The Timekeeper (also known as From Time to Time and Un Voyage à Travers le Temps) is a 1992 Circle-Vision 360° film that is presented at Disneyland Resort and (formerly) three Disney parks around the world. It was the first Circle-Vision show that was arranged and filmed with an actual plot and not just visions of landscapes, and the first to utilize Audio-Animatronics. The film features a cast of European film actors of France, Italy, Belgium, Russia, and England. The film is shown in highly stylized circular theaters, and features historic and futuristic details both on the interior and exterior.

The Timekeeper and its original European counterpart Le Visionarium marked the first time that the Circle-Vision film process was used to deliver a narrative story line. This requires a concept to explain the unusual visual characteristics of the Theater, hence the character Nine-Eye. Nine-Eye is sent through Time by The Timekeeper, so that she could send back the surrounding images as she recorded them in whichever era she found herself in.

The European attraction was also known by its film name as Un Voyage à Travers le Temps, while the Japanese version was simply named "Visionarium", with the caption From Time to Time on the poster. The American Film Theater was known as "Transportarium" for a period of six months after it debuted, but the name was later dropped in lieu of "Tomorrowland Metropolis Science Center", or formally "The Timekeeper".

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