The Very Real Stories of D.C. was the seventeenth show to hit the Paradox Network. The show followed the events of politicians in D.C., and wacky adventures they got into. The shows creators confirmed the show would take no biases and make fun of whoever would make a good story. 

It was proposed to Brooke Jordan by Oscar Newman and Eddie Sanford in early 2014, but the show was shelved. Following the 2016 election, show was picked up for 10 episodes. Its first episode debuted March 7th, 2018. It only takes two weeks to make an episode due to the small amount of needed assets and handful of cast. A political show doesn't need a full writing staff, the real world writes itself.

A second season was confirmed, and a parody of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was revealed, but no more information was released. The 'Good-Berry Leak' revealed that the teaser would be shown off at the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 and would hit the network that October. The leak also showed that the season would have 10 episode too. 

At San Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Mitt Romney, Bill Barr, Rudy Giuliani, and the 2020 presidential candidates would become prominent characters and confirmed that the second season would be based on whatever political events happened in the fall, but did intend on most episodes being focused around the 2020 election. The season would have 10 episodes and would not take a hiatus unless the political scene got too boring to make a show about (little did they know). Brooke Jordan confirmed a 3rd and 4th season were being discussed behind the scenes.

Season two would be the first to have cold opens, which would be written and directed five days before the episode aired. The season would also consecutively air with zero breaks. This was something changed with Season 3 and 4 as it overworked the production team.

In October 2019, Oscar Newman confirmed a third season had officially been ordered by Jordan, and that once they finished season 2, they would be going full steam ahead on season three as to not miss the impeachment story. This relieved many fans as they had believed that Newman and Sanford would abandon the project. Jordan confirmed on Twitter that they had intentions of keeping the show going until the election, and then deciding what to do from there. 

Jordan confirmed on Twitter on October 26th that Season 3 would start airing two weeks following the end of season 2. she also confirmed that season 4 had been ordered. Both seasons would contain 13 episodes.

Season 3 was confirmed to take a step-back from Trump humor in order to focus more on the entirety of D.C. Starting with 'Are You the Father?' 'Daddy Hairy Legs' and 'America's Leaders'.

The audience began to notice that after Trump's acquittal, the Trump on the show became more sinister, and no longer cared for repercussions. This was proven in the season 3 episode 'What's Past is Bloomberg'.

Oscar Newman said on Twitter on December 31st 2019 that Season 4 would start in July or August of 2020 because the crew needed a break.

A fifth season was ordered by Jordan on January 20th, 2020. Oscar Newman said that the fifth season would take place during the election and its fallout. The fifth season would consist of 13 episodes.


Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 10 March 7th, 2018 January 23rd, 2019
2 10 September 18th, 2019 November 20th, 2019
3 14 December 4th, 2019 April 1st, 2020
4 13 June 2020 September 2020
5 13 September 2020 TBA

Season 1

No. in
No. in
Epsiode Name Airdate Director Production Code
1 1 "Shutdown" March 7th, 2018 Oscar Newman 16-1

As a shutdown looms, Trump decides to ignore it. Once it finally goes into affect, the nation goes into disarray. Once the White House loses Power, Trump and Pelosi team up to fix it. 

2 2 "West Wing" March 14th, 2018 Oscar Newman 16-2

Melania believes she's being ignored by her husband, causing tensions in the west wing. Mike Pence and Stephen Miller get into a heated debate around religion, causing tensiosn to arris

3 3 "No Bell Prize" March 21st, 2018 Eddie Sandford 16-3

When someone nominates Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize, Trump declares war on bells to prove he's a strict no-bell type of person, and continues with his war even after learning it was a troll. Chuck Schumer begins developing feelings for Nancy Pelosi. 

4 4 "Accused and the Famous" March 28th, 2018 Oscar Newman 16-4

After Stormy Daniels accusations, Trump turns to Bill Clinton and Joe Biden for help on how to get away with it. Robert Mueller visits James Comey in his new home, (a dumpster). 

5 5 "Campus Riot" April 20th, 2018 Eddie Sanford 16-5

The President attends a Campus event, but theirs a riot critcally damaging his image. Nancy Pelosi tries to take advantage of a desperate president. 

6 6 "Memeless" August 15th, 2018 Eddie Sanford 16-6

The President get's offended by a meme, and declares a ban on all memes. 

7 7 "Party Lines" September  12th, 2018 Oscar Newman 16-7

The President starts hanging out with Pelosi to convince her to pass legislation. But, they both betray each other in the name of their party.

8 8 "Kava-NAW" October 16th, 2018 Eddie Sanford 16-8

Two days before Kavanaugh's confirmation, Susan Collins begins getting cold feet. She, Jeff Flake, and Joe Manchin run away from the confirmation vote last minute to a remote Virginia town to get away from it all. An estranged Trump forms a search team to find them.  

