The Void is an American anthology horror television series. The series is broadcast on cable television channel FX in the United States.


Season 1

Title Release Date
1 Wendigo October 5, 2011
Graham goes missing while on a camping trip.

His sister, Gina, views a video he sent before he disappeared. She and her younger brother Aiden hire Callum as a guide to help find Graham. Aiden does some research and learns that people go missing in the area every 23 years. He also plays Graham's video in slow motion and notices a fast moving shadow on a tent wall.

He and Gina visit Rhodes, survivor of an alleged bear attack in 1965. Rhodes tells them it wasn't a bear that attacked his family but a Wendigo.

Gina, Aiden and Callum set out for Graham's campsite. When they get there they find ripped tents and damaged equipment. Screams for help sound in the distance so they run to the noise but no one is there. When they return to the campsite, their bags have been taken. The three make camp for the night. Once again screams for help are heard. Callum ignores Gina's warnings and runs into the dark with his gun.

The next day, Callum's body falls from a tree and the Wendigo appears, causing Gina and Aiden to split up. Gina is taken by the Wendigo but leaves a trail of peanuts for Aiden to follow.

Aiden finds Gina and Graham hanging from the ceiling of an abandoned mine and cuts them loose. Gina finds two flare guns along with the rest of the stolen supplies. While Aiden leaves with Graham while Gina tries to draw the Wendigo away. The Wendigo follows Aiden and Graham instead. Gina saves them by shooting the Wendigo with the flare gun, blowing it up. Gina, Aiden and Graham make up a story to the police about being attacked by a bear.

2 Dead in the Water October 12, 2011
18 year old Amber swims in the lake. Something approaches from underwater and pulls her in.

Sheriff Kelly tells his daughter Amy police have found nothing in the lake. The lake will soon drain because the local dam is leaking. Six other people have disappeared in the lake over the last 35 years, including Amy's husband who is Amber's brother. Amy's son, Nico, hasn't talked since seeing his father drown.

The same night, Amber's brother Troy drowns in the kitchen sink when something drags his head below the water.

Amy concludes that whatever is in the lake knows the lake is draining and that its running out of time. She also assumes Amber, Troy and her husband's father, Bruce, is involved as the thing in the lake has targeted his children. Amy doesn't learn anything from Bruce. Amy's son, Nico, provides her with a drawing of a house next to a church and a boy on a bicycle. Amy finds the church and the neighbouring and visits the woman who lives there. She discovers the woman's son, Aaron, vanished 35 years ago on his bicycle. Amy sees a photo of Bruce with Aaron and concludes Bruce killed Aaron and Aaron's vengeful spirit is haunting him. She goes back to talk to Bruce but is too late as he makes his to the middle of the lake with his boat. Bruce jumps into the water and allows Aaron's spirit to drown him.

Amy thinks the haunting is over until she is dragged under the water in her bathtub. Sheriff Kelly pulls her out the water. Amy goes through her father's photo albums and discovers an old photo of him with Aaron. Amy realises her father was also involved in Aaron's death and Aaron is targeting his and Bruce's loved ones.

Nico leads Amy to a spot near the lake where she discovers Aaron's bicycle. Sheriff Kelly arrives and reveals that he and Bruce buried the bicycle after they accidentally Aaron and let his body sink into the lake. Suddenly, Nico is pulled into the lake by a ghostly hand. Amy dives in after him with no result until Sheriff Kelly walks into the lake calling for Aaron to take him instead of his grandson. Aaron drags him under the water and Amy is able to save Nico. Nico has begun to talk again.

3 Bloody Mary October 19, 2011
Three young girls are playing a game of truth or dare. Genevieve's dare is to say Bloody Mary three times in front of the bathroom mirror. The other girls scare her by banging on the door. Genevieve's father, Duncan, tells them to be quiet. He returns to his bedroom and a figure appears in every mirror he passes. As he looks into the bathroom mirror, his eyes start bleeding. His eldest daughter, Kristie, finds him in a pool of his own blood. Genevieve tells Kristie she feels responsible for their father's death after invoking Bloody Mary.

Later that night, Kristie's friends, Chelan and Marnette, talk on the phone. Chelan jokingly says Bloody Mary three times in the mirror. Soon after, Chelan sits in front of a mirror and the eyes in the reflection start bleeding. Chelan's own eyes start bleeding and she dies.

Marnette researches Bloody Mary and learns she was Mary Worth, a 19 year old accused witch who murdered several little girls after her infant son was stolen from her. Mary was caught, whipped and burned at the stake.

In the school bathroom, Kristie says Bloody Mary three times in the mirror. Marnette begins seeing the figure in reflective surfaces.

She removes and covers all the reflective surfaces in her room. Realising Marnette is under Bloody Mary's curse, Genevieve summons Bloody Mary to her. Her eyes start to bleed. Marnette smashes the mirror but Bloody Mary steps out the frame and kills both Marnette and Genevieve.

4 Hook Man October 26, 2011
In 1971, Jane Butler is in a car parked in the woods making out with her boyfriend Brian when she hears a noise outside. Brian goes to investigate. When he disappears and Jane hears banging on the car roof, she gets out and finds Brian dead, hanging from a tree above the car.

Jane's father, Reverend Butler, finds out about Jane's relationship with Brian and belt whips Jane as punishment. Jane researches the Hook Man legends which she believes influenced the killings. She finds that a serial killer with a hook has been killing teenaged couples since the 1950s.

The next morning, Jane awakes up to find her roommate Christie dead and the words "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light" written in blood on the wall. She also finds a cross symbol drawn in blood.

Jane prays in the church and is attacked by the hook man who turns out to be Reverend Butler. The reverend kills his daughter.

5 Bugs November 2, 2011
Andrew is a real estate developer at a barbecue with other developers and head of sales Carrie. A year ago, one of the surveyors died from bee stings.

Later that night, Carrie is attacked in the shower by a swarm of spiders. Andrew finds dozens of dead spiders in the bathroom.

