The Vampire Lovers is a remake of the 1970 Hammer Horror film of the same name. There are plot elements of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Phantom of the Opera,as well as the 2004 movie. Starring Josie Maran,Elle Fanning,Emma Watson,Miranda Richardson,Dominic Burgess,Gregg Sulkin,William Youmans,Gerard Butler,Alan Rickman,Helena Bonham Carter,and Norbert Leo Butz,. Richard Roxburgh makes a cameo several times throughout the movie.


Mircalla Karnstein,from time to time,comes back from her death sleep under a different name,such as Marcilla or,as of now,Carmilla,and spreads terror and death throughout a village with her vampire powers. Sometimes,along her path of destruction,she ends up taking one or more lovers.

General Von Spielsdorf loses his daughter,Laura,to Mircalla,and swears revenge on the female vampire. With the help of expert vampire-killer Baron Hartog,he plans to end her reign of terror and avenge his child. However,Mircalla now has her sights set on the daughter of Roger Morton,Emma. But is there something else going on?


Same as the movie,but with several differences. Here they are:

-Carmilla manages to take Emma to her Castle.

-Instead of her death being at the hands of a Vampire,Mme. Perrodot dies in Castle Karnstein,after going with Carl to help save Emma,after falling into a trap set by the Vampires ages ago (Carl fell too,but survived).

-Emma loses her virginity to Carmilla in the master bedroom of Castle Karnstein

-When Carmilla discovers Carl is in the castle,she brings Emma to the trap and gives her a choice: Stay with the Female Vampire or Carl will be killed.

-Gretchin (the servant girl) leaves Morton's house to warn the group of Hunters about Carmilla and what happened to Emma

-The ending: Emma and Carl escape the castle. Carmilla escapes the hunters (in the form of a cat),implying a sequel.


  • Josie Maran as Marcilla/Mircalla/Carmilla Karnstein
  • Helena Bonham Carter as The Countess
  • Elle Fanning as Laura
  • Emma Watson as Emma Morton
  • Gregg Sulkin as Carl Ebhardt
  • Miranda Richardson as Mme. Perrodot (The Governness)
  • Norbert Leo Butz as Renton
  • Dominic Burgess as Roger Morton
  • Alan Rickman as General Spielsdorf
  • Gerard Butler as Baron Hartog
  • William Youmans as The Doctor
  • (Cameo) Richard Roxburgh as Count Dracula


  • The reason Count Dracula appears through the film is because of the fact that the original novel Carmilla came out 25 years before Bram Stoker's Dracula. However,it's unknown if the Count's appearance foreshadows the events of Van Helsing (which Josie Maran also starred in),or if he's just put in for suspense.
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