sends Glenn on a supply run, he'll return with a big surprise. The episode concludes with the same scene as the previous episode, but from Shay's point of view as she's about to tell Lawrence she loves him. November 11th 2020
4 Family First Lawrence and Charlotte are thrilled to see Rachel, who thanks Shay for saving them both from the apocalypse. The two catch up as Shay introduces her fellow campmates to Rachel, including married couple Allen and Donna along with their twin sons, Billy and Ben. Dana introduces herself along with Andrew and Alex, and also introduces Ed, Jim, Carol and Sammy. Soon, Rachel is left alone with Lawrence and they passionately embrace, Lawrence apologises sincerely for leaving her behind. The next morning, Shay tells Rachel that's she's going hunting and wants Rachel to accompany her after she takes a shower in Dana's RV. After her shower, Dana approaches her and warns her about Shay, telling her that she can't be trusted, and that he isn't happy Rachel survived. Rachel reassures Dana, promising that Shay was simply protecting Lawrence and Charlotte. While Shay and Rachel are out camping, a walker invades camp and while it causes no harm, it traumatises many members, including young Charlotte. Rachel vows that she is there to protect them now, and no harm will come to any of them. Shay sulks in the background, angered at Rachel's vow, and Dana notes this. November 18th 2020
5 The Gun Hunt The night following the zombie attack, Shay is keeping watch. Rachel visits with her and the two discuss the situation. Rachel believes that the group needs to move on. She feels that it's too dangerous to be near Atlanta. Shay believes the group should stay put, believing that the government is coming to clean up the mess. Shay asks how they will get enough guns and Rachel says she will think of something. The next morning, Rachel talks to Glenn and asks him if he has seen any gun stores on his trips into Atlanta to get supplies. Glenn doesn't recall, but, asks Jim and he gives them the location of a store. Glenn goes to find his map and Rachel talks to Lawrence and tells him she is going to help Glenn to get some guns. Lawrence isn't happy about it, but, she reassures him that she will be fine. She also mentions that she is going to teach Charlotte to shoot a gun, and before Lawrence can fight her on the subject, Rachel and Glenn head into Atlanta for supplies. As Rachel and Glenn walk toward Atlanta, Rachel asks about Jim's mental state. Glenn says that Jim is the only known survivor from Atlanta, and he watched his family torn apart by zombies when he escaped. Glenn suddenly stops and says that the gun store is about 5 blocks further than he has ever gone into the city. He says there is no way the two can possibly do it. Rachel says he has an idea and takes Glenn to the roamer that she killed the day before. Rick says he notices that zombies don't mistake themselves for a living person, and he believes the reason is smell. Rachel chops up parts of the zombie and tells Glenn to rub it on his clothes and put a few pieces in his pockets. Rachel hopes that by smelling like the zombies, the zombies won't attack them. The two proceed into the city limits. As soon as they arrive, they walk up to a zombie, to see how well the theory works. It does and as they walk further in to the city, they notice that none of the zombies come after them. Rick also mentions how it is a gloomy day.

They arrive at the gun store to see a large crowd of zombies. Rachel tells Glenn to remain calm and grabs a shopping cart to carry more guns. They grab as many guns and ammunition as they can and exit. As they do, Rachel mentions that it is starting to rain, and as Rachel hits a zombie in the head with an axe, it begins to downpour. The two start to run as the rain begins to wash away the zombie smell. The zombies take notice of Rachel and Glenn and attempt to attack them. A zombie bites Rachel's shoulder and Rick starts firing at the crowd of zombies to make a path for Glenn, who is pushing the shopping cart. The two get outside of the city limits and Rachel tears off her jacket, relieved to see that the roamer did not break his skin. Rachel asks Glenn not to tell Lawrence about the close encounter. Meanwhile, back at camp, Shay and Lawrence are talking. Shay tries to console Lawrence, saying that Rachel will be fine. She tells him to come back to the camp, and that she will keep him company. Lawrence refuses Shay and tells her that she needs to stop trying to make advances at her and that them sleeping together was a mistake.