Andrew's son, Tyler, takes him to a place where all the insects are gathered. Digging around, Andrew unearths a skull.

Andrew visits a professor at the Department of Anthropology who says the bones are about 180 years ago. The professor directs him to Jimmy, a member of the Euchee Tribe.

Jimmy tells them that his tribe were slaughtered by a cavalry over six days and the chief of the tribe cursed the land on the 6th night. Andrew realises its the sixth night and that he and his family are in danger.

He returns home as the sky is blackened with swarms of insects. He takes his family to the attic where termites are already eating through the wood. Just as the bugs eat through the roof, the sun rises and the bugs all leave. Andrew decides the land development will not go ahead.

6 November 9, 2011
Kristin has just moved into a new house with her children Haili and Jamie. She settles Haili into bed. Her young daughter is nervous in the new house but Kristin reassures her there is nothing scary in the closet. Kristin continues her unpacking, Haili screams upstairs as the closet swings open, revealing a figure made of flames.

After the garbage disposal stops working, Kristin calls in a plumber. As he tries to fit it, a toy monkey mysteriously starts banging its cymbals and the unit starts up, tearing apart the man's hand.

Something helps Jamie escape from the playpen and then traps him inside the refrigerator, although Kristin rescues him.

A psychic, Loretta, arrives at the house and explains to Kristin that she can get rid the house of whatever's inside. Kristin and Loretta start placing bags of ingredients to purify the house but the poltergeist fights back, violently trying to stop them. Finally, all the bags are placed, the house appears peaceful and Loretta declares the house safe.

After Loretta has left, Kristin is attacked again by the poltergeist. She goes to find her children. As something attacks them, Kristin gives Jamie to Haili and tells them to run outside but the front door slams shut behind them, trapping Kristin inside. Kristin sees the fiery figure, that Haili saw, in front of her and is burned to death.

7 Asylum November 16, 2011
Officer Benson goes after teenagers, Brooke and her boyfriend Nicholas, who have broken into a deserted asylum. Unable to find them, Benson goes home and shoots his wife and himself.

Brooke and Nicholas are both separated. Nicholas finds a terrified Brooke who says a ghost kissed her and tried to whisper something to her. Nicholas gets trapped in a room with a ghost and Brooke is unable to open the door. Nicholas realises the ghost is trying to help him, not hurt him. It whispers "One thirty seven" to him before it leaves. Nicholas and Brooke deduce the ghost has given them a room number.

While Nicholas goes to find the room, Brooke finds to leave the asylum but is trapped. Nicholas finds journals documenting Dr Armour's cruel experiments designed to test his theories that provoking extreme anger in patients would be therapeutic. Nicholas finds Brooke in the basement and then locates a secret door which he thinks will lead him to the hidden procedure room where the experiments were carried out. As he prepares to open it, Brooke shoots him in the chest with a shotgun, blasting him through the fake wall. Brooke tries to shoot Nicholas again to find the shotgun only had only bullet. Nicholas overpowers Brooke and knocks her out. He searches the room and finds Dr Armour's corpse, stuffed in a cabinet. The ghost of Dr Armour appears and attacks Nicolas until he manages to toss a lighter onto the corpse. As the corpse burns, Dr Armour disappears. Brooke uncovers and seems unaffected.

8 Scarecrow November 23, 2011
A young couple are at a diner while their car is being fixed. They wander through an orchid. The scarecrow climbs down from its peach and pursues the couple. Tania arrives and shoots at the scarecrow to deter it, which allows her and the couple to escape. Tania explains to the couple are they were intended to be sacrifices to a pagan god.

Tania visits a local professor and finds out the town was settled by Northern Europeans who brought their Norse Gods with them. Vanir, fertility gods, can keep a town thriving if they're appeased by a sacrifice of a man and a woman once a year. They derive their power from a sacred tree, so Tania speculates that torching the tree would kill one. As Tania goes to leave, she is knocked out by the town's sheriff.

When Tania regains consciousness, she is locked in a cellar with the man she saved earlier (his girlfriend got away). The townsfolk, including her aunt and uncle, have decided she will be sacrificed this year to replace the woman she helped escape. Tania tells the male sacrifice about the First Tree, an apple tree brought over by the first immigrants and revered by the town.

The townsfolk tie Tania and the man to trees in the orchid, leaving them for the scarecrow. As night falls, the woman returns and frees them but the scarecrow is already after them. The townspeople try to thwart their escape but instead the Scarecrow takes Tania's aunt and uncle.

The next morning, Tania returns to the orchid and burns the First Tree.

9 November 30, 2011
Jon is kidnapped from a parking lot outside a bar. He wakes up, captive in a barn. Two hooded figures enter and leave him food.

Deputy Steen identifies a truck making a noise similar to what the witnesses of previous kidnappings reported. Motivated by the disappearance of her brother years ago, she tries to search for Jon.

The door on Jon's cage opens and he leaves the cage. Once outside, Jon is pursued by two men who eventually kill him.

Steen follows the truck to where it enters a property. When she approaches the house, the door is answered by a young girl, Alexia, who distracts her while her father, John, knocks him out. Steen is locked in the barn and John admits he probably killed Steen's brother. He boosts that his family have been hunting and killing for generations. John threatens Steen with torture to find out if other police are on their way. John goes off and instructs his son, Shawn, to shoot Steen. In the barn, Steen is able to free herself and knocks out Shawn. She knocks out John's other son, Ken when he comes to investigate. Steen shoots John. John taunts Steen about her brother's death and she kills him. She then locks Alexia in the closet.

10 December 7, 2011
A group of teenagers in Texas visits a reputedly haunted house where they find the body of a girl hanging in the cellar. By the time police arrive, the body is missing.

Winston Buckley and Travis Venkman, paranormal investigators who run a website Ghostslayers, investigate and track down Shane who relates the legend told to him by his cousin. Nick was a farmer who lived in the house in the 1930s and killed his daughters by hanging them in the cellar.

