The Touch of Death is the ninth episode in the first season of Hunters (TV series). It is the second part of the three part season one finale and is followed by Judgement Day. This episode as well as its following episode features the song "Closer" by Kings of Leon.

Plot Summary

After X'arn flees the tomb Dan tries to kiss Jess but the demon returns to her body and she fires a fireball at Dan and kills him. Will and Tara are shocked and use magic to banish X'arn successfully. But the demon possesses her again and takes her away. Will and Tara then check on Dan and check his pulse, but know he is dead. They can't believe it but Dan is stuck between life and death and must gather his strength to return back to this world. He encounters a spirit that tells him he cannot die until X'arn is destroyed and he returns to life. Meanwhile X'arn possessed Jess goes to Anchorage and climbs onto a roof, planning to harness his powers. He begins to speak an unknown language through Jess and the sky becomes overcast. He then says: "you better start praying to me, coz gods not gonna save you now!".

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