Un-Used Title: Susan Collins: Bi-Partisan Extrodinare. 

9 9 "Bolton's Game" January 2nd, 2019 Eddie Sanford 16-9

When Iran launches a nuclear weapon on Saudi Arabia following Trump's troop pullout, Trump has to rely on Bolton after Mattis's resignation. Bolton has a, special way of handling the army. 

10 10 "Our Mighty President" January 23rd, 2019 Oscar Newman 16-10

After Bolton dissolves NATO, the U.S. is left to fight a nuclear capable Iran alone. Trump begs Mattis to return as the cabinet falls apart. Nancy Pelosi calls for the 25th amendment to be invoked, and Pence has difficulties deciding how to handle the situation. 

Season 2

No. in
No. in
Epsiode Name Airdate Director Production Code
11 1 "Front Runner" September 18th, 2019 Oscar Newman 16-11

Joe Biden, being too powerful of a candidate, is feared by the other Democratic Presidential Candidates. Meanwhile, President Trump faces the fallout of the mini-nuclear war with Iran, and Bolton's resignation. 

Cold Open: Trump announcing Bolton is fired and nominating the Saudi Family as he new national security advisor. 

12 2 "The Best People" September 25th, 2019 Oscar Newman 16-12

Betsy DeVos, Wilbur Ross and Steve Mnuchin hold the first weekly meeting of the "Billionaires in Trump's Cabinet Club" and Trump is not happy he wasn't invited. Stephen Miller begins using mind games to get Mike Pence to resign. Andrew Yang and Bernie Sanders are kidnapped by the leaders of the DNC for being too 'Progressive'

Cold Open: Trump declaring whistles illegal to stop the whistle blower.

13 3 "Whistle-Blown" October 2nd, 2019 Oscar Newman 16-13

When a Whistle-Blower reveals incriminating evidence detailing Trump and Ukraine, Barr and Giuliani begin planning for a grand escape to Russia. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez belives she's cursed after destroying the entire New York Economy just by mentioning the cities name.

Cold Open: Maguire testifies to Congress.

14 4 "Impeach At the Beach" Ocotber 9th, 2019 Eddie Sanford 16-14

Trump takes his cabinet on a beach vacation to take their minds off the Ukraine Scandal. Nancy Pelosi announces a formal impeachment inquiry, and AOC begins parading the country in support of it. Devin Nunes begins obsessing with Trump's nudes, and begins stalking the president on his beach day. Melania tries to warn Nunes, but it fails.

Cold Open: Bernie Sanders having a heart attack after reading leaked texts between Giuliani and Barr about Trump asking Biden to investigate China.

15 5 "Hunting Hunter" October 16th, 2019 Eddie Sanford 16-15

As Pompeo and Barr and dragged into the Impeachment Inquiry, they both begin leaking information against one another to try to get the other one arrested first. Hunter Biden begins taking magic classes to learn disappearing acts.

Cold Open: Giuliani and Barr framing Lev Parnas & Igor Fruman before trying to flee, but realizing the getaway car is still Jeff Session size (the size of a toy car).

16 6 "Who Needs Allies?" October 23rd, 2019 Oscar Newman 16-16

Trump's troop pullout of Northern Syria leaves Kurdish Allies abandoned to fight Turkey alone. As everyone begins turning on Trump, Putin thanks him for the birthday gift. Elizabeth Warren tries to handle being the new Democratic Front Runner.

Cold Open: Mulvaney giving a press briefing about Ukraine.

17 7 "Golf Course Thugs" October 30th, 2019 Oscar Newman 16-17
Following his announcement of holding G7 in his own resort, the White House goes on high alert. Don Jr. however, encourages his father to continue, and Trump announces Mar A Lago is the new white house. Mitt Romney is revealed to have a secret Twitter account and begins trying to save his sinking approval rating. 30 Republican Members of Congress storm a meeting they were allowed into, turning them into the laughing stocks of the country.

Cold Open: Ivanka attempting to read Mattis's new book to Trump.

18 8 "Sensitive Information" November 6th, 2019 Oscar Newman 16-18
Following the death of Baghdadi, Trump reveals some sensitive national security details, much to the dismay of military officials. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and the now retired Jeff Flake kidnap Mitt Romney to discuss the impeachment inquiry. AOC and the Squad hold a rally for Bernie. Pelosi is annoyed that she has to take a plane to Mar A Lago every-time she wishes to meet with the president.

Cold Open: The dog that assisted in Baghdadi's death in a parade where she's honored for being the best dog ever.