Buckley and Travis visit the house which has symbols of different origins fleshy painted on the walls and floor. They do more research but can't find anything to support Nick's legend. They prepare to leave when they hear that the previous night, a girl died in the house hung from the rafters.

They return to the house but are chased out by the spirit of Nick. They notice Nick has slit wrists, something not previously part of his legend.

They confront Shane who admits he made the legend up as a prank. Travis suggests Nick is a Tulpa, a manifestation of a thought as one of the symbols painted is a Tibetan spirit sigil, which assist in concentrating mental energy. In order to kill Nick, Buckley and Travis say on their website that shooting him with iron rounds will kill him.

They return to the house to kill Nick but the iron rounds don't work. Travis checks the website to find the server crashed so the new legend won't manifest. As Nick attacks them, Buckley sets the house on fire, figuring that without that part of the legend, Nick won't exist.

11 December 14, 2011
In New York, a husband and wife are found dead in a locked house. All the furnishings are taken to a auction house.

Auction house worker, Taylor, finds the portrait of Linden's family painted in 1916 was owned by all the families that had been killed since Linden's death. Linden climbs out the painting, scaring Taylor. Taylor tries to destroy Linden's ghost by burning the painting which appears to kill Linden.

The next day, Taylor is shocked to find the painting still there and unharmed.

At a local library, Taylor learns that Linden was accused by killing his wife, two sons and adopted daughter Jodelle. She notices that in a picture of the painting in an old book, Linden is staring straight ahead but in the present, the painting shows him looking down to the right.

Taylor learns the painting has been sold. She rushes to the customer's house to find the customer already dead with her throat slashed.

Taylor tracks down Linden's grave where she salts and burns the corpse.

She return to the house to burn the painting again as a precaution and is attacked by the spirit Jodelle, the actual killer. Jodelle kills Taylor.

12 Bloodlust December 21, 2011
Sterling has been hunting vampires ever since one took his sister. He investigates some cattle mutilations.

He finds a vampire sucking blood from a cow and kills it.

He is captured by vampire Amber. Amber explains her vampire coven have forsworm killing humans and are trying to live peacefully, living only cattle blood. Sterling is released unharmed.

Sterling captures Amber and tortures her with a whipping. Amber argues that unlike the vampires that killed Sterling's sister, these vampires are different. Sterling reveals that the vampire that attacked his sister didn't kill her, but turned her, and afterwards he hunted her down and killed her himself. Amber overpowers Sterling and ties him up.

Amber leaves town with her vampire coven.

Season 2

Title Release Date
1 October 17, 2012
Tamara is killed in a car accident.

Her boyfriend Jared is killed. Police think he slit his own throat.

Tamara's roomate, Leela, is distraught by both deaths. Tamara's friend Christopher accuses Leela of having an affair with Jared and tells her Tamara discovered this on the night of her death. In her apartment, Leela is attacked Tamara who has been raised as a zombie. Leela escapes and finds Christopher who admits he brought her back. Tamara follows them. She kills Christopher and pursues Leela to a cemetery. At the graveyard, Leela lures Tamara to her grave, which has Greek symbols engraved inside, and stakes her inside the coffin.

2 October 24, 2012
Detective Blair and Detective Gedrick are investigating the separate deaths of a lawyer and his wife. The two are in a relationship.

Detective Blair sees the ghostly figure of a woman with her throat slit. She finds bruises on her wrists similar to those of the lawyer's wife.

She identifies the woman as Shannon, a heroin dealer who worked as a police informant that disappeared nine months ago.

Shannon leads Detective Blair to her body which is wearing an identical necklace to one Detective Gedrick gave her. Blair remembers that years ago, some heroin went missing from the police lock up and suspects Gedrick stole it and used Shannon to fence it.

Gedrick admits he killed Shannon because she was going to turn him in, killed the lawyer who had been launching the money and was getting nervous and the lawyer's wife because he suspected she knew too much. Blair shoots and wounds him. Gedrick disarms her but Shannon appears and distracts him long enough for Blair to draw her backup gun and kill him.

3 October 31, 2012
In 1928, Robert Johnson makes a deal with a demon to be the greatest blues guitarist that ever lived.

In 1938, Johnson is playing blues. He hears a sound outside and leaves running as he is chased by dogs until he takes refuge in a house. Soon he is found dying and mumbling about black dogs chasing him.

In 2002, Dr Pearlman has risen to chief of surgery at a young age and begins seeing black dogs. Realising her time is up, she leaves her house, hoping to avoid the dog.

Her colleague Vincent goes going for her and finds her dead in a hotel room two days later. He finds John, a painter who came to warn Dr Pearlman. John admits he made a deal with a demon ten years ago for artistic talent and that Dr Pearlman made a similar deal with it a week ago. John is then killed by the dogs which Vincent flees from before being cornered by the demon. The demon offers to cure Vincent's wife's cancer. Vincent accepts.

In 2012, Vincent is preparing for the dogs to attack him. He intends to perform an exorcism on the demon. He performs a summoning ritual to summon the demon and tries to lures her into pentagram. She avoids the pentagram but is trapped underneath another one Vincent drew on the ceiling. Vincent manages to draw a protective circle round himself as Hellhounds approach. The demon refuses Vincent's offer of freedom and points out that Vincent would have to leave the circle at some point. Instead Vincent begins performing an exorcism. The demon relents and calls off the Hellhounds. The demon taunts Vincent that with the deal broken, his wife's cancer has returned so Vincent finishes the exorcism. The demon is banished, leaving behind a confused young woman.

4 November 7, 2012
A town is overrun with violent people being controlled by some kind of demonic virus. Lines of communication - radio, phone, cell signal - have been cut off from town.

With the rest of his family infected, Diego attempts to leave town but is stopped by a roadblock of infected locals who fire upon him. He holds up in a local medical centre with Dr Grant, nurse Sonja and Sergeant Hosea.

Dr Grant studies the blood of an infected person and notes that there are traces of sulfur in the blood. The demon virus is transmitted but the sulfur does not manifest until four hours after infection.

