The Tick is an upcoming American-Australian-New Zealand-Canadian live action film.


The Tick is a nigh-invulnerable superhero in a blue tick costume who arrives in The City to help combat crime and uncover the mysterious figure behind the city's underworld. He befriends a nervous and mild-mannered young man named Arthur who becomes his sidekick. They come to realize that an apparently long-dead supervillain called "The Terror" may still be pulling the strings in the city's underworld.


Visual effects and CGI animation have been created by Lucasfilm-owned Industrial Light & Magic, Scanline VFX, Pixomondo, Moving Picture Company (MPC), Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI), BUF Compagnie, Rodeo FX, Rising Sun Pictures, Framestore, DNEG, Iloura, Blur Studio, The Third Floor, Yannix Thailand, Legend3D, Rhythm & Hues Studios, and 4DMax with practical effects and animatronics done by Animal Logic and WETA Digital, 3D cyber-scanning done by Plowman Craven & Associates, pre-visualization done by Halon Entertainment, animatronic suits done by the Landmark Entertainment Group, Jim Henson's Creature Shop, The All Effects Company and OnlyDinosaurs Science & Technology Company Limited, stereoscopic 3D conversion by Stereo D, and motion capture done by Centroid Motion Capture.

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