Formerly Titled "Back in Iraq" 

19 9 "Floridians Getting Impeached" November 13th, 2019 Eddie Sanford 16-19

As Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff launch a formal Impeachment Inquiry Trump declares himself a Floridian to trick the court systems. Republicans invite Kanye West to D.C. to preform Jesus is King live. Sean Spicer tries out to be a background dancer, but the show-director doesn't want him. Dancing With the Stars isn't too pleased either.

Cold Open: Bloomberg getting booed off stage by everyone after announcing his presidential run.

20 10 "Drugs Are Cool" November 20th, 2019 Oscar Newman 16-20
After two drug cartels open fire in an American city, Trump announces the U.S. will be invading Mexico in a similar fashion to Afghanistan. The war is not doing too well with his approval rating among stoners, so he decides to take Reagan's advice and start selling crack in the inner cities. Nancy Pelosi declares Mar A Lago being the new White House unconstitutional, causing a fight between the left and right.

Cold Open: The first public Impeachment Hearing, and the wacky questions asked.

Season 3

No. in
No. in
Title Airdate Director Prod. Code
21 1 "Are You the Father?" December 4th, 2019 Oscar Newman 16-21
Hunter Biden, in an attempt to prove to his wife that the baby he had with his mistress is not his, takes her on a celebrity guest episode of Maury to prove once and for all it's not his kid. Amidst rumors that Stephen Miller is a white nationalist, The Billionaires of Trump's Cabinet Club hold a meeting to decide whether or not to bail from the failing administration.

Cold Open: Joe Biden has a brain aneurysm.

22 2 "Daddy Hairy Legs" December 11th, 2019 Eddie Sanford 16-22
Joe Biden is under fire for talking about letting kids rub his leg hairs and sit on his lap. In response to this, Biden decides to sell his leg hairs to pay for his campaign. President Trump gives Rudy Giuliani tips on how to be a more likeable person.

Cold Open: Trump doing a mile long line of cocaine to honor Juice Wrld's death.

23 3 "America's Leaders" December 18th, 2019 Eddie Sanford 16-23
A group of billionaires come together to create a cash pool of $8 billion to whichever Democratic Candidate can win a hunger games fight. Being money hungry, the Candidates all agree. Donald Trump is angry that he wasn't invited to the hunger games. The Billionaires of Trump's Cabinet Club plan for the inevitable Impeachment. Nancy Pelosi holds a vote for the official Articles of Impeachment.

Cold Open: Donald Trump being put inside a peach.

24 4 "Doanld Trump's Christmas Special" December 25th, 2019 Oscar Newman 16-24
Trump wants to help the GOP learn the true spirit of Christmas, which of course to him is the part where everyone buys a lot of stuff.
25 5 "WWIII" January 7th, 2020 Oscar Newman 16-25
After bombing the Iranian Embassy in Iraq, the Pentagon goes into crisis mode. Trump flees to Mar A Lago in fear. The Australian bush fires continue to destroy Australian wildlife, and a group of Australian Americans go to the Golden Globes to demand celebrities help the cause. World leaders begin pointing fingers.

Cold Open: Trump angry that his bounty is on $80 million, and Ivanka and Jared trying to stop him from demanding Iran raise it higher.

26 6 "Armed Militia" January 22nd, 2020 Oscar Newman 16-26
A group of protestors form in Richmond to protest Virginia's new gun ban. Governor Northam declares a state of emergency, violating the first amendment. Nancy Pelosi announces that she has become a pensexual, and will only be romantically/sexually involved with pens, divorcing her husband for a new $50,000 pen. Trump begins to worry as the impeachment trial looms closer.

Cold Open: Nancy Pelosi announcing she will send the articles of impeachment to the senate, and reveals the new pens she bought to sign them.

27 7 "The Trial" January 29th, 2020 Oscar Newman 16-27
As Trump's Impeachment Trial begins, Republicans begin to wonder if they should even participate. John Bolton tries to testiy. The coronavirus begins to spread across the world.

Cold Open: Honoring Kobe Byrant by having a Democrat vs Republican basketball game.

28 8 "Corona Mona" February 4th, 2020 Eddie Sanfrod 16-28

As the threat of Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world, the Billionaires of Trump's Cabinet decide to force all members of the white house to wear masks as to preserve their own lives. Susan Collins and Mitt Romney face backlash. Adam Schiff begins to disappear at night, and a crazy monster has been seen trying to eat Ted Cruz.

Cold Open: The witnesses vote.

29 9 "Bitter Victory" Fenruary 11th, 2020 Oscar Newman 16-29

Donald Trump is officialy acquited by the United States Senate. To celebrate, he and Bill Barr turn the state of the union into a celebration party. The Democratic Candidates prepare for New Hampshire by going old shcool and traveling door to door, without much sucess. Pete Buttigeg get's a wake up call from Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren about being a front runner. At Trump's celebration party, he announces he is firing Vindman and Sondland, which angers the Democratic lawmakers.