Diego and Sergeant Hosea use medical supplies to make explosives, building an arsenal to help them escape town.

Sonja attacks Diego, deliberately cutting her hand and his chest to exchange blood. Diego kills Sonja. Believing Diego to be infected, Dr Grant and the remaining people in the medical centre flee while Sergeant Hosea stays behind.

Dr Grant later returns with news that the rest of the townfolk have disappeared. Five hours later, Dr Grant announces there is no trace of the demonic virus in Diego's blood, meaning he's not infected.

Diego leaves with Sergeant Hosea with Hosea's truck. Diego turns out to indeed be infected and slits Sergeant Hosea's throat.

5 November 14, 2012
Single mother Annie runs an inn. In the inn lives her young daughter Matreya, her mother Brenda and elderly bellboy John. Matreya has an imaginary friend Conchita and Brenda has suffered a stroke.

When a property appraiser comes to the inn, he's mysteriously found hanged to dead.

Annie is later attacked by a possessed car and encounters Conchita and discovers she is the ghost of Brenda's sister who drowned in the inns pool when she was a girl. The mysterious deaths, all of whom were people related to the sale of the inn, started occurring when Brenda had a stroke and thus no longer able to keep Conchita from the inn using hoodoo protection. Conchita is motivated by the desire to prevent the inn from closing as she would lose her playmate Matreya.

To finally get Matreya to play with her forever, Conchita throws her into the pool and attempts to drown her. Before she can complete the murder, Conchita is called away from the pool by Brenda, who trades her life for Matreya's, offering to stay and be a ghost and playmate for her sister. Annie rescues Matreya from the pool and shortly afterwards discovers Brenda dead.

Conchita and Brenda (now in the ghostly body of a young girl) play jump-rope together.

6 November 21, 2012
People are behaving out of character, stealing from places of business and then committing suicide. Chris has a conspiracy that shapeshifters are behind this. He believes the shapeshifter (or shifters) is the city bank.

He poses as the bank's security tech in order to view the bank's security camera and locate the shapeshifter. He chains the bank's door shut and brandishes a gun. He locks everyone inside the bank vault and seeks out the shapeshifter. He manages to identify the shapeshifter and chases it through the bank with his gun but is shot and killed by a police sniper who thinks Chris is a crazy gunman.

7 November 28, 2012
In 1997, Tricia and her husband Dan are driving when they see Winston standing on the road. They swerve to avoid him, crashing off the road. Tricia wakes up in the car, smashed in the woods but Dan is gone.

While trying to find Dan, Tricia comes upon a house. Winston appears bloodied and pursues her.

Tricia finds her wrecked car is gone.

She finds Winston's hunting cabin where Winston attacks her. She flees to a house in the woods where she finds old pictures of Winston with his wife and the decayed body of his wife who left a suicide note after Winston died.

Winston attacks Tricia again. Tricia works out Winston is buried near his house with a tree as a grave marker. She exposes the corpse and salts and burns it, destroying the ghost.

Tricia goes into town and finds Dan alive and married to another woman. She realises the year is now 2012 and she died fifteen years ago in the accident that killed Winston. She had been unable to accept that and has continued to relive that night. She finally accepts the truth and disappears.

8 December 5, 2012
Emmanuelle is bitten during a mugging.

A month later, Emmanuelle's boss is killed by a werewolf after hitting on her. She suspects her ex-boyfriend Patrick as a police officer's body is found in an alley near his apartment.

During the night, Emmanuelle turns into a werewolf and kills Patrick. Realising she's a werewolf, Emmanuelle theorises that killing the werewolf that bit her will break the curse.

She goes to the area where the previous victims were attacked and turns into her werewolf form, saving a young woman from another werewolf, which she kills. As it dies, it reverts to its human form, Emmanuelle's neighbour Brad.

When Emmanuelle doesn't transform the next night, she assumes she's cured. She later realises the full moon was being blocked by clouds and transforms when the clouds move out the way.

The next day, Emmanuelle kills herself.

9 December 12, 2012
Josh is putting out garbage when the street lights flicker. From the sky, a stream of black substances overtakes Josh. Josh's eyes turn black.

Hunters Peter and Caroline investigate a farmhouse where a family have starved in front of a television, despite the kitchen being full of food.

They investigate the death of a woman outside a shoe store. Examination of security footage shows Josh interacting with the woman responsible for the murder just before the crime.

They trace Josh to a bar. Peter prepares to use holy water to see if he's a demon but he and Caroline are detected. The bar's patrons are all revealed to be demons. Peter and Caroline are restrained. Caroline is whipped and forced to watch a demon force Peter to drink a container of drain cleaner. A demon possesses Peter's corpse and calls in agony for Caroline to help him. Caroline is not fooled and stabs Peter with a stake of Palo Santo.

She escapes to her hideout, following by the demons. She performs an exorcism on Josh but the host is killed. Sloth is caught under a pentagram while Caroline pushes Lust into a tub by holy water. She kills Pride with the stake. She manages to exorcise the remaining demons, only two hosts survive.

10 January 2, 2013
Christian and Hrothgar break into a lockup and steal a box, containing a rabbit's foot, though Christian is shot by a booby trap rigged in the lockup. His luck changes for the better than he touches the rabbit's foot. His neighbour turns out to be an ex-army medic who can tend his wound and he wins at cards.

Hrothgar steals the rabbit's foot and Christian's luck changes for the worse. Christian dies when he slips on a bottle and is impaled on a BBQ fork.

11 January 9, 2013
Father Brown witnesses a suicide outside his church.

Hunter Marty finds the town is full of people partying and gambling. He checks out a bar owned by local businessman Don. In the bar, one man shoots another for sleeping with his wife. Marty tries to exorcise the demon to find the man is not possessed.

Sasha, a bartender at Don's, kidnaps Marty and takes him to the basement of a home owned by her parents.

Father Brown breaks into Don's office and splashes him with holy water but he appears to just be human.

Sasha, who is demonically possessed, tells Marty that she only encourages Don to introduce things like gambling and prostitution, the behaviour in the town is mainly due to natural human instincts.

