The Villages Trilogy is a film franchise created by RaymanLover 2018, This franchise has 4 films, each one distributed by another company, again, again and again.

Movie Infos

Annoying Villagers: The Movie

Main article: Annoying Villagers: The Movie Annoying Villagers: The Movie is an 2018 animated epic fantasy comedy-drama film directed, produced, written and composed by MrFudgeMonkyz and directed, cinemographied and edited by RaymanLover 2018, released by Paramount Pictures in the North America and Sony Pictures Releasing outside of the North America, This film was released with IMAX, Real D 3D and IMAX 3D for the cinemas. As of cinemark, The film was supported with XD, D-BOX seats and 3D, This film stars only MrFudgeMonkeyz as various characters, As of he was too shy for voice actors, In the YouTube version, This film doesn't have end credits, But there is an possible version that has credits, As of the Minecraft movie being released in 2019, MrFudgeMonkeyz and RaymanLover 2018 decied to release an early Minecraft movie.

Villagers: The Movie

Main article: Villagers: The Movie Villagers: The Movie is an 2018 action animated crime drama science fiction thriller film directed, written, edited, screenplayed, animated, and produced by RaymanLover 2018 and Dan Lloyd, This film was released by Sony Pictures Releasing, This film stars Tom Hardy, Laurence Fishburne, Chris Hemsworth, Johnny Depp and Dan Lloyd, This is confirmed as an sequel of Annoying Villagers: The Movie, but on the bright side, this film is way different than Annoying Villagers: The Movie.

War of the Villages

Main article: TBA War of the Villages is a upcoming 2018 action animated crossover drama neo-noir science fiction thriller war film directed by RaymanLover 2018 and Dan Lloyd, The film plot is set in the year of 2043, The plot sets that 26-year-old police officer of the Village, Villager #175, known as his real name Hard Draw, has to take down their rivals "The Testificates" with the other people from other universes.

Last Battle of Villages

Main article: TBA Last Battle of Villages is a upcoming 2019 action animated crossover science fiction war film directed by RaymanLover 2018 and Dan Lloyd, The film plot is set in the year of 2063, The plot sets after the events of War of the Villages, as of 20 years later, Villager #175, known as Hard Draw, is now 46-years-old and he is retiring from his job, And the Testificates is back after re-construction, As of a evil genius in the Testificates, is trying to destroy the Village, As of that, Villager #175 and his other universe friends will have to save the Village, but this is the finale of the Testificates, and the constructors said if the Testificates gets destroyed again, it will never come back.

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