November 25th 2020
6 The Night of the Living Dead Three weeks after the events of the previous episode, Rachel and Shay are teaching the campers how to shoot guns. Andrew proves to be a good shot, impressing Rachel and Shay. Much to Lawrence's disapproval, Rachel is teaching Charlotte too. When Rachel gives Charlotte her own gun, Lawrence and Rachel fight. Donna is overheard by Dana criticising her for sleeping in the same RV as Andrew and Alex, referring to her as a cougar. Dana confides in Rachel, telling her that the boys' company gives her comfort after the death of her husband months before the apocalypse began. Rachel tells Dana to ignore Donna, and that as long as everyone is comfortable with the situation, it is fine. Back and camp, Rachel witnesses Ed abusing Carol behind the RV, Rachel attacks Ed, knocking him unconscious. Shay pulls Rachel off and they fight verbally, shocking the other campers. Dana tells Rachel that Shay has issues. Later that night, the campers gather and talk about their pre-outbreak lives, Dana reveals she is a retired teacher, who bought the RV shortly after her husband passed and planned to spread his ashes in Florida. Andrew reveals he's a former paralegal taking his brother Alex back to college. Glenn reveals, unsurprisingly, he was a pizza delivery boy, Allen and Donna were real estate agents and Jim was a mechanic. When Alex goes to use the RV bathroom, he is bitten on the neck by a zombie and a small horde soon follows, sending the camp into chaos. Lawrence ends up with a walker on top of him, but it is shot by Charlotte before it can bite him. When all the zombies are killed, Andrew shoots his brother in the head to prevent reanimation and is comforted by Dana. Carol is mortified when amongst the walkers are a reanimated Ed, who was seemingly bit in his sleep. The remaining survivors gather around the fire and grieve their own, Jim calls for attention, raises his shirt and reveals a bite on his stomach. He's been infected. December 2nd 2020
7 The Day After The survivors hold a funeral for Alex, and everyone shares their grief. Andrew is inconsolable, despite Dana's best efforts. Carol is surprisingly fine, comforting an upset Sammy and when asked if she want's to give Ed a funeral, she tells Allen to burn his corpse with the other walkers. Meanwhile, Jim's health is deteriorating fast and the camp is tending to him as he prepares for the worst. Elsewhere, Charlotte goes hunting with Shay and Rachel. Rachel criticises Shay for not allowing them to move on sooner, this upsets Charlotte and she runs off. Rachel follows her. Donna reveals Jim's request to the group, he wants to be left under a tree in Atlanta in hopes he'll be reunited with his family once more. His request is fulfilled and the group say their goodbyes to him. The following day they wake up and Shay tells Rachel to get ready to go hunting. Rachel tells Charlotte to stay behind so that she and Shay can talk. Shay starts yelling at Rachel and punches her. Lawrence then slaps Shay, which causes Shay to mentally snap and run off. Rachel goes to follow Shay, and Charlotte follows her mother in turn. Dana asks Lawrence if he is okay, and he replies, saying that they'll never be normal again at this rate. Rachel catches up to Shay and Shay starts yelling at Rachel about how she can't live like this anymore and goes off ranting about how she has nothing left and how Lawrence would have changed and loved her if Rachel hadn't returned. Shay then points her gun at Rachel, and is about to shoot her when Charlotte shoots Shay in the neck. Shay dies, choking on her own blood. The episode ends with Charlotte saying: "It's not the same as killing the dead ones, Mom", and Rachel replying, "It never should be, sweetheart. It never should be." December 9th 2020
8 How It Should Be The survivors bury Shay and decide it's time to leave camp. Rachel becomes Shay's natural successor. As they continue their journey onto a highway out of Atlanta, they meet Tyreese Williams, his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris. Tyreese bonds with the group, befriending Rachel as they discuss their experiences in the apocalypse so far. As they continue along the highway, they make a pitstop and while Dana explores the highway edge, she slips and almost gets bitten, but is saved by Andrew. She thanks Andrew but reveals she was trying to reach a sign covered in vines and moss, cutting it away, it reveals a sign "Wiltshire Estates, 1.5 miles". Dana takes it as a sign and advises the group head there for the night. Later they pull up at the estate and head into the first house and set up camp, planning to explore the estates tomorrow. They fail to notice another vine covered sign, that is cleared by a heavy gust of wind, revealing a painted warning, "All dead, do not enter". December 16th 2020