Father Brown arrives but he gets possessed by a demon who is Sasha's lover. Sasha tries to convince Father Brown that Marty can also them but Father Brown insists that Marty dies. Sasha reluctantly kills him.

12 January 16, 2013
Robinne starts brushing her teeth, only to have them start falling out. Her husband Jonathan finds her dead on the bathroom floor. He finds a hex bag hidden in the bathroom.

The next night, Rebecca casts a spell and Jonathan nearly dies while eating a burger than becomes infested with maggots. He finds a hex bag in his car. Rebecca panics before being attacked by a mysterious force that slashes her wrists, causing her to bleed to death. Jonathan recognises Rebecca as a woman he had an affair with before ending it the previous week against her wishes.

Elsewhere in town three of Rebecca's neighbours, Marisa, Erin and Kristin meet under the guise of a book club. It soon becomes apparent they are actually practicing witchcraft.

Jonathan confronts the women who deny all knowledge of witchcraft until Marisa reveals herself to be a demon and kills Kristin. Jonathan tries to shoot Kristin but she stops the bullet in mid air and uses her power to pin him to a wall. Just as Marisa is about to kill Jonathan, Erin starts a spell. Marisa kills her but is distracted long enough for Jonathan to kill her with a knife.

13 January 23, 2013
FBI's Deputy Director DeLuise is demonically possessed and attacks Agent Evans at a sheriff's office. Evans is able to kill DeLuise but is killed by a bomb DeLuise had planted in the helicopter.

Agent Whitfield discovers that all communications with the outside world are down. The only ones left in the office are himself, secretary Aimee, Sheriff Westmoreland and Deputy Mcclendon.

Whitfield is possessed and kills Westmoreland. A horde of demonically possessed locals stand outside the building. Mcclendon fights his way out the building while Aimee hides. Eventually Aimee is killed by demons.

Season 3

Title Release Date
1 Ghostslayers October 9, 2013
The episode is told through handheld footage.

Winston Buckley and Travis Venkman, from episode 1.10, are shooting a pilot for their reality TV show, Ghostslayers. We see the intro with Buckley, Travis, Austin, Brittany and Dustin.

Buckley and Travis reveal their jobs are flexible enough for them to start ghost hunting at 6:00. The group's strategy meeting is held in Buckley's parent's garage. Dustin is the intern and cook and Brittany is Buckley's adopted sister. They review a legend of a ghost appears at a house every four years. The ghost, John, used to be the janitor and a survivalist until he died in 1971 and now kills people. The spirits of his victims remain trapped in the house as does any living person in the house at midnight.

The Ghostslayers break into the house. They record a ghost reliving his horrible death. They work out its a death echo and not the real threat. Travis and Dustin disappear and the group fail to get out the house before midnight, trapping them in the house for the evening. They search the house for Dustin.

Dustin is tied to a chair at a table with a birthday cake. John kills Dustin with a spike through the neck and puts a party hat on Travis.

Buckley figures that a survivalist would keep a bomb shelter and heads for the basement but the door shuts behind him, separating him from Austin.

Austin and Brittany see Dustin's ghost reliving his death.

Buckley finds the bomb shelter before John kills Travis with the spike. John attacks them both. Austin gets Dustin out of his death echo. Dustin fights John, killing him and moving on.

2 Long Distance Long October 16, 2013
A man is drinking in his living room and the phone rings. He tells the person on the other end that she can't keeping calling him while she begs him to come to her. She keeps calling him, even after he rips the phone out the wall. Eventually, he shoots himself.

Cherilyn has been getting calls from her mother who's been dead for three years.

Cherilyn is on the computer and gets messages from her computer. She tells Cherilyn she wants to see her again before appearing on the monitor as a ghostly image.

Her brother receives a call from their mother on his toy phone.

Cherilyn discovers her brother is missing. He walks into traffic and steps in front of a moving but Cherilyn yanks him away before he's hit.

Cherilyn's mother calls again and tells her she's at their old house. Cherilyn breaks but is confronted by a man who got a call from his dead daughter, telling him that Cherilyn killed her. He shoots at Cherilyn with a shotgun. Cherilyn is chased through the house before being killed by him.

3 October 23, 2013
In 1978, Amy and her parents, Mitch and Allison, hunt supernatural monsters. Amy and Mitch are looking into the death of a farmer. At the farm, Mitch poses as a priest to get close to the widow. Amy learns the farmer's son made a deal with a demon to make the beatings stop and that the demon said he'd come back to collect something in ten years.

Amy is also seeing Matthew and wants to escape the demon hunter lifestyle. She discovers the demon is hanging out at her friend's house. She and Mitch try to fight but it overpowers them both.

The demon later takes possession of Mitch. He stabs Mitch's body so he'll die once he leaves it. He then snaps Allison's neck.

Amy and Matthew have a romantic moment in Matthew's car before Mitch attacks them, yanking Amy out the car and snaps Matthew's neck. The demon tells Amy that her parents are dead and that he'll bring Matthew back to life if Amy makes a deal with him. He doesn't have her soul but to use her to breed the Anti-Christ. Amy agrees and has sex with the demon possessing Mitch. Afterwards Mitch resurrects Matthew and leaves Mitch's body. Amy is now pregnant with the Anti-Christ.

4 October 30, 2013
Dameon ravenously consumes raw meat. He is stalked by Ron who killed Dameon's father, who was a Rugaru, in 1983 but didn't know his mother was pregnant at the time. She put Dameon up for adoption and Ron lost track of him in the system. Dameon learns of this and attempts to resist turning into a Rugaru.

He is able to resist the urge to attack a woman and goes home.

Ron breaks into Dameon's home and holds his wife Joanne hostage. Ron learns that Joanne is also pregnant. When Dameon arrives, Ron overpowers him and ties him up, intending, regretfully, on burning them born alive. Dameon breaks free and kills Ron by eating from his neck, completeing his transformation into a Rugaru. Joanne flees from their home in horror.