Cold Open: The State of the Union.

30 10 "Buying the Election" February 18th, 2020 Eddie Sanford 16-30
Pete Buttigeg recieves backlash for accepting 40 billionares money for his campaign. AOC and the Squad call together the House to condemn Trump having rich people in his cabinet. As a response, the Billionaires in Trump's cabinet hold an emergency meeting, where they agree to donate money to Pete Buttigeg. Michael Bloomberg begins a five billion dollar campaign to have every hamster renamed to Michael Bloomberg. Andrew Yang drops out of the race, and is approached by all the other candidates who dropped out, including Joe Walsh, to rally against Sanders.

Cold Open: Trump announcing Hope Hick's return to the White House, whilst Barr and Giuliani review every dumb thing the president has said.

31 11 "Trump Guy" February 25th, 2020 Eddie Sanford 16-31
Trump becomes angry that a bunch of television shows are making fun of him. He enlists Bill Barr's help to capture them and torture them until the become submissive. Captees include the entire Simpsons writing team, Seth Macfarlane, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Anthony Atamanuik, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, Kathy Griffin, and more. An old press secretary returns from his run on dancing with the stars to form a Trump Propaganda Board.

Cold Open: Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg have a boxing match where the winner gets one of the losers houses.

32 12 "Super Tuesday" March 4th, 2020 Oscar Newman 16-32
Buttigeg, Steyer, and Klobuchar drop out, with Buttigeg and Klobuchur throwing support behind Biden. After his comeback in South Carolina, the Biden team become as confident as ever, even if Hunter Biden refuses to change his ways. Bernie pleads for Warren to drop out, but she refuses and holds a rally, where she realises all of her supporters are middle class white mothers. Bill Weld copes with getting his ass kicked by Trump. Michael Bloomberg spends millions, and Tulsi Gabbard cries in the corner. Who will win? You know the answer you tool.

Cold Open: President Trump doing a press conference on the field to prove coronavirus is no threat, and hacks up his kidneys.

32 13 "Tulsi Time" March 11th, 2020 Eddie Sanford 16-33
Tulsi Gabbard meets with her staff to try to come up with a plan to win the election. This includes a smear campaign against Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and a stupid heist to steal money from Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and Russia enter another oil war, and President Trump needs a way to respond. Steve Mnuchin and Mark Esper propose a plan to start a major coronavirus pandemic in Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Cold Open: The many leaders of the U.N. arguing over Coronavirus.

33 14 "Quality Time" April 1st, 2020 Oscar Newman 16-34
Covid-19 continues to spread globally, and the president has declared a shelter in place. Now he's stuck in the White House with his family and Cabinet and is forced to actually spend time with his kids.

Scrapped Episodes

  • Mr. Naddler's Penguins: A scrapped season 2 episode about Nadler and the other leaders of Trumo's Impeachment Inquiry. Named because Nadler waddles like a penguin. Scrapped in favor of Golf Course Thugs.
  • Back in Iraq: About U.S. Army troops re-entering Iraq and Trump nominating George W Bush as his new National Security Advisor. Scrapped in favor of Sensitive Information.
  • Nancy Pelosi's Quid Pro Quo: About Nancy Pelosi withhold the Impeachment Documents, and Mitch McConnell being a turtle. Scrapped in favor of WWIII.
  • The Tippy-Top: An episode about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez leading the 'Squad' against the Billionares in Trump's Cabinet. Scrapped in favor of Buying the Election, which had a pretty similar plot.
  • What's Past is Bloomberg: Scrapped because Bloomberg dropped out of the election.


  • Oscar Newman said about Impeach at the Beach's Cold Open "So much shit happened the day we wrote it. We did our best."
  • The episode Sensitive Information was originally titled Back In Iraq and was going to be about U.S. troops returning to Iraq. It was rewritten following the Baghdadi raid.
  • The episode titled WWIII was originally supposed to be titled 'Nancy Pelosi's Quid Pro Quo' and was supposed to be about the Democrats refusing to hand over the impeachment articles to the Senate. The episode was rewritten and almost entirely reanimated after the U.S. airstrike of the Iranian embassy in Iraq on January 2nd. This caused the episode to be delayed five days.
    • Eddie Sanford also said that any episodes pertaining to the Iran nuclear war arc were considered un-canon as they interfered with their future plans for the show.
  • The episode 'Corona Mona' was originally titled 'Old White Guys'. However, because it was changed during the script writing phase, no animation or crunch time was required to change the episode.
    • Eddie Sanford said that they would probably repurpose the episode into the first presidential debate episode, if an old white guy wins the democratic nomination.
  • When asked why Mnuchin and Ross were included in the BITC even though they aren't billionares, Sanford said "Rich people like to inflate their numbers. Of course they'd pretend to be billionares to join a club."
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