9 Estate of Affairs It's the morning after the previous episode and Lawrence and Rachel have reconciled after Shay's death. Rachel gathers the survivors and suggests that they explore the surrounding area. Dana offers to cook breakfast for the children while the adults explore. Rachel, Lawrence, Carol, Andrew, Donna, Allen, Tyreese, Julie and Chris head up into the centre of the eerily quiet estate. Rachel warns that everyone must be cautious. Ignoring this warning, Allen heads to the first house he sees, and opens the door, not knowing there's a walker directly behind it, the walker lurches for Allen and bites into his face, tearing half of it off. Donna screams as more walkers come flooding out of the house and devour Allen, the eerily quiet estate is suddenly noisy with sounds of zombified groans coming from every house. Rachel urges everyone to head back to the safe house, as they arrive, Rachel notices the now-uncovered 'do not enter' sign. A distraught Donna causes concern to the children, and Carol tells Dana what happened deeper into the estate. Walker noises can be heard in the distance, Rachel then tells the group to pack up and head out to the cars, deeming Wiltshire Estates unsafe. They run out of the house and suddenly hear gunshots, multiple walkers fall to the ground, and so does Charlotte. Rachel runs to her side and finds she too has been shot. Lawrence screams in horror and he and Rachel collapse to his side as a shadowy figure approaches holding a shotgun. February 17th 2021
10 The Veterinarian's Farm Picking up where the previous episode left on, the shadowed figure is revealed to be the apologetic Otis, who insists shooting Charlotte was a complete accident. Hurrying to check her pulse, Tyreese confirms she's still alive. Otis quickly reveals he's from a farm nearby and had spotted the group on the highway the previous evening, and he was simply trying to save them from a horde, which is slowly approaching them. Otis urges the group to follow him in his pickup truck, Rachel points her gun at his head and warns him that if this is a trap, he will die. Lawrence picks up Charlotte and asks Rachel to put her gun down.The group load into their vehicles and hastily follow Otis to the farm, Donna still distraught with Allen's death. Soon after, they pull up at Greene Farm and are greeted by a stern-looking grey haired woman, who Otis quickly introduces as Hermione Greene. Otis explains the situation quickly and she hurries over and checks Charlotte, she gets her sons to carry her inside and tells Lawrence and Rachel alongside the rest of the group to wait while she cleans Charlotte up and tends to the initial wounds. An hour or so later, Hermione emerges and reveals that Charlotte is unconscious and doing well, and will recover. She says the group can stay at the farm while Charlotte heals. She then introduces her family, her oldest son Arnold, her oldest daughter Lacey, her twin sons Robert and Stephen, and her younger daughters Betty and Maggie. After the group are shown where they will stay, they break off and try to calm down after the day they've had. Andrew befriends Arnold, who revealed he too was training to be lawyer before the apocalypse. Lawrence and Rachel sit by Charlotte's side and tell Hermione everything they've been through. Soon, Charlotte wakes up, to her parents' delight. That evening, Lacey serves a meal for the group and as they finish, Arnold offers to show the children the cows in the nearby field. The children accompany him, along with Tyreese and Carol, who have made somewhat of a connection since arriving. As they reach the farm's edge, Arnold makes a loud cattle call, Carol and Tyreese are distracted as they get closer. Elsewhere, Maggie is talking to Glenn while sitting on the roof of the barn, Glenn tells Maggie that he's a virgin and had hoped to have sex before dying in this apocalypse, she offers to have sex with him. Arnold continues to call his cattle, but a walker emerges from the nearby forest, following his call, and rips Arnold's throat out before he can do anything. The children scream and Tyreese breaks away from Carol and puts down the walker. Hermione, Lacey and the rest of the group come running. Hermione calls Stephen and Robert to carry Arnold inside, and more walkers begin emerging from the forest, and the group prepare to take them on. February 24th 2021