5 Dracula November 6, 2013
Jonathan Harker is a solicitor travelling to Count Dracula's castle in Transylvania on a business matter. The people in the local village believe vampures inhabitant the castle and warn Jonathan not to go in there. Jonathan enters the castle and is welcomed by Dracula, who unbeknown to Jonathan is a vampire. Dracula hypnotises Jonathan into opening a window. Dracula's three wives close in on Jonathan but Dracula shoos them away before attacking Jonathan himself.

Aboard the Russian ship, the Demeter, Jonathan is Dracula's servant. Dracula hides in a coffin and feeds on the crew. When the ship reaches England, Jonathan is the only living person. Dracula's hypnosis has wore off and Jonathan has no remember of want happened after going to Dracula's castle. Jonathan is sent to Dr. Seward's sanatorium.

At a London theatre, Dracula meets John Seward. Seward intoduces Dracula to his fiancee Lucy Westenra and Jonathan's fiancee, Mina Murray. That night, Dracula enters Lucy's room and feeds on her blood, killing her.

In the sanatorium, Jonathan encounters fellow patient Renfield, who is obsessed with eating flies and spiders. Dracula enters the sanatorium and hypnotises Renfield as his unstable mind makes him easier to control than Jonathan. Renfield becomes even more erratic. Professor Van Helsing analyses Jonathan and Renfield's blood and learns vampirism is the cause. Recognising Harker is no longer affected, Helsing has him released.

Dracula bites Mina. Harker and Van Helsing notice Dracula has no reflection. Helsing deduces Dracula is the vampire.

Lucy rises as a vampire.

Mina attacks Harker but Helsing and Seward save him. Mina admits Dracula bit her. Helsing and Jonathan allow Renfield to escape the sanatorium and follow him to where Dracula has set up his lair. Thinking Renfield has betrayed him, Dracula kills him. Helsing kills Dracula, causing Mina to return to normal.

In the present, Lucy is telling the story. Another woman turns out to be one of Dracula's wives and begins to tell everyone the "real" story.

6 November 13, 2013
Julie is interviewed by her psychiatrist at an asylum where she is being held because she heard voices and attempted to warn people of the apocalypse. A demon tries to kill her but she escapes using some form of psychic power.

Genevieve takes Julie to safety but Julie is scared by her because she can see her demon face.

Julie is attacked by an angel Uriel but uses her blood to draw an angel banishing sigil.

Julie and Genevieve take refuge. Julie tells Genevieve that her psychiatrist claims that when she was a child, she claimed she had another father who was mad at her, but doesn't remember any of this. Genevieve decides to bring in psychic Traci to access these memories. They realise Julie is an angel who choose to fall to Earth, becoming human, relinquishing her grace.

Genevieve traces her grace to, which was mistaken for a meteor when she fell, where a tree grew on the place it landed. She and Julie travel there to find the tree gone.

Genevieve summons the demon, Alastor, and offers to give up Julie if he lets her go. Instead, Alastor captures Genevieve and tortures her with a whip. Genevieve refuses to reveal the location verbally but offers to take him there.

Uriel appears to take Julie, telling her he holds her grace in his necklace. Genevieve and Alastor appear, leading to a fight between Uriel and Alastor, just as Genevieve had planned. During the fight, Julie takes her grace from Uriel and becomes an angel again. She and Genevieve escape.

7 November 20, 2013
Helen, her husband David, their daughter Alexa and their son Dylan move into a house where the previous owner Gerry was murdered. David's brother Bradley helps them move in.

David and Bradley visit the housekeeper who tells them that Gerry had a wife who died in childbirth and a daughter who hung herself.

That night, Dylan encounters a ghostly looking girl. Alexa is attacked until David and Bradley hear her screams.

The family try to leave but find the tires on all the cars slashed. Believing the house to be haunted, the family take refuge in a salt circle. The girl crosses the line, proving she's a human and not a ghost. The family flee outside but find Dylan missing.

Helen and Alexa hide inside a shed, Bradley searches the house and David searches the grounds.

Bradley finds a hidden door in the wall space and a space beneath the floor where he finds the remains of half eaten rats. The girl kills Bradley.

David finds a bloodied belt and whip and reads the girl's diary and learns that Gerry raped his daughter, who became pregnant and hung herself. He finds Dylan bound under the floorboard. As he tries to free him, he is attacked a boy, the girl's twin brother.

The girl attacks Helen and Alexa but David arrives and stabs her.

8 December 4, 2013
Barry amuses a waitress with card tricks. A younger magician calls him washed up.

Barry and his friends John Weston and Richard sit in theatre showing another flashy young magician Luke. They bemoan their day has passed and Barry becomes depressed.

Barry lies bound under a rack of steel spikes that are about descend. The spikes fall but the curtain parts to reveal Barry completely unharmed. Meanwhile the magician who insulted him earlier dies from puncture wounds that Barry would have had. His assistant finds a tarot card, a Ten of Swords, on him.

Barry attempts another death defying act which involves escaping a straitjacket before being hung by a noose. As he escapes, a noose comes to life and hangs Luke in his hotel room. Luke also has a tarot card on him.

Barry admits to John that he intended to kill himself with the spikes and doesn't know how he's performing the feats and wonders if he should stop. John urges him to go on.

Barry performs the steel spikes trick again and John dies from puncture wounds.

Barry confronts Richard who denies knowledge of what's happening. A young John Weston appears before the two. He tells them the enchanted pack of tarot cards gave him immortality and offers them eternal life. Barry pickpockets John's deck of cards and stabs himself, killing John.

9 December 11, 2013
Jensen is director of sales and marketing at a construction company where Jared is a tech support employee.

One of Jared's coworkers commits suicide by microwaving because the computer froze and all his work for the day has been lost.

