New TV Show After The Amazing World of Gumball. There 2 World, one is Jungle City was a Evil Tiger Named Gumbeast who Rule this world but the citizens need a New King Named "Gumball" but Citizen from Jungle City Called Gumball "Gimba" & the Other is Elmore so The Citizens of Elmore Having a World in Battle in Elmore. Jungle City's Citizen r Same Style like Gumball, Darwin & Anais & Elmore's Citizens r Different From gumball. But The Video Game is Upcoming


  • Gumball Waterson (Roger Craig Smith)
  • Darwin Watterson (Chris Rock)
  • Anais Watterson (Tara Strong)

Characters From Jungle city

  • Bubblegum Wattersonila (Grey DeLeisle)
  • Rade The Lion (Logan Grove)
  • Zuboa The Wise Elder Baboom (Frank welker)
  • Boris Warthogest & Rogy Rabbash (Rob Plause - Rogy Rabbash & Jim Cummings - Boris Warthogest)
  • Gumbeast Watterevil the Tiger, King of Jungle City (Stefan Ashton Frank)
  • Ferob & Ferd Hyena (Rupert Degas - Ferob & Adam Long - Ferb)

Characters From Elmore

  • Penny Fitzgerald (TBA)
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