11 Secrets and Lies The morning after Arnold was bitten, Andrew goes to his room, knowing he probably doesn't have long left. He enters to find a stressed Hermione tidying, Andrew asks where he is, and Hermione tells him to mind his own business. When Hermione arrives to help Lacey dress Charlotte's wounds, Rachel offers to give Hermione space by moving the group from the house to the barn, Hermione tells Rachel that the barn is out of bounds to all. She then asks after Arnold, which causes Lacey to break down in tears and leave the room. Hermione glares at Rachel and follows her daughter. Glenn and Maggie, oblivious to last night's revelations, awake to the smell of burning walkers. Maggie hurries back to the house and discovers her brother's fate, and sobs into Glenn's arms. Glenn returns to the barn alone and hears noises coming from inside, but puts it down to paranoia. Dana and Andrew theorise on the fate of Arnold and where he might be. Tyreese and Carol head upstairs to have sex, but walk in on Julie and Chris in the act, causing Tyreese to be outraged. As the day draws in, a curious Rachel overhears Glenn telling Maggie he may have heard noises inside the barn, which she swiftly brushes off. Determined to learn the truth, Rachel heads towards the barn, unaware that Hermione is following her. Rachel opens the door and dozens of walkers are revealed to be inside, including a newly-reanimated Arnold. She quickly shuts the door, but hears the loading of a gun to her head. It's Hermione, who tells her once more that the barn is out of bounds. March 3rd 2021
12 Beyond Help Rachel disarms Hermione and throws the gun to the ground as a sign of peace, Hermione breaks down into tears and explains that she'd hoped that a cure would've reached them by now. Rachel explains that once you're infected, you're beyond help. Hermione reveals a revelation that not all the walkers in the barn were bit, and that her husband died of a heart attack, confirming that everyone is infected with the virus. Rachel tells Hermione that it's in their best interests to put down the walkers, but she is willing to wait until morning as there is something she must do first. Only telling Hermione, Rachel leaves the farm and drives the distance, past Wiltshire Estates, to their former base camp outside Atlanta, she goes to Shay's grave and begins digging, and soon Shay's reanimated corpse lunges at her, confirming her suspicions. She stabs Shay in the brain and leaves her corpse unburied, before getting in the car and returning to the Greene farm just as the sign rises. As everyone gathers at breakfast, Rachel informs everyone of the situation in the barn, causing Lacey to once again break down into Hermione's arms. Hermione confirms that in the barn are her husband Joseph, her sons Shawn and Arnold, and a handful of friends and neighbours who have turned are stored in the barn. Hermione leads the group to the barn and discusses strategy with Rachel, but before she can, she hears the barn doors open. Arnold stumbles out, Lacey, who has opened the doors, turns to her mother and tells her she can't live in this world and embraces Arnold, who rips her throat out with his teeth. Hermione and Maggie scream in horror and out of rage, Hermione plunges her pitchfork into Arnold's brain, before doing the same to a dying Lacey to prevent reanimation. The group then descends on the walkers, with Maggie taking out her father and brother with the help of Glenn. Charlotte saves her father from death once again with her excellent shot, despite her wound. Tyreese and Andrew begin to gather the bodies for burning. But a still-angry Hermione stops them and banishes them from the farm, telling them never to return. March 10th 2021
13 The Next Hope March 17th 2021
14 The Hooded Woman March 24th 2021
15 Sliced March 31st 2021
16 Suspects April 7th 2021

Season 2

Season 2 premiered on FX on October 27th 2021, after being renewed for a second season in April 2021. Like the previous season, it ran for 16 episodes split into two 8-part runs.

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