Jensen and Jared are present as his body is carried out the break room. Jared notices another coworker, Jack, is wearing the tech support shirt (which he normally refuses to tech) and working feverishly. Jack receives a message telling him to go to Jensen's office where Jensen tells him a form he filled out had minor errors and needs to be fixed. Jack becomes distressed, apologises and moans that he has failed the company. Jensen tries to reassure him but Jack runs to the men's room. Jensen follows him and Jack commits suicide by stabbing himself in the neck with a pencil. Jensen catches a glimpse of an old man in a mirror.

Jensen and Jared both come to the conclusion that both suicides were caused to a ghost. Jared tells Jensen that both employees were summoned to HR before becoming obsessed with serving the company.

They both go to the mirror where they find another tech employee being attacked by a ghost. The ghost disappears when Jensen swings an iron wrench at it.

At Jensen's apartment use the Ghost Slayers website to search for identity of the ghost, John, the company's founder who is creating model workers out of unwilling employees.

Believing that John has some remains in the building and return to find some. Jared is spotted by a security guard who takes him into the elevator. The elevator breaks down and the guard climbs out. He leans back in to help Jared but is decapitated by the lift. Jared gets out the lift and Jensen calls him with instructions to go to the 22nd floor where John's gloves are kept. As Jensen and Jared reach for the gloves, they are attacked by John. Jared burns the gloves and John disappears.

10 January 8, 2014
Steven heads to a town he believes is under attack, based on omens of a polluted river and a falling star.

He meets with fellow hunters Samantha and her daughter, Alona. Together they rather the surviving townsfolk.

Samantha goes to a store for supplies where she encounter two teenage boys who appear to be demonically possessed and kills them.

Samantha is captured by Steven and Alona who both think she's possessed. While captive, one of the townspeople reveals to Samantha that he is the Horseman of War and has tricked the townspeople into thinking the other is possessed.

War convinces Samantha's side that they need to attack the "demons".

Samantha escapes and tries to warn her faction they're being manipulated but War causes her to appear demonically possessed to them, forcing her to flee. She reaches Steven and Alona and explains that happened.

They catch up with War and cut off his ring which he needs to cast his illusions.

11 January 15, 2014
Rob holds a Void convention. Over-enthusiastic fan, Emily, attends. The attendees participate in a fictitious ghost hunt.

One of the attendees is killed by a real ghost. Emily researches the ghost and learns its Teagan, the orphanage caretaker who killed four children by scalping them.

Emily teams up with Devin and Ernie to find Teagan's body and salt and burn it.

With Teagan's spirit vanquished, the children Teagan had killed are released. Emily, Devin and Ernie learn that one of the children, Teagan's son, was actually killed by the other children and Teagan was the only thing keeping them under control.

The ghosts lock all participants in the hotel and wreck havoc.

Emily, Devin and Ernie ask Rob to keep everyone in the auditorium while they deal with the ghosts. They use a Hooter's waitress to assume the role of Teagan to control the ghost children but her phone rings identifying her as human. The ghosts attack her and Emily but Devin and Ernie are able to salt and burn their bodies.

12 January 22, 2014
Dr Stewart asks a patient why she won't take her meds. She claims the pills make her sleepy and if she sleeps the monster will come. That night something breaks into her room and she is found dead with her wrists slit the next day.

Jon checks himself into a psychiatric hospital after five patients are killed, believing a monster did it.

After a patient mentions the monster, he is found in his cell, appearing to have hanged himself.

Jon sneaks into the morgue to investigate the body, discovering a hole that goes all the way up to his skull. Removing the top of the skull, he finds the brain is blackened and seems to have been sucked dry. He replaces the brain and top of the skull and puts the body back in the cell as Nurse Gilchrist comes in.

Jon realises he is up against a wraith. Knowing its true reflection is in the mirror, Jon hangs by the security mirrors. As Dr Stewart walks by, Jon sees his reflection is a wraith. He gets a silver plated letter opener. That night, he attacks Dr Stewart before realising the silver hasn't reacted to his skin, meaning he's not the wraith.

Dr Harrison accuses Jon of not being able to save anyone. Jon shouts at Dr Harrison before a nearby orderly that nobody's there. Dr Harrison admits she's only inside Jon's head and he really has gone crazy. Jon notices everyone's reflection is that of the wraith's. He starts swinging punches at them before realising they're hallucinations. He realises the wraith has poisoned him. Real orderlies subdue Jon and take him a padded room, where he is strapped to a bed.

Nurse Gilchrist comes in and Jon sees her reflection, realising she is the wraith. Gilchrist kills Jon.

13 January 29, 2014
People have gathered in church in preparation for the apocalypse. The town is seemingly led by Pastor Poindexter but are actually guided by his daughter Kayla who receives prophetic visions from angels.

Kayla has a vision of several demons inside a house on the outskirts of town. Poindexter and his posse go to the house and exorcise fifteen demons.

Kayla receives another vision, claiming that to reach paradise, they must follow the angels' commandments without reservation. Poindexter asks about paradise. Kayla tells him that after a major battle, the planet will be handed over to the chosen where there will be only peace. She also tells Poindexter that he is one of the chosen.

Kayla receives word from the angels that some people are not abiding by their rules and must be dealt with so the others go to paradise. Poindexter does not believe this to be just but Kayla assures him this is necessary for them to reach salvation.

Poindexter learns that Kayla is actually dead and that the creature taking her form is the Whore of Babylon, a creature that manifests during the apocalypse with the sole purpose of damning humans to Hell.

Poindexter sets out to kill his daughter's impostor who is about to burn "sinners" alive, including children. Poindexter stabs her through the heart, killing her, before escaping the church.

Season 4

Title Release Date
1 October 8, 2014
17 year old Elise has an obsession with vampires to the point that her room is a shrine to recent vampire movies, TV shows and books. She meets someone online who claims to be a real vampire.

Elise meets with the vampire Charlie at the club. Charlie takes her to another vampire Joseph who bites.

Returning home, Elise is overwhelmed by her new hypersensitivity to light and sound. After examining her new fangs, Elise escapes through the bathroom window before her parents come in.

Elise confronts Joseph and Charlie. Joseph tells Elise that he is a 600 year old vampire who has been tasked by their alpha into amassing a large number of vampires.

