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The Tree is a British-American Stop Motion Series Which was made by Shires Channel and Newcomer British-Based Animation Company Luna Studio, That was created by Mike Williams, and ran from 2010 - 2012, But reruns aired until 2014.



  • Skippy: An Orange Squirrel Who is the main protagonist.
  • Gippy: Skippy’s Sister, A White Squirrel Who is 2 years older than her brother.
  • Bandit: Skippy’s Dad.
  • Valentine: Skippy’s Mom.


  • Greyson: Skippy’s Best Friend, A Grey Squirrel.
  • Herby: A Mouse Who is One Of Skippy’s Classmates.
  • Casper: A Skunk who plays roughly in Skippy’s School, But is still a good friend to his classmates.
  • Ava: A Raccoon Who is Gippy’s Best Friend.
  • Mrs. Owl: An Owl Who is Skippy and Gippy’s Teacher.
  • Postman Glider: A Flying Squirrel Who is the local postman.

Voice Cast

  • Colin Ford as Skippy
  • Alyson Ashley Arm (credited as Alyson Ashley) as Gippy
  • Michael Brandon as Bandit and Postman Glider
  • Sara Ramirez as Valentine
  • Johnathon Morgan Heit as Greyson
  • Chloe Dolandis as Herby
  • Jackson Brundage as Casper
  • Elaine Torres as Ava
  • Tress MacNielle as Mrs. Owl