The Truth Within Us is a dark fantasy animated short film.


A young girl enters a dark and eerie forest where she meets a dark, wolf like creature. They then discover how they have a lot more in common than they thought.


The red hooded girl represents life, innocence, and the truth of who you are and the wolf represents death, fear, and the truth of who you have become.


Wolf:Child...why are you here?


Wolf:Do you wish death to come forth?


Hmm...A silent one you are. If death is your wish, shall I grant it for you? A

Does my appearance prove you not? Why don't you fear this place and monsters like me?

The girl put her hand over the wolf

I don't, because I have seen true monsters where I came from. I see monsters everywhere I go. Your looks are the same as everyone's.

...What do you mean, child?

This is a world full of monsters and demons. That is why I'm not scared of you.

Do you know why a few people like me and not you? Why do people fear you and hate you?

Because you are a beautiful lie they call life and I'm the painful truth they call death.

Girl: (voiceover) As I stare deep into the eyes of the beast, I fear not for what I see, but for what I have become. Basically, we are afraid of the truth. But the truth will only bring you pain and suffering. You cant change the truth around you, but the truth can change you. The truth is...we are one and the same. As long as we're here, we'll always give them what they want for those who are willing for it in the end. They will say "I have lived" and you will be nothing but a mere path to the land of the willing.

Both the child and wolf walk along the path in the forest. As they went deeper, they slowly fade in the distance.

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