2 October 15, 2014
People in the town are being ripped by a creature that rips their chests open. Among them is Jason. Jason's girlfriend Janet sees their dog, Andy, turn into a man, put some clothes on and leave.

Janet follows Andy until he turns back into a dog and is run over. The driver loads him onto the back of the truck to take to an animal shelter.

Janet takes Andy from the animal shelter. Andy turns into his human form and admits he was homeless when he was approached and recruited to become a skinwalker. He tells Janet that there are about thirty skinwalkers living with their families as pets. On the signal of their pack leader, they will infect their families, creating more skinwalkers.

Janet is after kidnapped by the pack leader who threatens to kill her unless Andy turns her. Andy manages to kill the other skinwalkers. He tells Janet that he appreciated her kindness but she tells him to leave. Andy turns into his dog form and dejectedly leaves.

3 October 22, 2014
A demon Rachel is searching for the demon Anthony. Inside the prison, Rachel finds a Djinn, Laura, in one of the cells. Chased by Hellhounds, Rachel attempts to leave her host body but is trapped inside it. She is captured and by tortured by another demon Corin. Corin takes Rachel to be fed to ghouls. Rachel fights off the ghouls and kills Corin. She then lures Anthony into the room where he ends up in a Devil's Trap. Rachel kills Anthony.
4 October 29, 2014
Sheriff Holt's town is infested with spider like creatures. He finds their lair and is infected by the spiders. He burns their lair down and is presumed dead.

A year later, his deputy, Vaughan, has become the new sheriff

5 The Wolf Man November 5, 2014
Lawrence Talbot returns to England after learning about the death of his brother. He meets his estranged father John Talbot. He becomes romantically involved with Gwen Conliffe.

Larry saves Gwen's friend Jenny from a wolf. He kills the wolf but is bitten. As the wolf dies, it turns into the form of a naked woman who Gwen and Jenny identify as Bella.

Larry turns into a werewolf and kills a gravedigger.

Larry turns into the wolf and attacks Gwen but is killed by John who then realised it was his son as he turns back to his human form.

6 November 12, 2014
7 November 19, 2014
8 December 3, 2014
9 December 10, 2014
10 December 17, 2014
11 January 7, 2015
12 January 14, 2015
13 January 21, 2015

Season 5

Title Release Date
1 October 7, 2015
2 October 14, 2015
3 October 21, 2015
4 October 28, 2015
5 The Phantom of the Opera November 4, 2015
Christine Daae makes a deal with the Phantom to advance her opera career.

Carlotta dies and Christine takes her place in the opera.

Ten years into her career, the Phantom drags her into Hell. The Phantom reveals he's a demon who fell in love with her. He allows her to visit Earth one last time.

Christina finds her france Raoul. The Phantom kidnaps Christina and takes her back to Hell.

Raoul meets Inspector Ledoux, a secret policeman who has been studying the Phantom's moves. The two men open a portal to Hell to rescue Christina but fall into the Phantom's dungeon. The Phantom subjects them to intense heat but they escape through a hatch on the floor. Underneath, they find themselves trapped in a room with barrels of gunpowder. The Phantom makes Christina choose between two levers, one of which will ignite the gunpowder. Christina chooses the other lever but it begins to pour water into the room. Christina agrees to marry the Phantom in order to spare Raoul.

6 November 11, 2015
7 November 18, 2015
8 December 2, 2015
9 December 9, 2015
10 December 16, 2015
11 January 6, 2016
12 January 13, 2016

Season 6

Title Release Date
1 September 14, 2016
2 September 21, 2016
3 September 28, 2016
4 October 5, 2016
5 Frankenstein October 12, 2016
Victor Frankenstein and his hunchbacked assistant Fritz piece together a human body, the parts of which have been collected from various sources. Victor intends to create life through electrical devices he has made. He sends Fritz to Dr Waldman's medical school to steal a brain. Fritz drops the normal brain and has to take the brain of a criminal.

Waldman tells Victor's fiancee, Elizabeth, and his friend Henry Clerval.

Victor brings his creature to life. Fritz frightens ti with a flaming torch. Its fright is mistaken by Victor and Waldman as an attempt to attack them and they lock it in the dungeon where Fritz furthers antagonists it, prompting the creature to strangle Fritz. It then kills Waldman and escapes.

The creature encounters a farmer's young daughter, Maria. They play a game where they toss flowers into a lake and watch them float. When they run out of flowers, the creature throws Maria into the lake, expecting her to float. It runs away when Maria drowns.

Maria's father starts an angry mob to kill the creature. To cover his involvement, Victor joins the group. He is attacked by the creature who takes him to an old windmill. He throws Victor to the ground but his fall is broken by the vanes of the windmill while the villagers burn the creature to death.

6 October 19, 2016
7 October 26, 2016
8 November 2, 2016
9 November 9, 2016
10 November 16, 2016

Season 7

Title Release Date
1 September 5, 2017
2 September 12, 2017
3 September 19, 2017
4 September 26, 2017
5 The Mummy October 3, 2017
In 1921, an archaeological expedition led by Joseph Whemple finds the mummy of ancient Egyptian high priest Imhotep. Imhotep is awakened and escapes.

Ten years later, Imhotep is disguised as modern Egyptian Ardeth Bay. He calls upon Joseph's son, Frank, and Professor Pearson to help dig the tomb of Princess Ankh-es-en-amon.

Imhotep encounters Helen Grosvenor, a half-Egyptian woman resmebling the princess who he tried to resurrect. Believing her to be the reincarnation, Imnhotep attempts to kill her with the intention of mummifying and resurrecting her. Helen remembers her past life and prays to the goddess Isis to save her. The statue of Isis raises her hand and emits a beam, destroying the Scroll of Troth, removing Imhotep's immortality, killing him. Frank recalls Helen back to the world of the living.

6 October 10, 2017
7 October 17, 2017
8 October 24, 2017
9 October 31, 2017
10 November 7, 2017
11 November 14, 2017