The Toon Night Show is an animated comedy talk show featuring animated characters from various studios. The series is set in a television studio in Toontown. It is a spinoff of Disney's New House Of Mouse, but with non-Disney animated characters, and is part of the Great Crossover Franchise.


The format of the show is that Brian and Stewie Griffin from Family Guy are the hosts of a talk show in ACME Studios since nobody else wanted the job. They try to help and interview other animated characters with their problems. Interspersed with it are various sketches (which are reruns of either old MGM and Looney Tunes cartoons or segment episodes of animated series like Animaniacs, The Powerpuff Girls, SpongeBob SquarePants, and many more)

Other notable staff include:

Twilight Sparkle- Television producer

Carl Wheezer- Crew member

Wile E. Coyote- Computer tech

Ed- Security guard

Snoopy- Elevator operator


List is There


  • As with it's sister show, most sequels and spinoffs are considered non canonical, despite the appearances of characters from them. Their stories are retconned. In this show, the backstory of Puss in Boots is the fairy tale he was based on, Larry the Cucumber's adventures as Larryboy are part of his imagination, Lola Bunny's personality is a combination of her personalities from Space Jam and The Looney Tunes Show (which was done to avoid complaints of sexism), Melissa Duck is portrayed as having Tina Russo Duck's no nonsense personality, Vitaly, Stefano, Gia, Manu, and Maya live at the Central Park Zoo instead of being circus animals, Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman are mentioned to have returned to the Central Park Zoo, Aleu, Kodi, The Ogre Triplets, Peaches, Bia, Carla, Tiago, Gisela, Giselita, Elvis, and other children from animated movie sequels are born in the show, Dinky Doo is born in the show, Roberto is retconned as being Jewel's brother, and he, Eduardo, Mimi, and the rest of the Spix's Macaw tribe are portrayed as having been killed before the events of Rio, Nigel is retconned as having been killed by the plane propeller, Abby is retconned as being Daisy's daughter which retcons Little Ben as being Abby's son with Otis, Kitty Softpaws is the Cat with the Fiddle from the Hey Diddle Diddle nursery rhyme, Dr. Blowhole is an old enemy of the Penguins, Brogan, Cookie, and Gretched are members of Shrek's tribe who helped his parents force him to leave at the age of seven because it was an ogre tradition, and Po is the only surviving member of his family, among other changes. Also in the show, Mama Bear from the Three Bears is still alive (In the first Shrek movie, when the fairy tale characters are gathered outside Shrek's swamp, Papa Bear is shown comforting a crying Baby Bear, and later in the movie, Mama Bear is shown as a rug in Lord Farquaad's bedroom, but in the show's account of the movie, the detail is retconned to have Mama Bear be in the swamp with her family and the other fairy tale characters because it was perceived as a tasteless and dark joke that didn't make sense due to her being shown dancing with the other characters in the epilogue.).
  • Also, in order to avoid continued controversy, Derpy's personality is changed from being unintelligent and clumsy to bubbly and sweet, and the p in her name is replaced with a b, which is a pun, as a derby is a type of horse race. This series also explains that Skids and Mudflap are just callously imitating black culture as they see it on TV and that Zecora comes from a place with lots of old traditions and gives Mammy Two Shoes a more realistic African-American dialect and renames her Mrs. Two Shoes in order to avoid further accusations of racism. Also in order to avoid more complaints from Italian-American viewers, it is explained that the reason the sharks from Shark Tale are mobsters is because of a desperate choice their ancestors made in order to make it in an unfriendly country and their way of life only brought them pain. This series also explains that Lord Farquaad is not a human with dwarfism, but an actual dwarf, in order to avoid more complaints of being offensive to short people. Also, when a network censor reminds Bugs Bunny of the times he performed in blackface in one episode, he angrily responds "Oh, why did you have to bring THAT up!?" and, as with Popeye in the show, his escapades of fighting Japanese and Nazi soldiers (among other unacceptable racial targets) are retconned as horrible nightmares. Also, an episode has Lisa Simpson call out Apu for being a stereotype, a reference to the fact that she is progressive minded and The Problem with Apu, a documentary about the negative affect the character had on people of South Asian descent. Also in an episode, Bart Simpson quips that Michael Jackson is a scary bedtime story parents tell to get their little boys to behave, which Homer calls him out on. This is a reference to Stark Raving Dad, an episode of the Simpsons guest starring Jackson that was pulled from circulation following allegations that he had sexually abused young boys.
  • One episode has crew members film Pearl from Steven Universe and Princess Bubblegum playing games like peekaboo, hide and seek, and airplane with Rosie from A Troll in Central Park and Diamond Destiny from Storks, despite not being the mothers of the two babies, which causes Bart Simpson to quip that they have "motherly instincts". The same episode also has April O'Neil playfully toss Agnes in the air and flip her upside down, which causes Margo and Edith to get concerned, despite Agnes's giggling. This foreshadows Pearl, Princess Bubblegum, and April O'Neil becoming mothers in a later episode. Another episode has Herbert get sent to jail for pedophilia, Octavia play the classical piece Pachelbel's Canon while DJ Pon-3 plays the song Let the Bodies Hit the Floor which causes an argument between the two, and Cartman get expelled for wearing offensive costumes for his school's talent show such as blackface, yellowface, brownface, feathers and a headdress, a stereotypical Jew, Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, a cancer patient, a transgender person, a homeless person, an Ebola suit, and disgraced British TV presenter Jimmy Savile. He is also punished by being forced to read the books Night and If This is a Man (a reference to Primo and Elie) and attend a Shabbat dinner, and is arrested along with Beavis and Butthead for dumping a bucket of urine and feces on a young cartoon boy with autism as part of a fake Ice Bucket Challenge. Another episode has Pinkie Pie singing a song called Why Does the Zebra Wear Pajamas? (an English translation of a well known Hebrew children's song) to her newborn twins while bouncing them on her knees. In one episode, Slappy Squirrel mentions that she is not fond of babies, yet a later episode shows her giving birth to a daughter.
  • One episode shows an advertisement for a Warner Brothers streaming service, while another episode shows a commercial for a Universal streaming service, another episode shows a commercial for a Paramount streaming service. In both episodes, Hensonville, Superheroes, Movie Night, and The Moose A. Moose and Zee Show are indirectly referenced by the narrator. This is a reference to WarnerMedia, NBCUniversal, and ViacomCBS creating their own streaming services, HBO Max, Peacock and CBS All Access, and taking most of their back catalog of movies and TV shows with them, just as Disney did.


  • The show has been dubbed into many languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Swedish, and Portuguese.
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