The Vulture House Title Card

The Vulture House is an American Animated Series that aired on Shires Channel starting September 11, 2020.



  • Louise Ninetha (voiced by Tati Gabrielle) is a Teenage Girl who believes that being a weirdo is OK, and wants to be a witch someday.
  • Edith Glowhorn (voiced by Lea DeLaria) is a red skinned witch lady wearing a dress colored like a vulture.
  • Chief (voiced by Coy Stewart) is a mix between a cat, a skeleton, and a ram who used to be a king of demons but got adorablized as punishment during a fight with someone else. He hates being called cute, but cannot deny it because He’s not able to get his claws and teeth out since his adorabilization wouldn’t let him.
  • Moultrie (voiced by Bobby Moynihan) is a vulture head who acts as the guardian of the Vulture House and lives on the entrance door. He Has a very long neck that allows him to go inside the house, but has a high risk of being hurt by the windows.


  • Winda (voiced by Taylor Louderman) is a Blue-Haired Girl wearing a purple coat and Glasses. She often screams a lot, and only Louise, Edith, Chief, Gabe, Mira, and Eric can understand why.
  • Gabe (voiced by Gavin Lazarus) is a Yellow Haired Boy with a magenta streak wearing a light blue coat and normal blue jeans who likes girly things for a strange reason and speaks in a british accent.
  • Fangy the Bat King (voiced by Bumper Robinson) is a Bat who lives inside a cave and relies on Louise & Friends to protect their cave from monsters. He is told apart by the other bats because He’s bigger than all of them.
  • Nibbles (voiced by Ben Schwartz) is a mix between a hedgehog and a cyclops.
  • Mira and Eric Bland (voiced by Karen Fukuhara and Chris Jai Alex) are Emily’s older and much nicer twin brother and sister. Mira has purple hair, while Eric has green hair. Both wear the colors of black and white for their clothing.
  • Vultrentine (character is mute) is a Female creature who is between a Vulture and A Broom and serves as Edith’s steed. Her name is a mix between “Vulture” and “Valentine”, hence her Valentine’s Day colorscheme in the vulture parts on her body.
  • Principal Bosch (voiced by James Patrick Stuart) is the principal of Louise’s Magic School.


  • Emily Bland (voiced by Catherine Taber) is a Green and Purple Haired Girl who acts like a Jerk to Louise and her friends most of the time and would only help her if her problem was a real emergency.
  • Portia (voiced by Tika Sumpter) is a Hot Pink Haired Girl who is closely linked to Emily. She spends most of the time on her phone texting and talking to her boyfriend when not hanging with Emily.
  • Bump the Wizard (voiced by Charlie Adler) is a Wizard who wants weirdness to be illegal. He puts on disguises in order to trick Louise and Friends, but they never work.
  • Lily Glowhorn (voiced by Ana Gasteyer) is Edith’s Twin Sister who has a deep hatred on both her and the others who live with her.

Other Characters

  • Mrs. Ninetha (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is a lady who works as a nurse in the real world and is Louise’s mom.
  • Rosie (voiced by Tara Strong) is an anthropomorphic nose.
  • Mr. Ninetha (voiced by James Marsden)
  • Mr. Bomb (voiced by Roger Rose)



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