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The Vampire's Content is a 1994 American Supernatural Horror Action Drama film written by Marc Klein and directed by Matthew Robinson starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Harrison Ford, Max Thieriot, Matt Damon, Timothy Hutton, Paul Giamatti, Emily Browning and Kate Hudson

It concerns a young 6 year old boy who along with his mother are sired into vampires in Brooklyn as their sire is attracted to the mother.

The film is set in 1974 in the months leading up to May 17th the official birthday of film antagonist Antonias portrayed by Harrison Ford.


The eponymously titled Antonias (Harrison Ford) is a Brooklyn stationed vampire who is almost exactly 800 years old.

He runs a gang of bloodsuckers who are slowly tearing the city of Brooklyn apart and are building their numbers up.

Antonias who finds himself quite lost and sick of the vampire gang he finds himself chained to finds satisfaction with a mortal woman named Jennifer Hargrove (Jamie Lee Curtis) who is the mother of a young 6 year old boy Timothy (Max Thieriot).

He begins a nocturnal relationship with the single unlucky in love mother who has just recently come to Brooklyn with her son.

His evil, meticolous band of immortal neck drainers however discover of his relationship with the human woman and demand he turn her along with her son otherwise they will make them nothing but food.

Antonias at first defies them believing he to be strong enough to eliminate his entire army but discovers himself to be outpowered and outmatched so he ultimatley succumbs and changes both Jennifer and her son Timothy.

The two however do not follow along the lines of feeding upon the living but rather that of animals and align secretly with a good vampire named Warzwick (Matt Damon) who had been turned by the gang and lost his entire family to them and whom desperatley seeks vengeance.

What follows is love, murder, passion, desire, revenge and a lot of blood.


  • Jamie Lee Curtis as Jennifer Hargrove
  • Harrison Ford as Antonias
  • Max Thieriot as Timothy Hargrove
  • Matt Damon as Warzwick Bruckheimer
  • Timothy Hutton as Linkleman Beeven
  • Paul Giamatti as Migraine
  • Emily Browning as Valerie Beeven
  • Kate Hudson as Scarlet Pommers
  • Hugo Weaving as Trespass
  • Chris Elliot as Dr. Douglas P.H.D
  • Jenette Goldstein as Maria Sancreta
  • Melissa Leo as Tina Bruhm
  • Brad Garrett as Lexington Corbis
  • Kathy Griffin as the Brooklyn Host Gina Fairman/Undercover Female Stripper


  1. Earache My Eye- Cheech & Chong featuring Alice Bowie
  2. Hang On In There Baby- Johnny Bristol
  3. Another Saturday Night- Cat Stevens
  4. Clap for the Wolfman- Guess Who
  5. You Haven't Done Nothin'- Stevie Wonder
  6. Beach Baby- First Class
  7. Then Came You- Dionne Warwicke & Spinners
  8. Nothing From Nothing- Billy Preston
  9. I Honestly Love You- Olivia Newton-John